March 3, 2024
6 Guests and Online

Return 2 Reality : A Morton’s List Experience

Friday, May 13th, Saturday, May 14th

Randomized Quests in Knoxville, Tennessee

This May, on Friday the 13th weekend, the Inner Circle will generate karmic experiences like you’ve never seen, heard, or tasted before. Return 2 Reality invites everyone to come to Knoxville, Tennessee and roll for three days of real-life outcomes in the woods, street corners, and secret locations of this incredible springtime destination.

Epic Quest Random Adventures, in collaboration with the creators of Morton’s List, has secured a karmic emplacement to stand as legend. Here Quests will begin, before spilling out into the surrounding areas as the dice reveal. Events begin Thursday night with a Baller Nacho Symposium leading into events all Friday and Saturday to quench the karmic drought. Each tier breaks down the day’s schedule:

$13 or more
Receive a die-cut sticker to a US mailing address of your choice, a personalized shout out on our global platforms, and future project news from Morton’s List.

Your support helps the Inner Circle experience Quests in intriguing settings to play at the highest possible levels.

Die Cut Sticker

$30 or more
Just On Saturday
Experience all-day Saturday programming to include a Fantasy Realms IRL Quest, Hot Streaming Quests at the Secret Castle, and a night Quest at the base of the shaft of the Sunsphere, complete with specialty Tables and the types of surprises that only Morton’s List can provide.

The day’s Quests will take place across a range of Knoxville settings, with transportation standing by. Events will begin at noon at a very flavorful location, before moving to our undisclosed headquarters for some livestreaming, and then into the heart of the city at night. Full schedule coming.

Saturday Events
Die Cut Sticker

$60 or more
2 Days of Actual Reality
Your double dose of randomized Quest experiences begins on Friday the 13th, starting with back 2 back destination Quests, medallion firelight ritual, and Market Square speciality Table. The rare and powerful karmic energies of Friday the 13th will have great influence on the official and unofficial locations of this time.

Friday’s Quests will begin at noon, taking place across multiple Knoxville locations, with transportation standing by. The coin itself is golden metallic with black enamel details, 1.75″ wide, and grants the possessor in-Quest powers on the 13th of any month 50% of the time, and very special powers when used on Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th Events, Coin Ritual
Saturday Events
Die Cut Sticker

$113 or more
Baller Nacho Symposium
For the fullest possible Knoxville experience 13 members will begin the weekend with a Thursday Night Nacho Symposium, including a karmic toast, dessert course, and conversations with the Twilight Lords. Discuss the future of Morton’s List, personal karmic experiences, and the implied and explicit occultism in this so-called game.

The Symposium will take place at our picturesque undisclosed headquarters, and the nacho and dessert ingredients will be the finest available. Seating for the Symposium is limited to 13 guests.

Thursday Night Nacho Symposium with The Twilight Lords
Friday the 13th Events, Coin Ritual
Saturday Events
Die Cut Sticker

We invite all members of the Inner Circle, those curious about this game, and anyone who likes to do unusual things to join us in creating a mythical event worthy of the setting we have procured. This event succeeds by the quality of those who attend, even more than the financial goals. We have assumed the risk in securing a sufficiently powerful headquarters for three days worth of city-wide events, and now it is on you, the most important part of any Quest, to bring your experiences to Knoxville for this truly unique event.

Participants are encouraged to wear practical footwear, and be dressed for the possibility of physical activity in a range of springtime weather conditions. Flashlights, survival gadgets, art and craft supplies, and shareable food may enhance player outcomes and are encouraged. Portions of this event will be broadcast and/or recorded via bodycam, cellphone, or other camera device. Blurring available upon request.

Kickstarter – Return 2 Reality : A Morton’s List Experience

YouTube – Epic Quest Random Adventures

Facebook – Epic Quest Random Adventures



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