July 18, 2024
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** UPDATED** Hed PE Releasing Remix Of Bartender & Joint EP With Dropout Kings

Nu metal, punk rock, hip hop, hardcore, reggae… they do it all, and they blend it like nobody else. I’m talking about none other than Hed PE! This Friday, they release a reloaded version of their hit single from their sophomore album, “Bartender.” Only this time they’ve enlisted the help of Dropout Kings and DJ Lethal! This powerhouse of a combination promises PURE insanity of the likes we haven’t seen. On top of that, there’s also a joint EP being released by Hed PE & Dropout Kings. It features a new song from Hed, the new single from DOK “Hey Uh,” a remix of DOK’s “Glitch Gang” featuring Twiztid and Crazytownx!! This Friday is going to be NUTS! Keep your eyes peeled this Friday for the reload of Bartender, and for pre order details on this EP.

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Generational powerhouses @therealhedpe and @dropoutkingsaz collaborated with @djlethalreal (@limpbizkit and #houseofpain ) to bring you “Bartenders”. The reloaded version of the song packs a punch like Mike Tyson in the 90’s. The pre-order and video will drop on Friday so keep your eyes peeled and ears open as this drop is a beast. The song is the first single off a split EP between the two bands and also features a Glitch Gang Remix with @officialtwiztid and @therealcrazytown, a new HED PE song, and the only place to get Hey Uh from DOK on CD. The pre-order and video will drop on Friday so keep the eyes peeled and ears open as this drop.


**Update** A previous version mentioned that Bartender was on Hed PE’s debut album. This has been corrected to reflect the song was on their second album


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