March 3, 2024
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Tech N9ne, Prozak, Stevie Stone, Krizz Kaliko, ¡MAYDAY!

The Hostile Takeover Tour 2012 - Dallas, TX (3/29/12)

The Palladium in Dallas, Texas

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The Hostile Takeover Tour’s record breaking 90 shows stopped at a very game, very hype Dallas, TX. The Palladium Ballroom has been a sight for great music and tonight was absolutely no different. So what can you expect from a record breaking tour? Well let’s delve into the heart of North Texas’ music core and see!


ClaAs and Ronnie Blaze

The Tunnel Runner hath returned and dammit do ClaAs and Ronnie Blaze fucking rip shit up! For those who are new to ClaAs, he opened up for Twiztid recently at Twiztid’s New Year’s Evil show and has opened up for many greats, including the Kansas City King himself multiple times. Their show set was hype and if you haven’t heard them yet, become a ClaAshole already!


Stevie Stone

Tonight, SS celebrated one year since signing with Strange and was it ever special. Since joining Strange, he’s brought nothing but his best and on stage, his stage presence is nothing to be short of amazing. The new album sounds promising and looks to be taking off his second year on the high on this tour! Stevie Stone is a hip hop force to be reckoned with on stage!



The return of the Hitchcock of Hip Hop was nothing but horrifically spectacular and amazing! All the classics from Tales from the Sic, including a new track which was yet to be named while performed, is only a sign of things to come from the upcoming album, “Paranormal”. The album sounds promising and how about a wall of death mosh pit?


Ok, so tonight was the first I’ve ever heard any of Mayday’s flavor. I love how these guys can take a live band, some piano and some funk and add it into a frenzy with a dash of light rock. One thing I didn’t care for much was the lack of guitar riffs however, their drummer LT Hopkins can make that funk have a heartbeat. Go see these guys anywhere! They put on a great show!


Machine Gun Kelly

From Shaker Heights, Ohio, comes the rapid fire lyricist, 21 year-old MGK. I’ve gotta say from beginning to end, MGK knows how to rock the house from side to side, front row to back. This kid’s got alot of talent, then again alot of midwest rappers have talent. MGK stands out on stage not only as hype but can be defined to alot of his peers as, the perfect package of lyrical talent, stage presence and musical performance psychology. MGK’s music speaks for itself and this tour does him justice.


Tech N9ne / Krizz Kaliko

The KC King and none other than the Genius himself Big Krizz Kaliko busted onto the stage, with a little “Anxeity” and a “Klusterfuk” of musical devastation. Spanning from the Midwest Choppers and going Worldwide with a touch of KOD, a little bit of Red Nose and many more Everready classics all bring a little music perfection from the Einstein Tech N9ne. No Tech show leaves anyone disappointed and thus it continues to. Ending with a little “Stamina”, and some titties for everyone to see from the 816 Boyz, the show ended with all the fire being cooled down .



With all the openers opening up on this tour, don’t expect your local openers to get much time, however this tour is surely one to not miss. It’s hip hop touring history, it’s fun and most of all, it’s all love from beginning to end! One thing that keeps this tour fresh is the STAGE SET. Almost like a WWE House Show with a video tron, you’ll see music videos from all the opening artists on this tour as your VJ keeps you hyped!



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  • The Hostile Takeover Tour 2012

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  • 03/29/2012


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