July 18, 2024
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Hed PE

El Corazon in Seattle, Washington

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The line outside at El Corazon last night was super short, and doors opened earlier than expected. Out of nowhere, Jay Barz (accompanied by Motamouth Jones) took the stage and started the show with no intro. The first song began, and I turned around and started paying attention. For an opener I think these guys were pretty damn good. Motamouth Jones, who I have seen freestyling outside at recent shows, earned his name for a reason. This alleged T-Pain look-alike can rap his ass off! This dude can spit so fast it is almost unbelievable I had not seen him on stage previous to this. Not to take any attention away from Jay Barz, a Tacoma Washington native, this dude has some serious flow too. I like watching cats like this perform because they are very hungry and aggresive on stage, and he relates to the crowd well with songs like the one he did about when people jack your lighter. Also, this was the first time I’ve seen moshing for an opener since i moved to Seatown. I grabbed a copy of his Hunger Pains Volume 2 Mixtape after the show, and I hope to see this performance again when he opens for Esham next Wednesday. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, get in the loop with the local cats out here!

With an intermission less than 3 minutes, DL Klaw and Dirtball hit the stage, and you seen more people come out of nowhere and head up to the stage. I really like to watch this motherfucker too, for several reasons. First, he has more energy than most emcees’s I’ve seen in my time. Second, he has no hype-man, appears to be fearless when delivering his ridiculously rhymes, and never really stops or slows down between songs. Also, he plays a live electric drum kit to provide the beat at times. A Dirtball appearance is never bland or monotonous, and if you get the chance to catch him play I suggest peeping it out. After all the set he brings is never the same, unlike MANY of the underground names we know and love.

After another extremely brief intermission Big B took the stage, accompanied again by DJ Klaw. Shirtless as ever, he began rocking the show with a typical setlist, including many oldie-but-goodie tracks, and a few new tracks. I especially liked this set, because it featured a nice assortment of his mellowed out tracks, party tracks, and aggressive bangers. The majority of the crowd seemed to know Hooligan, and not much else sadly. This set seemed to be longer than most sets this early as a t show, due to the fact that halfway through he was joined on stage by Dirtball. This entire portion of the night was truly badass, as the live performance of All In was earth shattering, and Dirtball even played the Lourider electric drum kit again while Big B murdered the mic. I know I say certain performances are a must-see, but Big B & Dirtball together make for one hell of a duo on stage, and is a serious act I hope Sub Noize gives a full set to in the future.

This intermission would take a while, since they had banners to move around and shit. When about twenty or so minutes passed, one dude came out and checked all the instruments, while the crowd packed in and cheered him as if he were in the band or something. The crowd seriously more than doubled since the last intermission, and it went from a rap show to an insane thrash, metal, punk, ska, hip hop, and reggae show in almost no time, as Jared, Mawk, Trauma, DJ Product & Jaxson stepped to the stage as the lights went out for the first time of the night. This crowd went nuts as they opened the show (I can’t remember because some bitch stole my setlist) but I do remember they played a few of my personal favorites, such as Represent, Renegade, and No Woman No Cry. As usual Jared stopped after every song or two to talk about the world, civilization, poke at emo kids, tell dudes to stop pushin girls around (which poeple should know better by now anyways) and even did one track twice, back to back because the crowd got so live. This being the second leg of the tour I caught in 09, it solidified my opinion of (Hed) p.e. in my top two rock bands to see live. I hereby vow to go see these crazy bastards everytime they roll through town.

The tour is almost over by now, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from cathching them next time they roll though your town. Some people were seeing them for the first time, and I’m sure this show surpassed their expectations. Peace and be easy juggalos!




  • El Corazon
  • Washington
  • United States


  • Big B, The Dirtball, DL Klaw, Jay Barz & Motamouth Jones


  • New World Orphans Tour

Record Label:

  • Suburban Noize Records


  • Buckeye Fresh

Review Date:

  • 06/11/2009


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