June 14, 2024
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Twiztid's "AbominationZ" Tour - Dallas, TX

The Prophet Bar in Dallas, Texas

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November 14th, 2012, was a cold night in the city of Dallas.

The target of Nov 14th’s devastation, The Prophet Bar.

The results of this devastion: RIDDLED IN FRESHNESS

Indeed it was the right time, the right time of night and the right weather for the wicked to spill blood on the streets again and bringing the sounds of the underground were Subnoize’s own Potluck and (hed) p.e., featuring Lil Wyte. The Abominationz Tour will arrive, devastate and leave you breathless. Much like all juggalos out there, we survived but everyone else who didn’t attend, weren’t so fortunate so let’s breakdown the madness that is THE ABOMINATIONZ TOUR 2012!


Man, what can I say that hasn’t been said for Potluck? Humboldt County, California’s own weed smoking MC’s grow from the green and haze with the massive 1 Ton and the rapid fire lyrical machine gun UnderRated bringing you classics like “Shut the Fuck Up”, “Respect”, “Funeral” and “Hotbox Anthem”. Albeit a short opening set, it doesn’t matter where Potluck will stand, you’ll always be impressed…..speaking of impressed, did anyone enjoy UnderRated’s Worldwide Ch….I mean, West Coast Choppers verse live?

Lil Wyte

Coming outta Memphis, TN, the little caucasian rap sensation Lil Wyte steps out after Potluck’s haze. Continuing the flows of the stoner atmosphere, Lil Wyte defintely keeps the heartbeat going…but only just a little slower. Tales of sex and drugs seem to be Wyte’s forte’ however, live I believe he could be better.

(hed) p.e.

The haze of weed smoke does not stop there….Jahred came out smoking a little of that almost legal green and began pumping the juggalo flow with punk rock and a frenzy of disorder in the mosh pit. Classics like “Bartender”, “CBC”, “Raise Hell”, “Suffa” and “Renegade”, will only keep the punk rock revolution alive and the heartbeat DIY movement of today alive as well. While they have grown and matured as a band, tonight Jahred played some songs a little slower than others but, at the same time they transitioned into songs very smoothly. Good set.


Have you ever been born on the bad side? These two have! The Demented Duo Twiztid come out to a darker, more sinister look and at the top of their game, a brand new set to match the new face paint to their look. “Bad Side”, “Rep the Wicked”, “Blood…All I Need”, “This is Your Anthem” all the way to “First Day Out”, “Afraid of Me”, “Buckets of Blood”, “Bella Morte”, “Kross Roads Inn”, “They Told Me”, “Bussyoheadopen” and many more new classics, Madrox and Monoxide have proven to be at the apex of their game.

To sum it up, there are many dates left for a gathering of devastation!

If the Abominationz Tour 2012 has taught me anything much like the past Twiztid tours like the Freekshow Tour (2000-2001), The Green Book Tour (2003), Toxic Terror Tour (2008) and The End of Days Tour (2010), is this:

Twiztid is the dominating force on Psychopathic and they still show that almost 20 years of success surely make them a very power force in the music business today!

There’s only so many days left for this tour and in 2012 so don’t miss it! Better yet, don’t be surprised if Twiztid hasn’t wiped out the world before 2013 arrives!


  • The Prophet Bar
  • Texas
  • United States


  • CLAAS, Lil Wyte, (hed)p.e., Potluck


  • The AbominationZ Tour

Record Label:

  • Psychopathic Records, Suburban Noize Records



Review Date:

  • 11/14/2012 - 11/14/2012


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