December 9, 2022
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RAW - "You Do You" (ft. Raw Proof) [Official Music Video]

RAW is a True School HipHop Veteran but you wouldn’t know that unless you were in the streets of Ashville, North Carolina or Clarksville, Tennessee.  Last decade, he turned his time over to teaching and studying Holy text which can be viewed on his YouTube channel that has almost 15k followers.

This decade – he has a few personal issues to work through, utilizing music as an outlet to express and work through those emotions, he is doing just that.

RAW and Raw Proof go back to the cypher in the street days- the days when blunts and 40ounces of malt liquor were regularly consumed and fighting the police was considered.

This track has an easy digestible  concept:  Mind your business – Be yourself.  Beatsmith from the U.K. Anabolic Beatz had constructed the track, and gives his full support by sharing the music video on his YouTube channel(444k followers).  March 11th, You Do You can be streamed and downloaded everywhere.  Play it in the car or the home stereo because the bass is nasty and the kick drums punch like Mike Tyson in the 80’s.

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