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Twiztid Abominationz Tour Tucson, AZ

The Rock in Tucson, Arizona

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On Nov 17, 2012 Twiztid rolled through Tucson, AZ on their Abominationz tour and I was there to interview Potluck and check it out!  Here is what went down and how I think the show went.

My wife and I left the house and got to The Rock about 20 min before the doors opened.  Twiztid had tweeted out earlier in the day the venue was tiny but having never been there I had no idea.  I do gotta give a shout out to the Potluck Street Team leadership as they supplied my ticket for the show!  Anyway the doors opened and when we got inside I could see what Mono was talking about, the place was tiny!  I think it maybe could hold 300-400 people if they were packed in wall to wall.  We checked out the merch booth and saw some cool stuff but didn’t have any $$ to get anything this time.  Then it was showtime.

The first group up was Cultivate Creative Sounds or CCS Crew, a local staple here in Tucson.  I have to say that my experience with Faygoluvers has been a blessing and a curse.  It has been a blessing because I am getting to hear a ton of music from smaller acts and it has shaped my ear if you will to be more astute, a curse cause it has made me listen to music different and be more skeptical of new groups I haven’t heard.  That being said I was cautiously optimistic when they went on stage.  My wife and I were blown away.  These guys knew how to put on an energetic show that kept the crowd into it and definitely set the show off on the right foot.  After their set we went and talked to them and set up an interview with them for later in the night.  I will have that interview posted here in the next few days.  They definitely gave me a good feeling about the music scene here in Tucson.

Next up was Potluck and I was very excited, I love these guys.  Let me say I have now seen them twice live and they have yet to disappoint me.  They did a ton of classics like “Stoner Bitch”, “Hotbox Anthem”, and “STFU” while adding newer flavor like “Pot City”.  They threw down a hella tight set and made themselves available after for autographs, pics, etc.  I hit em up and got to sit down with them for an interview!  You can see that here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAzn66C8mD8&feature=plcp.

While we were in back talking with them Lil Wyte went on stage and did his set.  We missed all but the end of his set so I can’t say if he did well or not.  The crowd seemed to really like his set though.

Then it was time for me to interview Potluck.  We went outside the venue and found a spot under a streetlight.  Did the interview for about 20 min and during that time Hed PE came on stage.  We caught the end of their set and while it did have people moshing and had decent metal I did not enjoy the Liberal interludes Jerod put in.  I remember a time when Anarchists hated all government and fought the man, not sided with one or the other parties or affiliations.  Kind of a let down but the crowd was digging it.

Then it was time for the headliners, Twiztid.  We worked our way like 2 rows back from the stage middle.  They came out and kicked it off with Bad Side off Abominationz.  They worked a lot of classics in their set and added 5 tracks from the new album, “Bad Side”, “Unstoppable”, “Rep That Wicked”, “This is your Anthem”, and “LDLHAIBCSYWA”  This set was not quite as good as the one they had for the American Psychos tour but it was still hella cool.  The boys know how to set the crowd off and make the show hype as hell.

When the show was over we left and headed home.  All in all another great show.  My one complaint was the crowd.  This had to be one of the worst crowds I have ever seen a show with.  The venue being small was bad enough but it isn’t like the extra 3 inches someone would get from crushing my wife and I was going to make Twiztid stop the show and be like “Hey come on stage with us you are so flipping cool”  The crowd was rude, self absorbed, pushy, and willing to do things like pull my wife’s hair to get her out of the way to get closer to the stage.  For those that follow my blog you know that I am a huge supporter of the Fam, but I draw the line when the fam intentionally hurts another to “get closer” to the stage in a club where Twiztids sweat would hit you no matter where you were!  The crowd was a lot of younger Juggalos and I think that was the problem.  I have found as the years have gone by that younger Juggalos have less respect for the traditions of the Family.  They feel entitled to everything from spot in the crowd to basic respect.  They think being a Juggalo is a fad or something cool to do, they don’t understand we as Juggalos/Juggalettes look out for one another and make sure no one gets hurt.  I am hoping it was an isolated experience but fear it isn’t.  That alone did not take away from the fact the show was the bomb.  Twiztid did it again and I cannot wait  for their next album, tour, or whatever they are gonna do.

That’s it for me fam.  Lets remember what being a Juggalo or Juggalette means and show love at these shows.





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  • 11/17/2012 - 11/17/2012


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