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All Blood, No Love

Mr. Halloween

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“All Blood No Love” is the first book released by Mr. Halloween in the form of a collection of short horror stories which was released in October of 2006. Named for the lack of mercy in the stories where violence prevails, this book is full of 20 stories that are indeed….fun.

The overall appearance of the book is eye catching and appealing. It is a well bound, oversized soft cover with the author Mr. Halloween on the front cover. I was immediately drawn to the size of it (it is about the size of a sheet of paper) it is not often you see a soft cover book in that size.

When you purchase this book it also comes with a bookmark that was designed and created by Mr. Halloween himself, along with a short CD that is included of Mr. Halloween performing some of his raps and a story from the book being read aloud. The bookmark is a two piece number with a “razor blade” attached to the more common rectangle piece. The bookmark is a bit over the top but wonderfully cheesy, and I loved it.

The stories vary between 3 pages to one story that is a bit over 20 pages. Each story features a title page with full page illustrations. The title page illustrations look to be made with everything from photographs, PC art programs, and there is also a few that look to be rendered with 3D software. I was disappointed to see that these pages were all in black and white and not color. However keeping the pictures black and white help keep the book reasonably priced, and do not deteriorate the quality of the book at all. One of the 3D rendered pictures suspiciously resembles the mansion from the first “Resident Evil” game.

The story lines are all interesting, creative, and intriguing. Some of the stories have elements from other horror and ghost stories that ring a few bells because they have been done before at least in some ways, while some of the other stories are one hundred percent original.

In the stories, villains and heroes alike come to bloody and untimely ends. Some of the stories are very unbelievable, but due to the fact that this is fiction, horror fiction it doesn\’t matter. Most of the rules of the real world have no precedence in fiction, especially horror fiction.

All of the stories start off strong and compelling, so much that I read most of this book in one sitting. However while the endings on most of them are fitting and work well, some of the endings were too abrupt and sometimes seemed a little rushed even for short stories. The time line in a couple of the stories was way too short which made the stories feel not only unbelievable by unrealistic as well. Even for horror fiction.

Although the writing is a bit rough, the stories are all well thought out, flow well. and don\’t leave giant plot holes behind.

The Bottom Line: Overall, even with the few above mentioned issues I had with the book, it was a very fun read and I enjoyed it immensely. I definitely recommend grabbing this book to cure some boredom every now and then, and maybe even spook some of you into a good time.

This was a strong freshman effort by Mr. Halloween. I believe once Mr. Halloween gets some more experience under his belt and finds a good editor, that this good writer can one day flourish, and be great.

Mr. Halloween has announced that he has another book in the works and expects a release this Christmas Holiday season. Look for updates on this new book called “Cold Blooded” and for information on how to purchase “All Blood No Love” at his website: MrHalloween31.com

There are also a few of the stories posted from “All Blood No Love” for you to read to get your heart pumping.




  • Mr. Halloween

Release Date:

  • 10/31/2006


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