April 2, 2023
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Juggalos involved in killing and dismembering 21 year old woman

I’m sorry to have to report to you a very sad and grotesque act allegedly committed by Juggalos in Urbana, Ohio.  5 people have been charged with the murder and dismemberment of Jessica Rae, and all had ties with, or considered themselves Juggalos.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Five people charged in the killing and dismembering a woman in Urbana identify themselves as members of a loose-knit group the FBI knows as a growing gang…

A friend of Puccio and the Forneys said she and the others are part of the Juggalos, people known to like Insane Clown Posse and other Psychopathic Records hip hop groups. The friend, Linda, did not want her full name used to protect her identity.”

You can read the full article Right Here.  Now of course we don’t know the full details, but this is yet another negative story in the media that we didn’t need.  Thanks to Chris “C-Dub” Worthen for sending this in.



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