September 28, 2023
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Jokers Card Resin Busts Coming Soon From Tom Wood

Well, just a short bit ago, I dropped my interview from Juggalo Weekend with Tom Wood. If you’ve watched all the way through, you were privy to a BIG piece of news! You can peep the interview at the end of the article. Silver Fox Collectibles who works with Marvel and Star Wars, to name a few, is set to bring the world of Tom Wood’s Jokers Cards designs to life! In conjunction with Psychopathic Records and ICP, Silver Fox will produce the 18″ resin busts of the full body versions of the Tom Wood imagined Jokers Cards, in chronological order! Making our first statue Carnival Of Carnage!! And moving on down the list every couple of months. There will be 1000 of each statue created. However, there’s an acception here, this Hallowicked they will break away from Jokers Cards to release a full body Mr.Rotten Treats!!! WHAT?!? READ THAT AGAIN! This Hallowicked, Mr.Rotten Treats will get a full body design 18″ bust.


Currently, no price details are available.. But, we’d be willing to bet that these won’t be cheap. Other statue’s produced by Silver Fox can reach up to $500+. Either way, we will update you when he have price and full release date details!




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