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Matt Maguire (aka: Sawborg Destructo of GWAR) & Matt Miner (Comic Book Writer)

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Bohabs & Juggalos, GWAR is back… in Comic Book form!

I was lucky enough to have the honor of reviewing an Advance Copy of the 1st issue GWAR‘s new Comic Book Series ‘ORGASMAGEDDON‘ exclusively for Faygoluvers. Matt Miner (One of the writers) actually thanked me for sharing the news & review with the Juggalo Community.

The 1st issue will hit your local Comic Shops on Wednesday June 7th, and is being published through Dynamite Entertainment. It’s GWAR…how can it be bad? Honestly though, this is a great comic book & not just because it is based on GWAR. It’s got all the Sex, Blood, & Violence you’d expect from GWAR. It’s also witty, relevant, & very funny.

The story begins at the point in GWAR’s mythos, after the death of Oderus Urungus, & after the arrival of their new singer, Blothar. It pretty much skips their origin & history, & kicks off right into present time to start the ‘ORGASMAGEDDON’ story line. In short, it’s GWAR vs. their newest enemy (Mr. Perfect) throughout time. There are a series of events that happen through the ages leaving GWAR responsible for (Yet Oblivious To) effecting a lot of major events in history. Admittedly, it is a little confusing at first, but once the book starts to hilariously explain itself through jokes & mishaps, it is a strangely engrossing story.

Visually the book has a lighter feel than you would associate with this kind of story. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and isn’t afraid to break the 4th wall. It has brilliant art, but more cartoon than horror. It’s got enough intrigue, boobs, death, & penises to keep rabid GWAR fans interested, while remaining fresh enough to also entertain the young at heart, the devious, and the intellectuals.

Overall it is a great read, not only for GWAR fans, but for anyone who likes their entertainment fun & daring. This is not GWAR’s 1st comic book, but it is GWAR’s 1st comic book to be released to shops on a mass scale. On Wednesday, Grab yourself a piece of history and pick up ‘GWAR:ORGASMAGEDDON’ #1!

Thanks for your time. Hail GWAR! MMFFL.


  • Matt Maguire (aka: Sawborg Destructo of GWAR) & Matt Miner (Comic Book Writer)


  • Dynamite Entertainment

Release Date:

  • 06/07/2017




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