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ALL IN review
September 3, 2018
12:00 pm
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March 12, 2012
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All In 9/01/18 Review
Sears Center
Chicago, Illinois
10,411 in attendance [first non-wwe event to sell out a 10,000 plus seat venue in 18 years]

Match reviews courtesy of pwponderings.net. Ratings are all by yours truly right here in the asylum!

My rating system will be 1 through 5 golden shovels with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. So let's get into it!

All In a joint venture from Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks presented on WGN America for the first hour and Fite TV, HonorClub and cable PPV systems.

Cody, Matt and Nick made their way out to hype the crowd up, asking if the fans like pyro and after things did not go off immediately, the pyro went off as the fans erupt. The trio then teased a legend appearing and Animal came out on a motorcycle in full Legion of Doom gear. Once the festivities got underway, Ian Riccaboni introduced Excabilur and Don Callis as part of the commentary team.

Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian vs. The Briscoes

Sky and Kazarian came down to the ring dressed as Rocky and Apollo Creed and it was spectacular. After Sky put the town down as usual, the Briscoes came out. Jay and Kazarian started off, with Jay and Mark making quick tags after brawling a bit to start. Kaz and Sky turned the tables quickly as the crowd belted out chants of SCU. Things settled back down and the Briscoes dominated a bit until things spilled to the outside. Kazarian and Sky showed off their agility, as Kazarian even hit a slingshot hurricanrana to the outside. The Briscoes seemed poised to win as Jay hit a Jay Driller on Kazarian and Mark connected with a Froggy bow in what seemed to be the end of the match but Sky managed to break up the pin. The Briscoes regrouped and went for a Doomsday Device, but Kazarian caught Mark and body slammed him, immediately pinning him. Sky made sure that Jay couldn’t break up the pin and SCU stood victorious at the end of this first match. I'm gonna give this match 4 and a half golden shovels, fantastic opening match to the event, fantastic tv match between 2 great tag teams. Plus the finish was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my life!

Kenny Omega was interviewed by Alicia Atout [of 'amusicblogyeah?" podcast] about his matchup with Penta later in the night. Omega promised to give it his all and made it clear that the match must not be missed.

Over Budget Battle Royal
Winner Earns ROH Title Shot
Dalton Castle joined commentary for the match here. This was just a real fun spotfest here with tons of talent from yesteryear and some younger talents like Mark Stunt, Jordynne Grace and 
Callis and Castle shared some interesting information about Punishment Martinez in that he has a brother called Encouragement Martinez and apparently he’s a huge jerk. Despite being a nicer guy, he could not avoid the crowd-popping Hurrislam from Hurricane Helms in a very fun moment. As the crowd began to thin Tommy Dreamer reached for some weapons and took out everyone with cookie sheets and a garbage can until he ran into the presence of Martinez. The two traded blows until Dreamer overwhlemed him with a nice tribute to Dusty Rhodes. Bully Ray stopped the fun and tossed Dreamer out, eventually squaring off with Stunt. As it seemed Stunt would be tossed out, Billy Gunn caught him and used him as a weapon, keeping him in the ring. Ray kept cutting off the faces, tossing Austin Gunn and Mark Stunt out of the ring. Grace and Cage squared off and Grace managed to overpower him, tossing him out. Once again Ray tried to play spoiler, setting Grace up on the top rope but Cabana interjected and the two hit a Wassup. Grace was sent packing by Ray, leaving Ray and Cabana as the last two. Ray again was there to ruin the fun, sending Cabana the hometown hero to the floor winning the match….but WAIT, Chico was never eliminated and it was actually FLIP GORDON! Gordon tossed Ray over the top rope, winning a chance to battle Jay lethal later in the night! The confusion here really led me to believe that Ray had won and Gordon revealing himself was a nice surprise. I'm gonna give this 4 golden shovels. Holy shitballs nobody expected this kind of surprise. I mean we all knew Flip was gonna somehow end up on the show throughout the whole thing and it was the perfect payoff to the whole "Book flip" storyline that they had going on for beingtheelite on youtube, and it also was a great way to keep the flip gordon/bully ray dudley fued going.

The WGN America feed ends as the main pay per view gets underway and we get a singing of the National Anthem where HALF OF THE CROWD took the knee including the announce team. following that we're introduced once more to the commentary team. and the first match of the main show is underway.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Matt Cross
The two traded early shoulderblocks until Cross stopped in his tracks. MJF then started acting as if he appreciated cross and offered a handshake, but just used the opportunity to toss Cross outside. Cross gained control quickly and then sent MJF outside before hitting a Sasuke Special to the outside. Back inside MJF took control and slowed things down, taking a moment to remind the fans of his skill level. MJF focused on the arm, setting him up for his armbar finisher, astutely pointed out by commentary. Cross fought MJeff off from the top rope and hit a hurricanrana that gave him the separation he needed. Despite being in control, Cross sold the arm injury, maneuvering around using his right arm. MJeff avoided a corner splash and hit Cross with a double stomp to the arm before hitting a package shoulderbreaker. The two traded strikes mid-ring and as Cross gained the upper hand, MJeff dug into his bag of tricks with an eye gouge. MJeff tried to put the match away with his armbar but Cross was able to survive the hold and hit a Shooting Star Press to take the win. 4 and a quarter golden shovels, a fun and fantastic match with multiple different styles, a true hybrid classic.

Legendary WWF announcer Sean Mooney interviewed Nick Aldis about his match later in the night and how he plans to keep the title around his waist.

"Arrow" Star Stephen Amell vs. "Almighty" Christopher Daniels
After a bit of trash taking Daniels dodged a clothesline and applied a full nelson, taking Amell down before gloating a bit. They two started trading stikes and Amell came out on top, even stepping on Daniels as his gloated. Amell then clotheslined Daniels over the top to the outside and then went looking for some hardware, grabbing a table. Riccaboni did well to mention that Daniels had put Amell through a table during their last encounter. Daniels went to suplex Amell to the outside through the table but Amell fought him off and Daniels laid out on the table. Daniels was able to move, leaving Amell to crash through the table. As it seemed both would be counted out, special referee Jerry Lynn tossed both men back into the ring. Daniels was incensed and got into a shoving match with Lynn allowing Amell to almost walk away the winner with a quick schoolboy. Daniels beat Amell down and went for Angels’s Wings only for Amell to turn it into a bridging pin. Daniels escaped and then hit a judo throw before connecting with a BME to win the match. 5 Golden shovels. This was a great match despite Amell's lack of legit in-ring skills as this was his 3rd pro wrestling match and his first single's pro wrestling match, he can no longer call himself undefeated... Well kinda he's undefeated still in tag team action but not in singles. Late last night Christopher Daniels took to twitter and made a long series of tweets praising Amell in the match itself and declaring that Stephen Amell has earned the respect of The Fallen Angel.

We then pan to the crowd to see celebrities in attendance for tonight's event. They point to members of the Chicago Bears, rappers the Insane Clown Posse, actor Macaulay Culkin, Late show host Stephen Colbart, and grammy award winning singer and songwritter John Mayer.

Madison Rayne vs. Chelsea Green vs. Britt Baker vs. Tessa Blanchard is next. ROH's Tenille Dashwood [formally Emma in WWE] and Mandy Leon joined commentary before the match got underway. Green had some personality issues and adhered to a code of honor. Blanchard clocked Rayne with an elbow and the two brawled outside as Baker and Green tangled in the ring. As Green was charging Baker, Blanchard speared her down and then dumped Green to the outside. Baker continued to absorb punishment from Blanchard until Rayne came back in finally. After some hijinx on the outside Baker took control inside and all four were in the ring at once for the first time since the beginning of the match. Everyone hit their signatures here in the closing stretch and Green hit a Canadian destroyer but Blanchard was able to kickout and then hit a Hammerlock DDT to win the match. The final pin came off odd as it almost seemed as Baker broke the pin up. 2 golden shovels. This match had it's moments, it felt 2 long and for the first time since this whole "womens revolution/evolution" came about in wrestling... I was having divas match flashbacks, you know the type, where you'd hear it's gonna be a divas dodgeball or mudpit match and all of a sudden you have to get up and use the bathroom? Yeah, that kind of flashbacks. but overall it was a good match and all 4 women at the end hugged it out and showed a huge amount of respect to one another.

NWA World Championship Match
Cody Rhodes vs. Nick Aldis(c)
Brett tanning joined commentary for the match. Earl Hebner was the referee for this match. Both men came down with an entourage, Aldis had Jeff Jarrett in his corner and Cody had Glacier, so clearly Cody was the winner here. The two showed off a bit before Adlis worked on Cody’s arm early on. The tussled to the outside and Cody hit a tope but was quickly suplexed on the arena floor. Aldis moved things inside working a methodical pace, chopping Cody in the corner and applying a chinlock. Cody broke out but was whipped into the corner, as Aldis continued working on Cody’s back. Cody was able to drop down and hit a punch followed by a superkick but an ill-advised early attempt to end the match with a CrossRhodes was reversed. Aldis went for a breather outside but Cody followed with a springboard splash. Unfortunately for Cody, Aldis was ready and connected with an elbow that laid both men out. Hebner signaled that Cody was too injured to wrestle but DDP ran down and encouraged Cody to get back up. Sean Davari was angered and came down to the ring to force Hebner to call the match but DDP caught him with a DIAMOND CUTTER.

Hebner sent DDP to the back and as Cody recovered he had a crimson mask. Cody hit a powerslam out of nowhere and got a two count. He slowly rose to his feet, clearly dazed and missed a moonsault that allowed Aldis to take control and hit a fallaway slam from the second. Adlis followed with a frog splash but Cody kicked out and locked on a figure four. Aldis was able to roll to the ropes to break the hold.Aldis bodyslammed Cody on the outside and rolled in, waiting on a countout. Aldis thought better of it went back to the outside to sent Cody inside only to be driven to the mat with an Alabama Slam. Aldis dodged a beautiful disaster kick and locked on a cloverleaf but his tenuous grip on the hold allowed Cody to crawl to the ropes and break the hold as blood dripped down his face. Cody seemed spent as Brandi tried to will him on on, but Aldis hit a piledriver and scaled the ropes. Brandi ran in to protect Cody but that did not deter Aldis who went for an elbow drop that hit Brandi full on. Cody was able to hit a disaster kick and a Cross Rhodes but ALDIS KICKED OUT! Aldis reversed a vertebreaker attempt by Cody and went for a Cross Rhodes, but Cody escaped and followed with a sunset flip to score the three count! We have a new champion! 5 golden shovels. You can't script this stuff unless your a really good actor. The end had everybody including myself and even the commentary team in tears and you can just tell when Cody raised that title for the first time that nobody else was in that arena but him and Dusty... The match told just a fantastic story and just the way both Rhodes and Aldis kept topping one another, and the fact that legendary wwf/wwe and tna/impact referee Earl Hebner was the one to call it made it much more special.

Chicago Street Fight
Joey Janela w/ Penelope Ford vs. Adam Page
Janela missed clothesline attempt early and Page made short work of him, tossing him to the outside, following with a tope suicida. Page rolled Janela back inside and Janela hit his own suicide dive. Page took advantage of Janela gloating and sent him back to the arena floor, following with a moonsault from the top rope to the outside. Page set a chair up on the inside and tossed Janela onto the open chair with a fallaway slam. Page then went outside and removed a drop cloth to reveal an actual Cracker Barrel near the barricades. Janela was able to send Page over the barricade and then used a chair to hit a summersault over the barricade onto Page. Janela then went full Donkey Kong and rolled the barrel at Page. Page channeled his inner Mario and leapt over the barrel, hitting a buckshot lariat from behind the barricade. Janela created separation after the two returned to the ring and then went for a ladder and created a ladder table, using the apron and the barrel for support. Janela had Page on the ladder and went for a moonsault but Page cut him off and scooped him up, dumping Janela onto the ladder with a burning hammer.Ford interjected herself here, dodging Page and sending him outside before hitting a high cross body block off the top to the outside. Ford then placed Page on the table, allowing Janela to hit an elbow drop off the top through the table. Janela brought Page to the ramp and set up a table just south of the stairs and in typical wrestling fashion found himself powerbombed through the table. Page brought Janela’s carcass back to the ring and connected with a buckshot lariat and the Rite of Passage to win….WAIT, Ford came back in and stopped the count with the garbage bag from earlier. Page spilled the bag out and revealed his talking boots. Page sent Ford to the outside and ate a superkick from Janela, but it only went for a two count. Janela set up a ladder next to a table mid-ring but Page used the phone he murdered Joey Ryan with to knock him silly and then hit a Rite of Passage off the ladder through the table to finally end another Joey. 4 and 3/4 golden shovels. This was exactly what you'd expect from a Joey Janela match minus the lightubes, fire, and sheets of glass. Not even 2 minuites into the match and we went ultraviolent. I mean yeah the really violent stuff wasn't there but Joey doesn't need those to be ultraviolent. His body and his girl will do that for him.

After the match the lights went out and a video aired that showed Joey Ryan’s member rising after he was killed. Penis druids [you read that right] then came out and Ryan followed out, apparently very alive. Ryan oiled up as Page looked as if he had seen a ghost. They finally confronted each other and Ryan flipped Page with his member before inserting his sucker into Page’s mouth and hitting a superkick. Ryan’s penis druids then carried Page to the back. This was totally different and insane in every way imaginable.

ROH World Title Match
Jay Lethal(c) vs. Flip Gordon
Lethal was shown walking to the ring backstage and was stopped to be handed Macho Man glasses then hit on his shoulder and seemed to go into Savage mode as the camera flipped to Flip’s entrance. Gordon signaled for someone to come out and despite Riccaboni thinking it was more penises, Brandi Rhodes came out dressed in a military outfit. Pomp and circumstance hit and Lethal came out as Black Machismo with Lanny Poffo in tow! Once the bell rang Lethal jumped to the outside and dragged Brandi over to his corner before heading back in and starting the match propper. Gordon absorbed a jab and used deep arm drags to take control. Gordon was dumped over the top but tried to skin the cat only to have Lethal clothesline him over the top. As Lethal went for an elbow from the top Brandi covered Gordon and the two play a game of cat and mouse until Lethal hoisted Brandi on his shoulder ala Wrestlemania 4. Brandy slapped Lethal’s shoulder and it seemed to switch Machismo back to normal. Gordon took the opportunity to take control, sending Lethal outside and hitting two suicide dives before a flipping senton over the top rope. Lethal was poised to hit the Lethal Injection but Poffo stopped him and slapped the bad shoulder, turning him Savage again. Lethal hit three elbows but Gordon kicked out in true Hogan form and hulked up a bit, hitting sling blades and a Samoan Pop that wasn’t enough to keep Lethal down. Gordon went for kinder surprise but was felled with a cutter than a Lethal Injection for the win. 4 golden shovels. This match was total fan service. Lethal's "blaque machismo" parody in TNA was the most over he ever was in the company, and to come out not only with Lanny Poffo in your corner but wearing the same outfit Macho Man Randy Savage beat Ric Flair for the WCW world title in 1995 in the SAME city... Just made it better. I'm very glad they kept flip's surprise on the hush because it helps keep him over very well.

Bully Ray then came down to the ring and attacked both men with a double clothesline. Poffo tried to help but Ray belvedered him and went looking under the ring for table. Before Ray could do more damage Cabana ran down and took him down with a spear. Lethal and Gordon then helped Cabana hit a triple powerbomb through the table and the three leered at Ray as they left the ring.

Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon El Zero M is next and Pentagon looks to have not only the same outfit he wore at TripleMania 26 on but it has a bit of fresh new paint on there with '666' written on it, paying homage and tribute to his fellen brother of violence Nate Hatred who passed away hours before the show took place. This got off to a very fast pace, with both men sending each other to the outside. Penta cut Omega short rise of the terminators, hitting a slingblade and send Omega outside, following with a senton over the top rope. The two traded chops on the outside until Penta sent Omega into the barricade and then powerslammed him on the arena floor. Penta continued the punishment with chops on the inside only to have the roles reversed quickly. Penta recovered and took Omega down with a kick to the hamstring but his gloating allowed Omega moment to drop him with a samoan drop. Omega followed with a moonsault but caught knees to the face but still managed to send Penta outside and connect with a slingshot cross body to the outside. After some great back and forth Omega hit two V-Triggers only for Penta to tell him to bring it on with Cero Miedo. Omega responded by hitting a powerbomb and then a third V-trigger. Penta managed to kick out and hit a Penta driver that went for a two count. The two found themselves on the apron and Penta tried to kill Omega with a package piledriver on the apron. Back inside Penta hit a stomp from the top but Omega still kicked out of the pin attempt. Omega then went for his own package piledriver but that wasn’t enough and he went for the v-trigger again. Omega then went for the One-Winged Angel but Penta slipped out and scored with the armbreaker but Omega kicked out! Omega hit another V-trigger and then finally connected with the One-Winged Angel for the win. 5 golden shovels. This match lived up to the announcement and hype. And it's a match I'm gonna have to saver and just take all in because honestly I don't know if we'll ever see a part 2 with the rumors that one or both could be wwe bound in 2019 so we'll see?

Post-match the lights went out and Penta was back on his feet and attacked Omega. Commentary pointed out some differences and it was finally revealed that it was Chris Jericho. Jericho beat Omega down Omega and after two Codebreakers he said he would see Omega on the Jeri-Cruise. Riccaboni then made an amazing Ciclope reference and Jericho shoved Callis down at commentary before leaving.

Marty Scurll vs Kazuchika Okada
Tiger Hattori was introduced as the referee for the next match. Marty quickly went for wrist control but was quickly stood up on shoulderblock attempts by Okada. The two traded conner chops but Okada missed a corner splash and Marty continued to go for suplexes and other power moves to ill effect. The action spilled to the outside with Scurll in control before he rolled him back inside. Scurll focused on Okada’s arm again, working to his strengths. Okada then dominated here for a long stretch, simply using his power to keep Scurll in check. Scurll had brief moments of coming through here, hitting a brainbuster and then a superplex as the fans chanted heavyweight. The two traded a series of fun near falls and Scurll followed with a powerbomb pin combination that very nearly won the match. Okada hit a shotgun dropkick and then a missile dropkick but was not able to keep Scurll down. Okada hit a tombstone and then called for the Rainmaker but took the time to signal 205 live, allowing Scurll to snap his fingers. Okada went for the Rainmaker again but Scurll slipped out again and locked on a chickenwing. Okada rose to his feet with Scurll on his back and dropped backwards to break the hold. Undeterred, Scurll locked the move on again. Scurll then reversed Okada and pushed him into Hattori. Scurll immediately grabbed his umbrella and blocked the rainmaker with his umbrella in a fun moment. He then clocked Okada with the umbrella and hit a Rainmaker but it was not enough to keep Okada down. Scurll had a chickenwing reversed into a Rainmaker but Okada was unable to capitalize due to exhaustion. Scurll almost broke Okada’s fingers but instead ate two Rainmakers and lost via pinfall. 3 golden shovels. Great match but part of me feels [and I'm actually not the only one to think this] that Okada, who's very known and famous for putting on just amazing edge of your seat thrillers of wrestling matches, was just phoning this one in. Scurll was mostly doing the work and putting in effort but I really feel that Kazuchika really wanted no part of this match.

Main event time!
Rey Mysterio, Bandido & Rey Fenix vs. The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi

Mysterio is rocking an amazing Wolverine costume while bandido's mask was paying tribute to the late Hayabusa who no doubt would have been All In had he be still with us. Matt and Bandido started off here and Bandido sent Matt outside, following with a twisting senton but Nick stepped in and evened the odds here. Fenix came in and out on a rope jumping clinic. Nick managed to escape a suplex and Ibushi and Rey were next to pair up. After a great back and forth Matt tagged in but quickly fell victim to a stalling tornado suplex. Action quicked and everyone fell to the outside, with Rey hitting a springboard moonsault off the top to the outside, followed by Fenix hitting a tornillo over the top. Not to be outdone, Bandido hit a moonsault off the top and then they brawled to the ramp where Matt leapt off the rope and took Fenix out with a running senton. Back inside the Bucks combined for the bucklebomb kick and Ibushi hit a german suplex but only got a two count. Rey went for a 619 on Matt but was Fenix did an absurd tightrope walk that took Ibushi out. Things got crazy here and Mysterio hit a 619 and then a splash on Matt as his partners took out Nick and Ibushi out with double dives. I honestly can’t type this fast and the ending sequence was crazy fun and eventually the Bucks hit superkicks on Rey and Fenix before ending the match by hitting Bandido with a 5 Star Meltzer Driver for the win as the show goes off the air immediately with 3 seconds to spare before losing the live television feed. I'm gonna give this match 4 and a quarter golden shovels. It was rushed because of time constant which was a feeling you don't want in a main event of a wrestling pay per view. Tho it was super excited to see kota and mysterio lock up for the first time, and it's always exciting to see the young bucks do what they're best known for [spot monkey fest and superkick parties galore!]. like I said, it felt rushed and that really sucks for a main event to put 20-30 minutes worth of stuff into a 7-10 minute window.

Final Grade is an A- for me.

The upsides was every match was just amazing. Nobody left anything behind, it didn't feel like anybody was phoning it in. And it had the perfect amount of surprises.

The downsides were the broadcast feed even going as far as the Zero Hour broadcast on WGN America was choppy as hell, and the main event despite being great felt very rushed which I can understand cause 3 matches went a half hour or more.
And maybe bringing out people dressed as dicks with red spots on them might not have been the best idea lol. Still funny as hell and provided a great payoff to a BTE storyline, but now everybody's gonna think Joey Ryan has herpes or syphilis or herpes lol

Other then all that. A- it was a great show with flaws. Honestly the matches of the night was Cody vs Aldis, Omega vs Pentagon, and Scurll vs Okada.

Whoop Whoop, Killa-Mo187 :

doobie, Carnivalkilla44, the_patriot_smack
September 6, 2018
9:54 pm
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Sounds better than any WWE major event I've seen this year.... Always love to hear when DDP makes an appearance as well... Nice review... appreciate it

September 7, 2018
10:05 pm
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March 12, 2012
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Thx. It was an awesome show through and through. And the numbers are coming in from the event with over 11,000 in attendance, and money being made in total starting as low as $400 grand and $1 million dollars and that's just for the gate, the fite tv numbers and merch sales. The general ppv buyrate, honor club, and njpw world numbers ain't even in yet.

Whoop Whoop, Killa-Mo187 :

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