June 14, 2024
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Twiztid Panel: Notes from Astronomicon 5!

Astronomicon 5 has come and gone, and from what I’ve seen from attendees (including myself), it was an overwhelming success!  As usual, the final event of the weekend was the Twiztid Panel where they celebrated 25 years of Twiztid!

Our homie Chad Carsten was there to capture it all, and we streamed it LIVE for all of you who couldn’t be there. You can see the full hour stream below.

Click Here to view the 2022 Twiztid Panel

I went through and took some notes on it, but the best way to get the full experience is to play it and listen for yourself.  Now, peep the notes!

Astronomicon 5: Twiztid Panel (4/24/22)

  • Twiztid about how they came up with their look
    • From hoods and no paint to baby powder
    • Finally borrowed a stick of white paint from 2 Dope and put the final white paint with black circles around the eyes
  • How they started with their first few albums
    • spoke about listening to ICP during the early days and then gaining their respect enough to give suggestions to them.
    • In the beginning ICP didn’t really work with anyone, but gave Twiztid a chance after hearing everything they had put together
  • First meeting with Mike E. Clark
    • First time they met Mike Clark was for the Pumpkin Carvers Hallowicked track
    • They were both blown away with each other’s talent
    • While they worked with each other, KMK chilled in Mike’s backyard
    • When they came out of the studio, Jamie’s car tire was flat and they thought someone from KMK had slashed his tire.
    • They left and fixed the tire and came back. Twiztid confronted KMK and asked about the tire and they said they didn’t do it.
  • History of recording
    • started at The Disk LTD (where they first met Fritz the Cat)
    • Spoke on Mike E Clark having the first version of Pro Tools
    • Twiztid says ICP started the Juggalo thing and they came in with the Family thing so they didn’t ride ICP’s coat tails
  • Man’s Myth and Mutant
    • Releasing the albums not far apart.
    • Delving into the rock genre
  • Freekshow
    • When recording Freekshow, Violent J listened to the first 8 tracks that they recorded and was blown away.
    • Asked MEC and 2 Dope to listen to it and couldn’t believe they were getting this kind of sound!
    • Monoxide Chain Smoker:
      • Monoxide had a daughter with a girl and it went to shit. She left and took their daughter.
      • Years later he started getting all kinds of letters in the mail and his assets had been frozen.
      • Said he owed $45,000 in child support
      • Told Alex Abbiss he needed $50k and could do it in 2 weeks.
      • Alex agreed and got it knocked out. He paid his back child support and was able to see his daughter again.
    • PHATSO
      • Joked how they were actually the opposite of what their album names were.
      • Jamie was really the chain smoker (4 packs a day)
      • Paul was the “Phatso” would eat like 10 cheeseburgers to Jamie’s 2
    • They were crazy on their first tour (Rock the Dead)
    • If a promoter didn’t have their money, they would go to their house and take their TV and stuff
    • Had to do 2 tours for basically free to fix their fuck-up
    • A lot of the people who grew up with them are now working with other camps on their tours and on the label
    • How difficult was it to collaborate with these artists?
      • Jamie was so far separated from the process that he didn’t have a lot to do with it.
      • Paul got most of the features quick.
      • flipped through the Source and called Daz Dillinger from Dogg Pound
      • Got Kurupt and that was the first feature
      • Got Bushwick and it was a verse that had been used a few years prior
      • For Master P’s verse they paid about $15k and received it on cassette. They called him and asked for the Pro Tools session and P’s camp told them to fuck off.
      • That song with Master P is the bane of his existence. Said it that whole deal soured them on Master P’s whole camp and Paul said he hates that motherfucker
      • Proof’s session really solidified what kind of man he was. It was the first step in squashing the beef between Shady and Psychopathic
        • It’s everybody vs Detroit, not Detroit vs Detroit
        • Proof was about to go on tour with Twiztid and then got the message from his manager that Proof had been killed
    • End of Days had Twiztid doing the entire WICKED album
    • They loved that record and loved touring that album front to back
  • Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?s
    • “How does it feel?” being cut off. They questioned if the rest of the track was written back in 1997 and then just recorded in 2017 for Life’s ?s
    • Jamie said there was an original recording of the rest of the verse but they thought it was cool to finish it as an homage to those who were still around 20 years into their careers.
    • Jamie loved rock growing up and Paul was more into Hip Hop
    • A lot of their most loved music was sampled in House of Krazees tracks
  • Black Magik
    • Paul said jokingly that the project was canceled because of the “tattoo on the side of that idiot’s head”
    • Jamie said that it was more of a rookie stage of doing what they ended up doing with Unlikely Prescription so as not to put themselves in a box.
    • They love all of the paint designs but their favorite is the original
    • Of all the albums put out, are there any that would have benefitted from more time in the studio?
    • Paul said all of them because an album is never done
    • Jamie said Mutant
    • Heartbroken and Homicidal
  • Favorite non Musical project?
    • Paul said Astronomicon
    • Jamie said the Haunted High Ons and Funko Pops
    • Rock the Dead had a great storyboard but was scrapped
    • Abominationz – no videos, fucked up release, and that was a hard one to recover from.
  • Madrox puts together so many projects. Paul said he has to be frustrated because Paul doesn’t move as fast.



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    Faygoluvers Comments

  1. Carnivalkilla44


    Comment posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 07:44 pm GMT -5 at 7:44 pm

    Great panel and coverage FLH! That’s like giving me mad old school vibes.

    First time the met MEC was Pumpkin Carvers? That’s legendary.

    You know D-LOC slashed their tires.

    Interesting to finally hear the story behind Paul’s daughter/money issues that was mentioned in Chainsmoker.

    That Master P track off Toxic Terror is one of my all time favorites. Sucks they wound up how they did.

    Kinda surprised to hear Jamie works faster at the content they put out than Mono.

  2. BZA


    Comment posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 07:57 pm GMT -5 at 7:57 pm

    That explains why chainsmoker sucked, was rushed

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