January 29, 2023
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Gibby Stites “Revenge of the Gibby Dead” Out Now!

Witness the end of a  trilogy by supporting “Revenge of the Gibby Dead”, the latest from Gibby Stites, through this authentic link here: https://found.ee/ROTGD2

From Gibby Stites:

“This Halloween Gibby Stites & Stir Crazy Music bring to you the “Revenge of the Gibby Dead”

“This collector’s edition CD includes skits and remixes that are not available on streaming sites, and is available in three different variant colors. Rumor has it there is a mysterious bonus track on each disc, and when all three variants are collected they will form a short audio book from Gibby & Stir. Three discs. Three chapters. Collect them all to experience some exclusive spooky story telling from the Gibby Dead himself.”

“Variants will be shipped at random. The only way to secure all three is to order three copies at once.”

01. Intro (Prod. Stir Crazy)
02. Night of the Gibby Dead (Prod. Stir Crazy)
03. Bloody Night [ft. SXMPRA] (Prod. Bank Hard)
04. The Return [skit] (Prod. Stir Crazy)
05. Return of the Gibby Dead (Prod. Stir Crazy)
06. The Warning [skit] (Prod. Stir Crazy)
07. Revenge of the Gibby Dead (Prod. Stir Crazy)
08. Night of the Gibby Dead (Drankenstein Mix)
09. Bloody Night (Drankenstein Mix)
10. Return of the Gibby Dead (Drankenstein Mix)
11. Revenge of the Gibby Dead (Drankenstein Mix)
12. ???????????





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