September 28, 2023
15 Guests and Online

Insane Clown Posse

Palladium Ballroom in Dallas, Texas

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The night was surely a chilly and cloudy one in Dallas, TX but did it stop the family from showing up at the Palladium Ballroom to see the clowns put it down? FUCK NO it didn’t! The night was indeed hot on a chilly night, especially for the opening acts that supported the Bang Pow Boom Tour.

Opening up was an unexpected surprise on the bill, Hatchet House’s own Detroit’s Chop Shop! Now I saw Chop Shop debut at Hatchet Attacks and they put it down….on this tour, they stepped up their game quite higher. How often do you get a “juggalo cholo” vibe with the underground? Their set was quite violent in lyrics which reminded me of some old school Geto Boys with a Psychopathic touch to it. If you haven’t peeped Chop Shop, GO TO THEIR PROFILE and LISTEN TO THEIR SAMPLER! These guys are gonna be something special on Hatchet House!

Up next, The Dayton Family was up and I must say this (and it’s rare for me to say), but the Dayton Family was CRUNK! They had a real connection with the juggalos in the crowd while performing. They performed tracks for the weed smokers in the house, for the hoe’s and haters around the world. Their set was about 30 minutes long and the crowd was sort of dying down but they finished strong. I highly recommend seeing the Dayton Family if you’re into real hip hop with a little crunkness to it.

Following the Dayton Family, DJ Product stepped up on stage while an eerie silence but an intense vibration filled the Palladium. Jahred walked out and spat a little blood out of his mouth while opening up with Madhouse (I could be incorrect). They’re set was pretty much the same as their set from the Hed to Head Tour, only they were a few songs cut short. However we all heard cult favorites like “Game Over”, “Raise Hell” and their new single from New World Orphans (which ended their set with )”Renegade”. One note of freshness to be added: Jahred brought his son on stage and performed a track with him in his arms. If that ain’t a cool father then, I don’t know what is! Great set, a bit short for a (hed) p.e. set but all in all worth seeing.

Then after a long 20 minute set change, the lights dimmed out and the curtains opened up with Legs Diamond as our emcee! He introduced Ape Boy, Many Faces and of course the wicked clowns themselves, the Insane Clown Posse. They opened up with “In Yo Face” and followed up with some of the classics from the Joker Card era such as, “Murder Go Round”, Tilt-a Whirl”, “Let’s Go All The Way”, “Assassins”, “Hokus Pokus (Headhunter’s Remix)”, “Cartoon Nightmares”, “Fuck The World” and many others. They performed alot of new tracks from Bang Pow Boom such as “Juggalo Island”, “I Found a Body”, “To Catch a Predator” and “Bang Pow Boom”.

Notes of freshness: During To Catch A Predator, they had JCW Champion Corp. Robinson come out and beat up the “pedophile” and powerbomb him off the ladder, the Faygo breaks were nostalgic, Violent J brought his son JJ on stage during Faygo Armageddon and for once they sprayed Moon Mist and Faygo Orange during their set! Finally something other that Diet Root Beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The verdict: This tour is something special! Violent J said that he would never disrespect the six joker cards by naming Bang Pow Boom as the 7th….but it doesn’t mean that it won’t be the start of six more joker cards! This tour felt like 2003 with the diamonds raining all over again. GO and SEE THIS TOUR! Wherever this tour headed next, go and experience the magic that the Dark Carnival had brought to us after all those years. The Carnival is indeed back and baptized all of us in Faygo as evidence of it’s return. They will NOT disappoint!



  • Palladium Ballroom
  • Texas
  • United States


  • Hed PE, Dayton Family & Detroit Chop Shop


  • Bang! Pow! Boom! Tour

Record Label:

  • Psychopathic Records


Review Date:

  • 10/16/2009


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