June 28, 2022
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Hotbox Holidaze Tour

The Green Elephant in Dallas, Texas

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Another great show brought to us by R2 Enterprises featuring Potluck, Johnny Richter of the Kottonmouth Kings, Black Pegasus, PWin and some of the best local talent Dallas/Fort Worth has to offer.

Dee Lo: I hadn’t ever seen Dee lo before. At about 8 the beats started to fill the venue and Dee Lo with no introduction started ripping into his rhymes. I will say this, the guy has skills. Aside from having to stop and catch his breath he was on fire but stumbling to keep up with the track a bit. Might I suggest a homie on stage to fill in so he can catch his breath? I digress. Moving on

The White Noize: I arrived at the venue way too early in the day and while waiting a group of guys piled out of a car and introduced themselves as The White Noize. I have to say, these guys were polite, cool and just looked real happy to be there with the fam. Soon after Dee Lo left the stage Droc, B Dubb, and Jacoby Dog took the stage with energy and some fire mic skills performing track such as “Chop with us” and “Sittin so low”. The energy they brought to the stage was phenomenal and they are definitely something to check out.

iLLizem: Another artist I hadn’t seen before was iLLizem. At this point the club still wasn’t all that full and this guy got up there and KILLED it. He had the crowd going and people coming inside to the stage spitting tracks such as “Goons” and “420 hits” from his “illdependence day” ep, as well as a brand new track “You Already Know”. On top of the performance I’m pretty sure most everyone up front got a fresh T shirt and a cd to bump on the way home. I give props to iLLizem for his performance.

Takcalb: Next up was R2’s very own Takcalb (BLACKAT) who as far as I’m concerned needs no introduction in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Takcalb has been rocking stages for years now he always kills it with his material and very greatful to his fans. On this particular night he didn’t let us down. He had the crowd going and knowing I was going to write this I paid attention to all the people that stopped what they were doing and watched the stage. Great job by Takcalb.

Team PMP: Next up was Team PMP which Consisted of Tinman the anti-human, Dnice, Twitch, and Opie Halogen. I have been keeping my eye on these guys for a while and if I had to give out a “most original award” it would be to these guys. I don’t have a track listing for this show but all of them seem to really just love the 15 to 20 minutes they get on stage. They are in your face, loud, and definitely had me jumping around in front of the stage. Props guys.

TRyde: Ahhh yes TRyde. When I first saw this guy I wasn’t impressed, after seeing him flow on the stage I think everyone was interested. If you’re into the speed rap thing this guy has it. He spits faster than most other people around that I personally know and KILLS every line. The highlight of this was his new song “this is my hustle” ft. Claas. His performance had heads turned and jaws dropped. If you get a chance, give him a listen.

Sup3rsayin: It was time for yet another R2 artist to take the stage. Up and coming Sup3ersayin is making a lot of waves in the underground music world in Texas. His insane lyrics, on point beats and fire speed style had all eyes on him throughout the performance. He performed tracks such as “Call me Coke” and “I condone Violence” and at the end of his set he brought the 5 star R2 general Ronnie Blaze on stage to perform the new track “Power, Respect, Flows” capping a very energetic, in your face performance.

Claas and Ronnie Blaze: The local headliners were our very own Ronnie Blaze and Claas. Pushing out a few of their most quality tracks they had the floor vibrating and the whole club jumping. The energy these two bring in is enormous and it seems at any local performance they put on attracts the bass loving, party hard, music lovers straight to the stage. I don’t have track listing for these guys either on this particular night, but I couldn’t think of a better opener for the tour package that was about to begin.


I have to be honest guys, and I feel HORRIBLE about this. I had to step outside to get some air for a while so I did not see Black Pegasus or Pwin. I ran back in sometime after Liquid Assassin took the stage and for that I apologize. Moving on.

Liquid Assassin: If you haven’t heard of Liquid Assassin by now please step out from under that rock and pay attention. LA has been constantly ripping up stages all over the U.S. and this wasn’t any different. He banged out tracks like “Thor” and “Liquid Buddy” bringing some of his best material to rock your faces off. His style and speed are one to be applauded and if you catch him at a show he always down to give daps and drink a bottle of Crown or two. Go check him out!

Johnny Richter: It was now time to welcome Johnny Richter (formerly of the Kottonmouth kings) to the stage. I’m thankful to have gotten to hang out with him a bit earlier in the day before the show. Not only is he out on the road with his newest material but brought along some classic Richter tracks like “Evolution” and “At it again” also smoking with the fans the whole way through. Johnny Richter shows mad love in his own ways and he’s killing it as usual on the Hotbox Holidaze Tour.

POTLUCK: The moment most everyone in club had been waiting for. This is THE duo that comes to party WITH you, not just perform for you. If you haven’t seen Potluck live you have no idea what you’re missing, so let me try and help. The stormed the stage and smoke began to fly. They spit tracks like “lightweight” with the new video playing along in the back round, they also did “let’s take a ride” which I believe they haven’t done live until this tour. They killed other tracks like “Strains” and “STFU” before giving us a real treat by bringing Richter on stage and performing “Stoner bitch” the way it should be performed. All the while the drinks and the smoke were going around and around. Potluck live isn’t just a concert, it’s a PARTY that you and everyone else is invited to and I’ve never seen anything less at a Potluck show. There are very few dates left on this particular tour so if you have a chance GET THERE. Keep an eye out for the upcoming video for “Let’s take a Ride” Dec 29th and if you slept on this tour you missed out. Don’t miss out next time Potluck comes to YOUR town!


  • The Green Elephant
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  • Hotbox Holidaze Tour



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  • 12/08/2014


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