December 11, 2023
4 Guests and Online

Morton’s List Rolls Into The 2022 Questing Season – Sunday 1/30/22

Become a member of the Inner Circle for All Day events kicking off another year of random adventures and possibly mischief!

Whether you’ve played the controversial Morton’s List before, never played it but perhaps wanted to, or maybe just are curious about it all, then this is your calling to join us virtually for an entire day of Morton’s List adventures. The kickoff to this year’s many special planned events and quests begins promptly at Midnight CST – Sunday 1/30/2022.

Mortons List 2022
Every hour on the hour, from midnight to midnight, all day Sunday, we are presenting random quests for you to enjoy.  Stop by Morton’s ListPosting on Discord to join in as we usher in the Chinese New Year – The Year of the Water Tiger: a year of risk-taking, adventure, and of finding enthusiasm, both for ourselves and for others.
Use #QuestBot for your social media posts of any quests you do this day.
ListPosting Discord:

At 1:00 PM EST (Noon CST), don’t miss the inaugural Epic Quest Random Adventures Twitch Live Stream. Brad and Hoy are bringing their incredible LiveStreams from YouTube over to a new home on Twitch on the last Sunday of every month. Don’t worry, they will still have their YouTube channel. LiveStreams will be reposted there along with a new series on the mysterious and rare Twilight Scroll. These shows are not to be missed!
EQRA Twitch:
EQRA Youtube:

From 4:00 – 6:00 PM EST (3 – 5 CST), streaming from an undisclosed location somewhere around Lake Michigan, Official Morton’s List Live from the Beach House.

Members of the Inner Circle,
This Sunday begins official Quests for 2022, and brings a new location, new technology, and naturally all new Quests. Join us Sunday, January 30th, from 4-6pm from the wintery beach wastelands of Lake Michigan for a new era of Karmic transmissions with unexpected outcomes for all who join. Invites will be sent via email. Dm if you aren’t already on the list.

Karma Always,
The Table Master

Chaos, chance, and entertainment combine as the dice are rolled for random Quests. Join for something completely unexpected.
Morton’s List Official Twitch:
Morton’s List Official Discord: 

At 7:00 PM EST (6 CST)
The #QuestBot is unleashed on the world! The hourly quests are just a preview of what is to be revealed on the ListPosting Discord Server. The evolving #QuestBot will expand throughout the year. What does this #QuestBot have in store for the world? We’ll have to wait and see…
ListPosting Discord:

This is just a taste of the Epic Quests and Adventures planned for this year. More information will be revealed.

And as always,
Good Karma to All.


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  1. dribblybob


    Comment posted on Saturday, January 29th, 2022 02:55 am GMT -6 at 2:55 am

    Best news in ages. For real, if you have ever been curious, come check the shit out!

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