February 27, 2024
8 Guests and Online

D12 & Potluck

El Corazon in Seattle, Washington

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The four opening acts were painfully repetitive, wack, depressing, and basically took waaaaaay too fucking long. Doors opened at 8 and the show went nonstop from then, until around 1045 when Potluck took the stage. The crowd was very very small, and it somewhat ruined the vibe of the place. Emillz was just all around wack, all day. I couldn’t have put up with another repetitive song of his. He could have spit the same track twice and I wouldn’t have noticed. Reklez wasn’t too exceptionally terrible, but it was very repetitive. Jay Barz did the same set as last time I seen him, except the crowd had no energy. It made for a lame performance, and besides, what kind of rapper needs 3 hype men? I prefer a rapper with no hype man at all, or maybe just one like last time I saw him. Sadistik took the stage, and honestly I expected some sort of horrorcore, but it urns out he’s just another Eyedea ripoff. He sounded very out of place, as all of the other artists on this bill went hard, he went fourth in a field of six, and put on just another traditional regular boring hip hop show. I can’t put him down completely, but let’s face it, he did not belong there. Not to mention his name is terribly misleading, especially when on a bill like this.

Now things got interesting, and it was time to stand up. Potluck took the stage by storm as usual! These fellas don’t give a fuck if they were playing a show in a phone booth for a stray cat, they rock it every single time. That’s who I went to see, and just as I predicted they killed it. I don’t even need to finish my review of them, since I am pretty sure it was only one track off from the set list of the End of Days tour. The new track they performed, however, was ill shit too. Throw in some free blunt wraps, Underrated’s throwback Seahawks jersey, and a truly humble duo that loves meeting their fans, and you have a great night on your hands.

About an hour later, and after worrying as to whether or not D12 was going to show up, they rolled up in their big ass van and went straight on stage. But now completely. Here is the part where I answer all of the questions you were wondering. 3 out of the 7 members of D12 were here. Plus a fat Kanye West clone, a shitty DJ, and an appearance by King Gordy. It at first appeared to be the Swifty McVay show, which wasn’t bad. He may be the only one of them left with skills, and then it switched over to the Bizarre show. Honestly the set was pretty badass, when you forget about the two dumbass people who had nothing to do with D12 on stage.

Overall, I would have never paid 15 dollars to see this show. It took too long, the openers were too unbearable, and I wasn’t even sure the band would show up for a while. Not to mention an incredibly small crowd. The final two acts weren’t bad, but not what I expected at least. If you can think of something better to spend the money on, just stay home from this tour.




  • El Corazon
  • Washington
  • United States


  • Sadistik, Jay Barz, Reklez & Emillz


  • Dazed N Dirty Tour

Record Label:

  • Shady Records / Suburban Noize Records


  • Buckeye Fresh

Review Date:

  • 08/27/2009


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