September 28, 2023
11 Guests and Online

Insane Clown Posse

The Palladium Ballroom in Dallas, Texas

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The Happy Daze Tour 2010 features quite possibly one of the most anticipated lineups in underground history. Once again reuniting underground phenomenons The Insane Clown Posse and the Kottonmouth Kings. Joining them are rap legend Coolio, the prodigy of death rap Necro, and Canadian all girl metal band Kittie alongside with Mike E. Clark and JCW wrestling, for a show of epic proportions in the underground. Dallas, TX always seemed to have the rowdiest crowds and May 10th at the Palladium was no exception!

So here I am, Dallas, here to break it down for ya.


Okay I’ve never seen Necro perform before but from the set he played, everything was little less hype than from what I’ve heard. He has a good vibe with the juggalos but since there were also KMK fans in the crowd, his set seemed like it could’ve gotten a better reaction. None the less, Necro played a decent set that lasted about 15-20 minutes and even at the end, the crowd had FAMILY chants welcoming him back.

The Freshness: Like I said above, he had great chemistry with the juggalos and had a good response from the crowd.

The Staleness: He was really playing to a select crowd and could’ve gotten a better reaction if it had been a Psychopathic ONLY tour.


The ladies of metal came all the way from Canada to rock it out with the juggalos and I’ve gotta personally say, Kittie stole the show! For their first time ever playing a Psychopathic/Subnoize related tour, Kittie maintained a strong stage presence. And as you all know most juggalos and subnoize fans are metal heads as well. Kittie’s set lasted about 25 minutes and even had circle pits going into a metal frenzy. It was like watching Hatebreed only with neden.

The Freshness: Kittie’s stage presence, set list and interaction with the crowd stole the show.

The Staleness: Five more minutes, everyone wanted at least five more minutes of Kittie.


Rap legend Coolio joining the Insane Clown Posse and the Kottonmouth Kings on an underground tour was….surprisingly disappointing. His set seemed to have lasted a little too long with new flavor that no one seemed to even know or pay attention to. Started slow but picked up during the 2nd song and the last two songs on his set list. “Fantastic Voyage” didn’t get as much of a response however, “Sumthin’ New” and “Gangsta’s Paradise” seemed to have the biggest pop during his set. Coolio along with his son and nephew on stage was truly a “family” experience for juggalos and subnoize fans alike.

The Freshness: Old school tracks: Fantastic Voyage, Sumthin’ New and Gangsta’s Paradise played live.

The Staleness: Set was TOO long, Coolio’s not known for having good new tracks, set was just a little boring and surprisingly disappointing for me, being a long time Coolio fan.

Kottonmouth Kings

I’ve seen the kings many time since 2003’s Wicked Wonka Tour, where they even toured WITH ICP along with Bone Thugs N’ Harmony and Tech N9ne. Their set was hype as fuck, and The Dirtball in addition to the lineup was fuckin’ fresh too. They played alot of old school tracks like “King Klick”, “Day Dreamin’ Fazes”, “Full Throttle”, “Subnoize Rats” and new tracks off Long Live the Kings. Two things stood out: The Dirtball having original lyrics to old KMK songs which was dope as hell and…….Pakelika and Lou Dog…..we al know Pak is no longer with KMK but where the hell was Lou Dog? All in all it goes down like this:

The Freshness: Set was hype as fuck, Dirtball’s presence and new lyrics to old KMK songs were fresh as hell, the energy was just amazing.

The Staleness: Pak being gone was saddening, Lou Dog’s absence was even more saddening since he always drums live for KMK and finally their set time was just too short in my opinion. 45 minutes just wasn’t enough in my book, they should’ve been on for about an hour at least if they were co-headlining.

Insane Clown Posse

What can you not say about ICP? Their set’s are always filled with an amazing show of carnival theatrics with faygo flying everywhere. Their set had a silver glittery wall with the big “ICP” lights with two big hatchetman on opposite sides glowing with the letters. Playing classics like “Tilt a Whirl”, “Assassins”, “Fuck the World” and many more new ones like “Love”, “Miracles” and “Bang Pow Boom!” with some faygo breaks, it seemed to me like this was more of an encore of the Bang Pow Boom Tour last year. I can honestly say that this set seemed a tad bit watered down from last year’s BPB Tour. The end I would say was very reminiscent of 2003’s Wicked Wonka Tour. Everyone coming out and spraying faygo everywhere was truly a sight to see again.

The Freshness: The creative stage set, the end of the set and all the rowdiness you’d expect from an ICP show.

The Staleness: Seemed a little shorter than their usual set time, their set from the Bang Pow Boom Tour was actually better in my view both in theatrics and in set lists.

The Bottom Line: All in all, this tour still is great! Although Dallas didn’t get JCW, for those who do please enjoy it! Tours like these don’t happen often so go out and experience it. For those expecting ground breaking things to happen, don’t expect EVERYTHING but still expect to be entertained.



  • The Palladium Ballroom
  • Texas
  • United States


  • Kottonmouth Kings, Kittie, Coolio & Necro


  • Happy Daze Tour

Record Label:

  • Psychopathic Records


  • Carlos "Dallas" Esquivel

Review Date:

  • 05/10/2010


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