May 25, 2024
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Saint Dog

The Nestor in Fargo, Nevada

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You can tell spring has come with the birds returning, the grass becoming green, and the trees budding with new life. But how do you recognize when your summer has finally hit? All music fanatics such as myself guage by the first major show of the season. Summer tends to breathe life into some of the best tours of the year. And I think for all of the stops lucky enough to recieve Saint Dog’s (formerly of the Kottonmouth Kings) headlining tour named the “Homegrown Tour,” that show will be what sets in all in motion!

As many avid fans know, Saint Dog is originally from Minnesota, and it’s a fact that his Minnesota fan base is extremely proud of! So for the appropriate name of “Homegrown Tour”, this reviewer already estimates that the pride fans will feel should surely be evident in the selling of tickets and merch! And trust me, this is not a tour to pass up or under estimate! As one of the founding members of the wildly popular Kottonmouth Kings, you can expect to see many Stoners Reeking Havoc throughout the venues who are more than happy to exhibit their SRH and Krown tattoos with pride! When they arrived for the second show of the tour in Fargo, North Dakota I’m sure that nobody knew quite what to expect, but the result was nothing less than awesome as many spaded folk came through to support and meet the man….. The legend!

What was so great about the show, in my opinion, was that Saint Dog is definitely true to himself, and his roots, which is apparent in his behavior while at the venue. When I had first had the pleasure of being introduced to the hip-hop/punk rock vibe of the Kottonmouth Kings’ first album “Royal Highness,” it was while they were opening for the Insane Clown Posse on the Great Milenko Tour. Twelve years ago I was amazed and impressed by the bald-headed man standing by the merch booth whom I’d just seen on stage. He was there to hang out, meet the crowd, and was very personable and approachable. This has not changed about Saint Dog in all the years since! As people gathered next to him, he posed for pictures, signed autographs, and gave hugs! Neither time nor fame have changed this man and I find myself lucky to have experienced this for myself!

As for the opening acts, believe me, this is not a show you should feel comfortable walking into late! Everyone should strive to be on time!

It’s evident in the line-up (as it changes from town to town in order to represent local and predominant midwest talents) that much consideration was given to any person given the privelage of being on this billing!

There were no duds and no disappointments! With each act taking the stage it’s almost like they’re setting you up with greater and greater anticipation for the final act which leaves your ears in blissful extacy! It’s a musical orgasm! Don’t miss the fun of the foreplay and beginning pleasure just to skip to the final blow!!!

When Saint Dog struts up to that stage with pimp cane in hand, make sure you get up to the floor! Seeing an artist of this calibur up close is truly the best, and only, way to see a hip hop show! He not only revists some favorites from the Royal Highness era with teasers and snippets that make you chomp at the bit, but when he reveals the other layers of himself with the solo joints he’s burned in the years since his departure from the Kings, you will truly have an all new appreciation for Saint Dog that you will fall in love with ALL OVER AGAIN! Anyone else who regards themselves as an “Original Soulja” will quickly have a renewed sense of dedication to one of the men who made this underground movement start and become what we all know it as today! Some of my personal favorites to see live were “Pussy Poppin'” and “Reaper” from the album “Unconformable Social Amputees” which is a must have for any Saint Dog collection! While I would have loved to see a live version of “Oompa Loompa” (also of the same album), that was apparently not in the cards for the evening. However, with as much excitement as had been built throughout the night I did not walk away from this show disappointed and neither will you!



  • The Nestor
  • Nevada
  • United States


  • DRP, Lost Angel Crew, Izzy Dunfore, Ancient Protector & 02


  • The Homegrown Tour

Record Label:

  • Suburban Noize Records


  • Shelly "DJ SILKEE" Berry

Review Date:

  • 04/13/2010


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