October 3, 2023
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TWIZTID’s Haunted High-Ons: The Curse of the Greenbook Vol 3. Now Available For Pre-Order!

Good afternoon comic book fans! Vol 3. of Twiztid’s “Haunted High-Ons: The Curse of the Green Book” from Source Point Press is now available for preorder in two different covers at comic book shops nationwide! So be sure to hit up your own local comic book shop in your own area to get your preorder in to make sure Vol. 3 of “The Curse of the Green Book” arrives for you on the exact day of release sometime in January 2022!

From Dirk Manning of Source Point Press:

“In this penultimate issue of the new miniseries our bumbling heroes must attempt to negotiate a deal with the vampires of New Orleans… and things don’t go according to plan. At all. The last mini-series totally sold-out in stores and went on to rack-up THREE Ringo Awards nominations, so don’t sleep on this one if you want to bring some more horror-based humor into your life!”



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