May 25, 2024
8 Guests and Online

Twiztid, Kottonmouth Kings

Kaos & Kronik Tour - Dallas, TX

Trees in Dallas, Texas

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Trees Dallas was the site of the history making, sold out Kaos and Kronik Tour 2012, in Dallas, TX.

Nothing can describe the devastation and the haze filled chaos that ensued during tonights perfoming acts, but I have the words to paint a picture for all of you bud smokers, juggalos and juggalettes out there looking to hear what’s pounding sound in the underground!

Fat Kidz Inc.

With a fashionably late crowd waiting outside, many didn’t get to see Haltom City Records’ own , Fat Kidz Inc tonight. However I urge everyone who knows of HCR and those who didn’t get to them in Dallas, to keep an eye out on, for a free show being booked at a later date!

“To all of our fans that were short changed or sold your tickets in the parking lot because you didnt get to see us, contact me on the free show we here at HCR and FKI are gonna put on to make it up to you guys… My apologies yall.”

-From HCR’s Facebook Page-

Big B

Onto the White Trash Renegade! The Las Vegas native took the stage with a classic and old school style sounding set with bangers like, “White Trash Renegade”, “Hooligan”, “Outlaw” and many more to add to his repitore of white trash lyrical stylings. Big B has a very predictable set for those who have seen him before, but I still urge those who haven’t seen him, to go see him live!

Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Deadman walking indeed, the Zombie King hit the stage fast and hard with a short set change and ripped the crowd into a frenzy! Opening up with faves like “Casket”, “Juggalo Anthem”, “Nasty”, “Bitch Shut Up”, “Blaze Up”, “Ridin’ the Whip”, “Dub Sack” and even “10 40 oz’s” remix! The Deadman never ceases to get a crowd hyped up and show more than just a little appreciation to all the juggalos and non juggalos attending. Any tour with Blaze always puts a good pull whether its an opening or a headlining act, and never ceases to leave any less than excitement in the mosh pit.

Kottonmouth Kings

The west coast tokers of the Suburban Noize camp filled Trees Dallas with a different style of haze! Opening up with “Long Live The Kings”, “Day Dreaming Fazes”, “Full Throttle”, “King Klick”, “Rampage”, “Stomp”, “For the Rest of My Life”, “Welcome to Stonetown” and even their new single “Hold It In”, off their upcoming release “Mile High Club”.

Tonight….KMK stole the show!

The Kings have always put on a great show, but tonight they just had such an enthralling presence. I’ve never seen the kings so hyped and unified on stage as I have seen them in the past. It felt like 2003 all over again, when the Spade was kicking off to greater heights and tonight just proved that KMK are just elevating their game after 17 years. D-Loc, Johnny Richter, Daddy X and The Dirtball ended with “Can Anybody Hear Me”……and you bet your ass we all have and still do!


The haze didn’t stop, however the smell of blood and more bud created a mixture of murder, mayhem and chaos! Starting off with a juggalo classic “We Don’t Die” along with “So High”, “Whatthefuck?!”, “First Day Out”, “Bussyoheadopen”, “Buckets of Blood”, “How I Live” (remix), “All of the Above” (remix), “Bella Morte'” and many more, Twiztid returned to the DFW area with a slaughtering haze. Madrox and Monoxide’s set may not have been the show stealer….HOWEVER, the pits were far more brutal than KMK’s hyped-party like atmosphere.

The tour ended tonight with all the VIP members and included Blaze and Twiztid closing the show with “Triple Threat”. Tonight however featured a very special guest who was in town tonight, none other than Vanilla Ice! V-Ice shared the stage and showed everyone some love on and off the stage tonight and topped everyone off with a satisfaction of family love.


This tour was over 10 years in the making and dammit, it did not once disappoint! There are still MANY dates leftover and I highly suggest you get your tickets and VIP passes any way you can! Much like Dallas, it sold out fast and many who showed up late didn’t get in. So avoid the staleness and smoke up the freshness of the Kaos and Kronik Tour now! There may not be another like it soon or ever again!


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  • Fat Kidz Inc., Big B, Blaze ya Dead Homie


  • The Kaos & Kronik Tour

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  • Psychopathic Records, Suburban Noize Records, Haltom City Records



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  • 05/12/2012


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