September 29, 2023
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Insane Poetry’s 1992 Horrorcore Masterpiece “Grim Reality” Celebrates 30th Anniversary! [Mini-Editorial]

Long before the legendary west-coast emcee Insane Poetry rightfully invaded the superb  Lyrikal Snuff Productionz scene. Insane Poetry was dropping fire bars around 1987 with his first hip-hop group His Majesty. Then the year 1988 comes around and Insane Poetry (as a hip-hop group) scares the living hell out of the recording industry with their debut single “Twelve Strokes Till Midnight”. Despite “Twelve Strokes Till Midnight” putting the Grim Reaper fear in the minds and hearts of record executives,  California hip-hop champions Rodney-O and Joe Cooley thought Cyco (Insane Poetry) was mad ill enough to guest feature inside their golden age era of hip-hop banger, “Get Ready To Roll”! Shortly after, on Tuesday, August 18th, 1992, Insane Poetry unleashed their cult-classic debut horrorcore hip-hop masterpiece through Sir Mix A lot’s “Nastymix Records”. An LP so wickedly lyrically vivid, it could very well serve as the official soundtrack of the Necronomicon, thanks to its murderous rampage lead single “How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho”! And with gory help from its deep slasher cuts “The House That Dripped Blood”, “Bring Ya Daughter to the Slaughter”, and “Stalkin’ with the Nitebreed”! Above all, “Grim Reality” deserves to be inside the pages of the entire history of hip-hop, due to its shocking risk taking approach, by giving listeners a “hellish listening learning lesson” experience about the disturbing realities of how harsh this dark world we struggle to survive in can truly be, when we least expect it.  Living everyday like it’s your very last because your  precious time on this Earth is so damn short. And in a blink of an eye, your casket could already be selected for your grave.

Grim Reality Review

by Alex Henderson of

4 outta 5 stars

“Sounding like a cross between a horror movie and an audio-documentary on societal breakdown, Grim Reality was among hip-hop’s underground cult classics of the early 1990s. Insane Poetry divided this very over-the-top debut into a “Grim Side” and a “Reality Side”; the former is full of references to things like decapitation, dismemberment and satanism and finds the L.A. group rapping from the perspective of a psycho killer a la Hannibal Lector, John Wayne Gacy, Gary Heidnik or Jeffrey Dahmer. Poetry goes out of its way to be offensive, and sure enough, explicit offerings like “Angel of Death,” “Bring Ya Daughter to the Slaughter” and the single “How Ya Gonna Reason with a Psycho” managed to offend everyone from feminists and Christian fundamentalists to some East Coast rappers (who argued that Poetry was giving rap the type of negative publicity it didn’t need). But the CD’s “Grim Side” should be taken for what it is — wild, outrageous entertainment, pure and simple. Meanwhile, the “Reality Side” also thrives on shock value but offers more serious sociopolitical commentary. “One Careless Moment” is the disturbing account of an AIDS-infected woman who makes a point of having unprotected sex with male victims, while “Manic Depressive” describes a suicidal man who goes on a killing spree after being evicted from his apartment and getting fired from his low-paying job. Obviously, a CD this graphic isn’t for everyone, but those who aren’t turned off by all of the violent, shocking imagery will find Grim Reality to be compelling.”




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    Fuck ya. Insane Poetry been coming with that wicked shit.

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    When I release my not free studio album it will be considered a master peace!! Lil Billy Big Piiimpin baby!! I’m gottamn electric baby!! Shout out to all my piiimps out here!! Billy Pikachu gone be house name you see!! Let’s do this!!

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    Lol everyone knows that’s not happening.

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