March 3, 2024
7 Guests and Online

Tech N9ne, MadChild

Tech N9ne Live in Canada - Newfoundland

Club One in St. John's, Newfoundland

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This show was insane, Tech and Kali played for two hours of pure madness. They seemed genuinely surprised by the reaction they got in St. John’s, which was all love. Kaliko came out after the show and shook some hands and took pictures. The venue was relatively small,  Club One only holds about 1100. but I think it made the show better, more intimate. The security teams were great, there was no barrier and the crowd was packed against the stage. Madchild has has deep rooted following in St. John’s and he drank it up, his set was short but intense from start to finish.

Local boy Radar opened the show, I thought he was pretty good, reminded me  of Ghost face, and the crowd was pretty receptive. Another local MC snaxx was up next and his was made for the stage. I’d never heard of him, but the crowd loved him, sporting a hatchetman on his calf, he belted out tunes about being chubby and awesome, along with a crowd favorite tune about chicken nuggets.

Madchild set the place on fire just by showing up, St. John’s loves him and he brings it all. They sang along word for word and shook the building together. There’s no doubt Madchild will be back and his fans will be there. You gotta love an artist who knows his fans and loves to be there as much as they love having him.

And then it happened…As they stood in the corner and the crowd caught glimpse of them they just kept getting louder…by the time Kali and Tech walked on stage the foundation was in ruins, the roof blew clean off the place, and they clearly ate their wheaties because it was a championship performance. Tech himself declared it a flawless victory. A number of times throughout their set they looked at each other and to their team off stage and just shrugged, they were blown away by the crowd and the reaction they were getting. Tech said if he’d known he would have came years ago, and when he comes back it’ll be for multiple shows, which drove the crowd into delirium.

For two hours out they belted out Strange Music’s finest, Riot Maker, Midwest Chopper’s, I’m a Playa, Einstein,and closing of course with Stamina. You could tell they were genuinely having a good time, and no barrier between them and the crowd made them show that much more interactive. There were no major issues, no fights, no BS or drama that I saw. DJ Juice kept the crowd hyphy in between sets and spun for a bit after the show.

It was a good night for sure, the lineup of girls headed backstage kept Tech and Kali entertained no doubt, and the crowd was a happy one. Flawless Victory.


  • Club One
  • Newfoundland
  • Canada


  • Radar, MC Snaxx


  • Tech N9ne Live in Canada

Record Label:

  • Strange Music, Suburban Noize Records



Review Date:

  • 09/27/2012


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