December 9, 2022
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X-Raided Announces Next Strange Music Single “KAL-EL”! “A Prayer In Hell” Set to Release 2023!

After serving 26 years in prison. California Gangster Hip-Hop legend X-Raided is set to release his Strange Music debut LP  “A Prayer in Hell” sometime in 2023. And on  Friday, December 2nd, 2022 X-Raided will be dropping  the “KAL -EL” single.  His “No1 Is Safe” single was recently released too. You can bump “No1 Is Safe” right below. Presave “KAL-EL” through Strange Music here:

From X-Raided Across Social Media:

“After 30 years in a Cryo Chamber, I was awakened with an old psychology. I defeated Mainstream and tried to tell them “No1 Is Safe.” Now I have retreated to my fortress of solitude to determine the correct path forward. It was what it was. That was then, this is now.”



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    Superman is so god damn lame.

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    Wow look at how mad you are, over a non existent character.
    Lmfao you stupid little SJW hypocrite.

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