March 3, 2024
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Hed PE

El Corazon in Seattle, Washington

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Officially kicking off 2009 in the Northwest could not have happened in a bigger way! Underground heads crawled up from the sewers and came down from the trees to head to El Corazon on Friday night. In a city with multiple underground rap communities, where the juggalo culture is not as apparent as most other places I have been, you would be surprised how many ninjas came out of nowhere to this show. The venue was dope. I liked how they had the stage sitting in accordance to the bar so the young cats could come out to the show. Not many all ages shows roll through Seatown. The juggalos were so hyphy, cause I don’t see them getting as much dopeness as I did back in Cleveland, so it means more when you get a show with a bill like this. The stage was real wide, and in the back up a few steps was a back row with benches for those lazy showgoers. Most of the artists were chillin at the merch booths back there as usual.

First on the stage was Seattle’s own The Outfit. These guys sounded like Critical Bill and (Hed) p.e. except they had a boring stage presence. Playing in front of a small plain black banner, and just standing around occasionally nodding their head doean’t cut it. They announced their guitarist was leaving the band at the show, and it didn’t seem like many people were too sad. They weren’t bad for an opener though. The crowd definitely gave them a positive response, but didn’t really get out of control until the next set hit the stage.

DGAF rolled out of the darkness and put it down! The start was a little slow, but about three songs into their set they had the crowd at attention. Saint’s own So-Cal Thugsta seemed to get everybody moving for the first time of the night. Gillies, Chucky and Saint turned their backs to the crowd and the lights dimmed as the track Big Hoss from Royal Highness played, and Big Hoss himself rolled on stage in facepaint with his hood up and lit the place up. They noticed the Juggalo presence and played their set list accordingly. After a few more songs, DGAF wrapped it up and left the crowd looking pretty hype.

The big disappointment came up next. One Ton and Underrated had a fresh ass Potluck banner and a stage intro that had people coming from other parts of the venue, but a few moments into the first song, I wasn’t sure how to react. Underrated must have been sick or lost his voice, because as he was trying to spit he was just cracking his voice and wheezing random lyrics. They stopped after the first song, threw out free blunt wraps, and explained he wasn’t feeling great, and then played Stoner Bitch as Underrated struggled to get through it. At a couple points he just put the mic to his side and shrugged as there was nothing he could do. I gave them props for coming out though. They came out strong, gave it all, and were gracious enough to spare us from a bad show. It was better than people getting pissed hearing they cancelled.

Dirtball. What can I say? This dude has evolved at an exponential rate while I slept on his shows for a couple years. I have always loved a Dirtball show, but it never seemed until now that other people did too. The second he hit the stage it lit up like a fuckin steel mill. He rocked the crowd so hard I can’t believe he didn’t pop a blood vessel in his head. He played songs from all points of his career, from angry bangers to just good old fashioned rap music. I strongly suggest if you ever see him on a show’s bill GO TO IT!

After a short intermission the lights cut out again, but this time coming from the back of the stage was Kansas City’s own Kutt Calhoun! Dressed in all black except his black and red glittery KC New Era cap and some red on his shoes, Kutt came out with no hype-man and made his presence felt off the bat. Kutt played some tracks from Tech albums, B.L.E.V.E., and Feature Presentation. This was the most straight up rap act of the night. Kutt had the ladies going wild as hell, and the fellas at the show were getting rowdy too! Once again, if you ever have the chance to catch a Kutt solo show, GO. You’ll feel the buzz too. Just because he isn’t at Tech N9ne’s side does NOT make him less of a solo artist.

After another short intermission, (Hed) p.e. slowly walked out. They did not have to do a single thing and the crowd was almost moshing just to MCUD standing there with a blank look on his white face. They had a set of about 20 songs and there was not a single dull moment. Old old shit, new shit, shit from in between, hit songs, not so special songs, whatever. They rocked ALL OF IT. I am very hard to please at a rock show, but I can honestly say this was one of the best rock performances I have ever seen. The dominating presence of everybody on stage was just amazing. Even the drummer was making faces and fuckin around just so people would think he’s a lunatic. The bassist and guitarist were ready to rock everybody’s nuts off days in advance, because they all put on one hell of a show. Speaking about issues like George W. Bush, Emo kids, and a few other current events like war, Jahred would stop every few songs for a mini speech and then get back to rocking the fuck out of the place. Eventually Dirtball was invited on stage to do the track Stay Ready, which if you haven’t heard, go buy NWO now! Jahred and Dirtball were just killing the mic while the rest of the building was almost in shambles from the energy they were kickin from the stage. After a few more tracks they wound down with a Bob Marley cover, and sent everybody home. I would highly suggest checking out their show, even if you don’t like rock music.

Overall, I think the show was about an 8 out of 10. I say this because it was one of the best nights out I have had since the Gathering. But, I docked a couple points for the fact that Potluck didn’t have much of a set, and the opener could have been a bit better. The NWO tour was a pretty eclectic group of names for a bill, and they pulled it off with grace and finesse, or at least the bloody pissed off drunk version of that.

Hed PE Set List

Live or Die Free
Game Over
Not Ded Yet
Garden Grove
Stay Ready Ft. Dirtball
No Woman
This Love



  • El Corazon
  • Washington
  • United States


  • Kutt Calhoun, DGAF, Potluck, The Dirtball & The Outfit


  • New World Orphans Tour

Record Label:

  • Suburban Noize Records


  • Buckeye Fresh

Review Date:

  • 01/13/2009


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