September 28, 2023
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Sneak Peek of KMK’s NEW STONETOWN GEAR! [FLH Exclusive!]

Are you ninjas ready for some EXCLUSIVE flavor from your homies at Faygoluvers?  Well you’re in luck, because we’ve got it!  The homies from are proud to announce the Official Stonetown Dispensary!  Now before you stoners get too excited, the Kottonmouth Kings are NOT opening up their own chain of marijuana shops.  They ARE, however, opening up an online store where you can buy brand new merch featuring your favorite StoneTown characters!  This news has been out for a few days, but WE have sneak peeks of what the new merch will look like, what freebies you could get with pre-orders, and the latest on upcoming episodes of Welcome To Stonetown!  Pictures and further details are outlined below:


The 20th marks the release of the next episode of the Stonetown Cartoon series created by Daddy X ad D-Loc of the Kottonmouth Kings. Since the release of the Stonetown there have been 9 episodes, a few shorts and this Thursday the Stonetown Buds are at their antics again. Last time they left off with the party monster crashing the premier of Jimmy Spliff’s new movie. If you haven’t caught up yet we suggest you go peep out the latest episode at Not only do they have a new episode dropping but they will finally be releasing the brand new Stonetown gear and we have the first exclusive sneak peek! Here are just some of the select styles they will be releasing in their online Store on the June 20th!


The first 200 Pre-Orders will receive a FREE Sticker pack and an 11×17 Stonetown Buds Poster! They have some Fresh new Tanks just in time for Summer and of course some dank for the every day wear!

stonetown03 stonetown04

There’s even a few styles for the ladies!


All these styles and more will be available at this Thursday along with Episode 10 in the hit new series so be sure to head over there when the new episode premiers, check out the new episode and pick up some of these fresh new threads!


Watch the cartoon anytime 24/7 at

Follow the Stonetown Buds on Facebook at

or twitter @StonetownLivin and on Instagram @StonetownBuds and don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube to catch the latest content!

That just about covers everything you need to know!  So let’s recap:

  1. New episode of Welcome To Stonetown debuts this Thursday, June 20th at 4:20 PM PST (7:20 PM EST)!
  2. New Stonetown Gear will be available to purchase on Thursday, June 20th as well!
  3. The First 200 Pre-orders will receive a goody bag with a 11×17 Poster and a sticker pack!

Be sure to head over to for all of the latest episodes, and now, Stonetown merch!



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