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Showbox At The Market in Seattle, Washington

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My Sunday started off with a text message from my friend saying “What the fuck is going on today? Theres a bunch of screaming juggalos downtown with their faces painted.” Twiztid is in town today, mothafacko! The Slaughterhouse tour had a pretty deep line when I showed up around 2pm. Security was having a difficult time keeping the juggalos under control already, as there was a flood of us at a tourist destination just doing our thang. It’s only so often you get THIS many juggalos in Seattle at once, considering ICP has not scheduled a stop here since I moved out this way at least. It started raining a lot harder than it usually rains here while we were all waiting in line, but we still had a good time just waiting around.

Once the doors opened up, I walked up to the front row barricade and did not move from my spot until after Twiztid left the stage and good thing, cause I was in for some serious wicked shit!

Kung Fu Vampire. Where did this guy come from? He shows up with a super professional van, trailer, and crew and I have never even heard of this guy until I looked him up when they announced this tour. Even his website looks super professional, and it makes me wonder where you get a budget like this with a gimmick like that and no reputation (round these parts). Regardless, Kung Fu Vampire and his Prozak look-a-like hype man came to the stage and KFV was dressed in this ill tuxedo vest thing and tie. His head was like a cue ball in the sense that every inch above the collar of his shirt was covered in white face paint. He has contacts and fangs in his mouth, once again showing professionalism in everything he did. His set was short, but something about it just didn’t work out for me. There I was in the front row just looking like a plain old hater, cause I wasn’t jumping around screaming and I don’t know any of his shit to sing along with anyways.

All in all people were getting down to it though. Go see Kung Fu Vampire for yourself sometime to see if you get down to his strange flavor. This “Dead Girls Don’t Say No” shit is too much for me. Its not hard enough to be taken seriously, and its not funny enough to be comedy rap. He doesn’t have the rugged steez that the likes of Q Strange, Jason Porter, Lo Key, Jokerr, or Necro and other cats bigger than him pull off, but he seems to be fitting in. You can get a peep of that live KFV shit on Potluck’s FLH exclusive Tour Journal, found somewhere on the main news page right now. All in all I say keep an eye on this guy, cause he has serious investments from somewhere, which means we will probably watch his career develop as he makes a name for himself.

Humbolt County’s finest, Underrated & 1Ton made their way to the stage of Seattle’s most popular venue. Familiar enough with the crowd, that’s when I felt the real energy start intensifying. Juggalos know these guys, know the lyrics to their shit, and all around can get down with these guys better than most other openers. My favorite part, once again, is that Potluck switches up their set and plays new shit everytime, but they don’t fuck with the favorites for the most part.

They always come with a tough set with jams like I Gotta Problem, Stoner Bitch, Funeral, Hotbox Anthem, and even a bunch of new shit that I don’t think I have even heard until I showed up for their set. These guys had ninjas chanting, yelling, and going pretty crazy throughout the entire set. We were all anticipating Twiztid’s set, which carries a lot of energy with it already, but Potluck is my shit, too. DJ Wicked, who I like because of a lot of other artists he has worked with, seems to be a bad ass tour dj for Potluck, however watching the tour journals and going to their last two shows I’m pretty sure he does the same scratches at every show. He is still a skilled motherfucker, and you will all come to know who he is if he sticks with Potluck long enough. To wrap up their set, I must say I see these guys alot and I’m still not sick of it yet. Don’t sleep!

Moving on, we finally get to see what is behind the big secretive tarps they had on stage for the first two sets. SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading here if you want to experience this for yourself and the tour is still yet to come your way! It looked like a gang of sheet metal with bloody shit everywhere, and the words Slaughterhouse were cut out in this plastic with red lights behind it. There were operating tables on the floor, which were soon to have bodies carried out on to them by two guys in bloody lab coats and surgical masks. They opened up by annihilating us with a bassline and INSANE fucking strobe lights. I have probably never been that close to lights that bright before. This whole set up was the shit. Everytime Twiztid comes, they bring a dope ass set with them these days, kind of like ICP used to do. Madrox and Monoxide roll out dressed in all white, head to toe looking clean as fuck. They had Nikes covered in silver rhinestones on their feet and the old traditional white paint with black eyes and contacts. They brought the illest set I have seen them do in quite a few years. When they came for the End of Days tour last spring it was off the chain, but a completely different story considering they only did like three songs that weren’t off W.I.C.K.E.D. After a while the Phatso & Chainsmoker ran back stage for a quick second and came out wearing a similar all white Dickies getup, but this time with blood spatter all over the shit. The best part about this change of outfit was that now the Nikes they had on were replaced by the exact same iced out style shoe, but this time it was red glittery sequin shit on white, and it matched the outfit like whut. Twizzler threw it the fuck down all night long though, so make sure you catch this tour if you read this review before it actually rolls to your town. Like I said, the set was untouchable, In my opinion, I don’t know about wrapping the set up with Woe Woe. I dig the track, and I also dig the idea of deviating from the norm and not playing Renditions of Reality, but I just think it changes the whole vibe of the set. Regardless, Twiztid & Potluck fuck shit up, and KFV is interesting to see at least once to make your own decision. Twiztid played all my favorite shit, Potluck brought the classics with some new shit, and I found out about another newcomer.

I’m Buckeye and I’m out like Big Money Rustla’s will be this summer.




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  • 03/21/2010


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