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Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne "Lost Cities" Tour - October 2nd, 2011

House Of Blues in Dallas, Texas

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In The All 6’s and 7’s era, the Lost Cities Tour takes the encore of sorts to all the towns who didn’t get the All 6’s and 7’s Tour. The House of Blues in Dallas, TX was the site of musical devastation that Strange Music brings from city to city. So for you nay-sayers out there looking for a critic, let good ol’ “Dallas” Carlos Esquivel shut you the fuck up!

Flawless Real Talk: Opening up on the Lost Cities Tour was none-other than the ATL’s own Flawless. This young buck is truly something special coming into the rap game. His stage presence, energy, Tech N9ne-inspired lyrical styles from the south came with devastation, including a live drummer and a DJ on the one’s and two’s. His opening song didnt have beats, just his drummer banging it out with Flawless rapping along with it OLD SCHOOL. I gotta say, his 30 minute set was different than everyone’s on the bill. More so with his drummer and DJ spinning, he’s got a Cypress Hill aura which made him stand out alot during his performance. I highly suggest everyone to check out Flawless!

Jay Rock featuring Magnum P.I.: Next up was none other than Strange Music’s own Jay Rock. I’ve gotta say, I enjoy Jay Rock’s live performances and his nod to hyping up the crowd with west coast rap classics but his set was not really as impressive as his set on the Independent Grind Tour last year. Even so, Jay Rock’s half hour set consisted of a few songs like “Hood Gon’ Love It”, “Elbows”, “All My Life” and “Boomerang”, and alot of story telling interludes. While fresh interludes, it was a more of a distraction rather than a better quality performance.

Tech N9ne: And in the main event, none other than the Kansas City King himself, Tech N9ne hit the stage fast and he hit it hard! Opening up with favorites like “Riot Maker”, “Welcome to the Midwest”, “Like Yeah”, “Come Gangsta”, “Psycho Bitch 1 and 2”, “This Ring”, “Einstein” and many other favorites to bring this show to a great and long hour and 45 minute set! Fresh moments bringing girls up on stage while saying Kutt and Krizz Kaliko saying those “Seven Words”, and screaming “Areola” and enjoying “Caribou Lou”, how much fresher could this show be? How about some acapella trivia and seeing who the real fans are? Tech would end this show with Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, Flawless, Jay Rock and the Strange crew throwing out some Monster Energy drinks while ending it with “Imma Playa”.

THE VERDICT: I would’ve loved to see more openers for this tour but I can honestly say, Flawless is some fresh new talent and Jay Rock is fitting for this tour to rock it out with. Go and see this show and go have fun! It’s a party like no other and everyone loves a good….I mean, bangin’ party!


  • House Of Blues
  • Texas
  • United States


  • Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Jay Rock, Flawless


  • Lost Cities Tour

Record Label:

  • Strange Music Inc.



Review Date:

  • 10/02/2011


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