November 29, 2023
13 Guests and Online

Sodoma Gomora - Europathic (feat. Słoń, G-ko, Dope D.O.D., Byzo, Astral One)

Sodoma Gomora returns to the living and 
arise with a new record called RESUEREKCE! 

Cinematography: Lubomír Krupka, Hector Garcia Martin (Dope D.O.D.), Szerszeń (Słoń), Steve B. (G-ko)
Edit: Michal Böhm, Szerszeń (Słoń), Steve B. (G-ko)
Color grading and SFX: Milan Freisler, Szerszeń (Słoń), Steve B. (G-ko)
Make-up: Zora Pohlová

Special thanks: ICP and Juggalos worldwide, WIA, Oskar Pajer

Rap: Butcher, Słoń, G-ko, Skits Vicious, Byzo, Astral One, Jay Reaper
Beat: Malcuth & Veilbreak
Mix: Malcuth
Master: GAEX

ZNK Productions

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