November 29, 2023
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Zinger speaks to Daddy X of KMK (and other things we learned from the Madchild Live Stream)

The homie Madchild and Kevin Zinger of Suburban Noize Records sat down recently for nearly an hour and live streamed for an impromptu Q&A.  They covered a bunch of topics including sobriety, how Covid-19 has affected the entire industry a new studio that has recently been completed at SRH HQ, and so much more!

They may not have thought it was the biggest revelation, but I know that ninjas who were watching probably got their wig flipped when Zinger mentioned that he spoke to Brad “Daddy” X for the first time in 8 years!  He didn’t have any huge news to announce about it, just that it was a cordial conversation and it felt good to put the past behind both of them.  Hopefully we get more info on how that conversation went down.

Here’s a list of topics they covered:

  • New state of the art studio built in SRH headquarters
    • Obnoxious & Madchild were the first to record in it. New collab EP coming soon!
  • Madchild, Obnoxious, Johnny Richter track done and on the way
  • SRH Rings are now shipping
  • They’d like to do a Strange Noize tour again. Been 8 years and long overdue
  • Zinger said he talked to Daddy X for the first time in 8 years about a week ago
    • cordial conversation
    • no big announcement coming
    • Zinger said he’s set things aside and it felt good to have a conversation with him
  • MadChild and Zinger talk about how Covid has effected the industry
    • give suggestions on how to stay busy during downtime
    • be regimented, have a routine
  • Speak about addiction and sobriety
  • Madchild says he loves playing the Gathering and much love to Juggalos and Juggalettes
  • Madchild speaks on how BattleAxe was started
  • Madchild video coming next week
  • Zinger shouts out Odd Squad Family

To see the live stream in its entirety, peep it below:



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