April 20, 2024
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Juggalos in Recovery Virtual Meetings, Week of 11/20

Juggalos in Recovery is planning a full week of virtual meetings for this week, starting on November 20th!

These meetings are for those in recovery, for those supporting family members through the recovery journey, or for those battling mental illness, all with a splash of Faygo and clown love.

There are four meetings total scheduled for this week, all taking place on Google Meets.

Here is the schedule for this week, 11/20:

Sunday Meeting 11/20, 1:30 pm Eastern

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Join Nate for storytime, where he breaks down mad stories from his own struggles and lets everyone else share theirs:

Monday Meeting 11/21, 4:00 pm Eastern

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Join Frank for a J.I.M. List meeting. The J.I.M. List is short for the Juggalos Improvement Meeting List. The List contains more than 180 meeting topics that focus on healing and personal improvement. To use the J.I.M., you first roll a six-sided die to choose the main category, then a thirty-sided die to pick the main topic. But be careful! A 13 & 17 will make you roll again and add to the topic!

Wednesday Meeting 11/23, 8:30 pm Eastern

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Join Chris for a Song of the Week meeting. Each week, we break down a song into a topic that relates to recovery. This week we are using “I’m Coming Home” to reflect on being grateful for the things we have and how we build community with what we have.

Friday Meeting 11/25, 8:30 pm Eastern

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Did you know that Juggalos in Recovery has its own “Steps”? Dope! Join Dee as she breaks down the concepts behind the steps of the Juggalos in Recovery program.


All meetings are recorded and posted to the Juggalos in Recovery YouTube channel

You can also find Juggalos in Recovery on Facebook here. Or at JuggalosInRecovery.com.

Juggalos in Recovery accepts donations through PayPal.

Much love, all!


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    Bill Wilson begged for three shots whiskey, three different times on his death bed and was denied. I guess that’s poetic justice but I still feel bad for the guy.

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