August 12, 2022
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Gwar Announces 2 Drive In Show On Oct. 10th, In Richmond, VA

Those crazy scumdogs of the universe, more commonly known as Gwar, recently announced an interesting event to say the least. Imagine, your at the drive-in movie theater, but instead of just simply a movie a playing, you are witnessing the intense madness of live performance from Gwar. Well guess what you guys, it’s happening! Gwar has a double feature drive in show coming up in Richmond, VA on October 10th. If your interested in seeing the crazy live spectacle known as Gwar from the safety of your car, then you can get your tickets through Below is the original full article taken from Gwar’s Official Website, peep it!

There are exactly zero cases of Covid-19 in the freezing cold arctic tundra of Antarctica. This is great news as your Lords and Masters GWAR have been cleared for travel.
Unfortunately, during this time of quarantine, GWAR have also found themselves running precariously low on magic talent-dust (drugs), toilet paper, and money. But don’t worry your hideous little heads, as your Scumdog overlords have a plan to replenish their stash and entertain the faithful legions of Bohabs at the same time!

On Saturday October 10th, GWAR will return to the flaming remnants of Richmond, Virginia for a special Drive In Show. The show is set to take place at The Diamond Drive In located at 3001 N. Arthur Ashe Blvd. This is a drive-in show with social distancing measures in effect.
The 9.45pm is already sold out but we added a 6.16pm show. Tickets for the early show go on sale on Wednesday September 16th at noon EDT. (tickets)

Blothar the Berserker had this to say;
“Denizens of Richmond, Virginia! Americans do everything in their cars, and now that will include watching the greatest rock and roll horror show on this or any other planet! Truly, what is October without a global pandemic and the chance to watch GWAR from the comfort of your shitty old hoopty?! Grab a hotdog, slather it in chili, and shove it down your throat as we bring you the pinnacle of entertainment, the ultimate creature feature, live and writhing…all over your windshield!


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    Hey fuckey, Richmond is VA not PA!!! Fix ur shit.

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    Jerk jerk jerkin off!

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