April 20, 2024
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Return 2 Reality : Morton’s List Karmathon


Members of the Inner Circle,

This Friday, April 8th at 7:30 pm we will host a Quest unlike any other – This is the first-ever Karmathon, with Quests from the Fundraising Table. Throughout the week we will collect Quest ideas from the Inner Circle, forging a new Table of random outcomes, designed to entertain and raise funds. Invites will be sent via email. DM to get on the list if you are not already there.

Afterwards we will raid @shaggyandthecreep to keep the party all the way live.

Return 2 Reality is currently 2/3rds funded, and it is our hope that the Karmathon tips it over, because there are sweet stretchy goals that we’ve been dying to unveil.

Karma always,

The Table Master

Almost Complete!  Thank you to all of our awesome backers! Without you this once in a lifetime experience would not be possible!

Join Morton’s List on Twitch this Friday (4-8-22) at 7:30 pm EST for the KARMATHON fundraiser. Go to the official Morton’s List Facebook or Instagram and suggest a quest for the custom Table.

You can participate in chat or just watch on the Morton’s List Official Twitch but if you want to push the experience further, join in by DM-ing @MortonsListOfficial on Morton’s List Discord to get an invite.

Already, epic freshness has been revealed in the form of images posted by Morton’s List and Epic Quest Random Adventures. More reveals coming…


We will see you this Friday!

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