June 1, 2023
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Majik Ninja Entertainment Launches Limited 50 Dollar Mystery Merch Boxes!

This is for all the die-hard Majik Ninja Entertainment supporters! MNE just launched limited 50 Dollar Mystery Merch Boxes that will contain over 100 dollars worth of surprise merchandise for 50 bucks each. Hit up the official MNEStore to get yours!

From Majik Ninja Entertainment:

“These mystery boxes are jam packed with anything from shirts and CDs to jerseys and autographed items! You may even be lucky enough to get an all access pass, stage used banner, or any number of crew items! For just $50, you will get NO LESS THAN $100 worth of items!!
What you ARE guaranteed is at least $100 value in each box! No returns, exchanges, or requests. These boxes are already packed and ready to go!!”




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