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"Miracles" Analysis
December 10, 2012
2:08 am
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December 7, 2012
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The purpose of the song is to romanticize the methodically explained "wonders" of existence. The Insane Clown Posse was conveying the idea that many human beings live in a narrow-minded realm of consciousness, where appreciation and consideration of this awe-inspiring reality is often neglected.



If magic is all we've ever know

(reffering to the idea that people tend to gravitate torwards simple explanations or no explanations at all when it comes to observing nature)
Then it's easy to miss what really goes on

(Living in ignorant bliss makes you just that; ignorant. This lyric refers to the lack understanding through use of science, a methodical system arranged to our phonetic language structure)

But I've seen miracles in every way

(Regardless of this point, experiences are still a fantastic and unique event in human consciousness, both subjectively, and arguably objectively.)

And I see miracles everyday

(These experiences are not rare, every moment of conscious living is amazing if one lives in a perspective of appreciation and wonder)
Oceans spanning beyond my sight

(An example of nature and its vastness on Earth)
And a million stars way above em at night

(An example of nature and its vastness exceeding that of Earth, using a measurable numeric to give off a sense of enormity.)
We don't have to be high to look in the sky

(You do not need mind altering chemicals to feel this perspective of wonder.)
And know that's a miracle opened wide

(Typical human reception of reality is enough to obtain this state of mind)

Look at the mountains, trees, the seven seas

(Using further examples with a smaller scale, in hopes people can connect to this state of mind easier. These observable pieces of nature tend to be around any area in which you may be living for reference)

And everything chilling underwater, please

(Once those familiar examples are pondered upon, one may be more likely to wonder about the undiscovered beings that dwell under our planet's oceans. A place humans cannot typically explore, but are aware of)
Hot lava, snow, rain and fog

(Diving deeper in thought about the strange chemical reactions/precipitation on our planet)

Long neck giraffes, and pet cats and dogs

(After a visit to the subject of geology, we are re-directed back to biological life. Using a rarer animal, the giraffe for intrigue, and then mentioning typical household pets found in North American society, ICP is trying to show people that we over look the complexity of the other beings that surround us daily)
And I've seen eighty-five thousand people

(Numerical reference for measure)
All in one room, together as equals

(Using the 'larger' number to show that it's possible for human beings to co-exist equally and without judgement. This example is from an experience had by the ICP. Stories of experiences tend to help other people understand concepts and realities they were not aware of)

Pure magic is the birth of my kids

('Pure magic' is just wordplay in seen throughout this song. The phrase 'Pure magic' is just referring back to the wonder and appreciation concept of the song. The birth of their kids are an experience they had, and many parents have, that can be considered amazing. Its an event where a new being is entered into the ecosystem, and said being shares the same genetic structure of the parent. The child will also rely on the choices of the parent, adding to the complexity of the situation. This example helps touch base with a basic purpose of life. Reproduction.)

I've seen shit that'll shock your eyelids

(This lyric refers to other events not mentioned, that you may not have experienced yourself. It does not mean fecal matter was seen visually)

The sun and the moon, and even Mars

(Astronomical bodies, once again to add to the complexity of what we know about our universe)
The Milky Way and fucking shooting stars

(Even deeper into subjects beyond this Earth. The Milky Way Galaxy is a smaller galaxy in retrospect to the billion+ galaxies our civilization has observed so far)
UFOs, a river flows

(UFOs are a reference to the unknown, and typically associated with astronomy due to the idea of alien life, making a nice transition to other lyrics. The river brings us back down to observational nature. This large difference psychologically impacts the listener as they try to picture all of the places, people, ideas, and objects mentioned as the song progresses.)
Plant a little seed and nature grows

(Furthering the examples of nature, giving an example of non-human life growing)
Niagara falls and the pyramids

(Reference to two 'wonders of the world', which have natural elements and human influence on their existance, yet still are astounding spectacles to most)
Everything you believed in as kids

(A more introspective reference to past experiences)
Fucking rainbows after it rains

(An example to remind us that we can 'see' colors, and observe these colors after a chemical reaction associated with light and visual angles.)
There's enough miracles here to blow your brains

(It's becoming obvious that many references have been made to elaborate on the complexity of this life in this song.)

an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.
such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God.
a wonder; marvel.
Though the actual definition of "miracle" contradicts the purpose of this song, the word miracle in this case is a slanged term. The word is used for shock value, to allow a human being to see the world in a perspective of wonder, which tends to release chemicals in the brain that make humans feel good/inspired.
The songs concept is to 'intoxicate', rather than keep the experiencer of this life 'sober'.

I fed a fish to a pelican at Friscal bay

(What a kind gesture)
It tried to eat my cell phone, he ran away

(Example of an event that is considered 'out of the ordinary' in the lives of ICP. The event caused Violent J, the experiencer to run. Possibly intended for humor and to elaborate on the slanged meaning of "miracle")
And music is magic, pure and clean

(once again magic is a slanged term meaning 'something wonderful, especially to those unaware of how it comes to be, or who are aware, but appreciate the neurological stimuli it produces")
You can feel it and hear it but it can't be seen
(Feeling it, non-physically, but through emotions, hearing it, and not being able to see the sound waves with your eyes/brain/biological limitations)
Music is all magic

(refer to slanged 'definition' of "magic" above)

(Are you a believer in miracles?)

(A question presented so the listener can explore themselves on this concept, with the help of examples in the song)
You can't even hold it

(Referring back to music not being of the appropriate mass/energy to be physically held in a human being's hands)
(Do you notice and recognize miracles)

(Asking once again if you understand the concept of the song, if you don't.. then keep trying to understand the perspective presented)
It's just there in the air

(meaning anyone can understand this concept)
(Are you a believer in miracles)

Pure motherfucking magic
This shit'll blow your fucking mind
(Do you notice and recognize miracles)
(All of the lines above are just elaborating on the concept further and further. Trying to convince the listener)
Music is a lot like love, it's all a feeling

(music is a word, like love, that correlate with feeling emotions)
And it fills the room, from the floor to the ceiling

(music's sound waves can be received by anyone who can hear them)
I see miracles all around me

(showing awareness of this the concept of the song)
Stop and look around, it's all astounding

(trying to make the listener understand the concept, yet again)
Water, fire, air and dirt

(reference to elements, and their complexities)
Fucking magnets, how do they work?

(A question about how not understanding how magnets, or other scientifically explained phenomenon function)
And I don't wanna talk to a scientist

(Finding the answer through a methodical system and interpreted through phonetic language by another human being is not the ultimate explanation for my reality)
Y'all motherfuckers lying, and getting me pissed

(This lyric is trying to convey the idea that explaining reality through one methodical system takes away from the innocent wonders the experiencer may ponder about)
Solar eclipse, and vicious weather

(more and more examples of 'crazy' events regarded as "miracles")
Fifteen thousand Juggalos together

(Fans of the ICP, individuals who don't judge other human beings, all together in harmony)
And I love my mom for giving me this

(thanking another being for reproducing and giving them life so they may experience this reality any way they choose, free will)
Time on this planet, taking nothing for granted

(Appreication of your current life)
I seen a caterpillar turn into a butterfly

(Example of nature and personal experience)
Miracles ain't nothing to lie

(These events happen to the experiencer, therefore they exist)
Shaggy's little boys look just like Shaggy

(an event that is found interesting by the ICP, again)
And my little boy looks just like daddy

(and again)
Miracles each and every where you look

(These experiences can be anywhere)
And nobody has to stay where they put

(You can change your life's perspective at will)
This world is yours for you to explore

(This physical reality exists for your conscious mind to explore)
There's nothing but miracles beyond your door

(Don't waste your life not experiencing different realities)
The Dark Carnival is your invitation

(The mythology of the ICP can help you explore your consciousness and appreicate your current reality, as well as perceieve others)
To witness that without explanation

(You can appreciate this 'holy' experience without a system to explain it)
Take a look at this fine creation

(Observe the objective reality)
And enjoy it better with appreciation

(Enjoy it with your subjective reality)
Crows, ghosts, the midnight coast

(Examples of 'eery' and paranormal beings/events/ideas)
The wonders of the world, mysteries the most

(more examples of astounding things here on Earth)
Just open your mind, and it ain't no way

(It's your will that interprets this reality)
To ignore the miracles of every day
(You should not be able to ignore experience, because you are experiencing things no matter what. So why not do it in a fashion that makes you happy)
(Are you a believer in miracles)
Magic everywhere in this bitch
(Do you notice and recognize miracles)
It's all around you, you don't even know it
(Are you a believer in miracles)
Shit's crazy
(Do you notice and recognize miracles,
So many miracles, the magic miracles)
(These lines above are ideas like.. "I told you so" and "Do you understand this perception now?"
Are you a believer in miracles
Do you have time for the miracles
Do you notice and recognize miracles
So many miracles, the magic miracles
Are you a believer in miracles
Do you have time for the miracles
Do you notice and recognize miracles
So many miracles, the magic miracles
Are you a believer in miracles
Do you have time for the miracles
Do you notice and recognize miracles
So many miracles, the magic miracles
Are you a believer in miracles
Do you have time for the miracles
Do you notice and recognize miracles
So many miracles, the magic miracles
(Repetition to continue and solidify the concept of the song)


[I am aware that there may be incorrect lyrics presented, but I still stand by my ideas.]


MCL Juggalos and Juggalettes.


Let's hear some other interpretations, this is just mine!cool

December 10, 2012
2:59 am
Forum Posts: 2700
Member Since:
March 31, 2012
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While I hope most people hear have understood the point of the song Miracles. I feel this would've been better as a video on youtube or a email sent to a site that details in criticizing music. Then maybe linked here in a thread post depending if you uploaded a video or the latter option of emailing a site.

December 10, 2012
1:19 pm
captin FliP
Forum Posts: 48
Member Since:
October 8, 2012
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Who do I contact to get those 2 minutes of my life back?

December 10, 2012
4:09 pm
Louisville, Kentucky
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December 3, 2012
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December 10, 2012
5:59 pm
Forum Posts: 11447
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May 22, 2012
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do an analysis like this for fat sweaty betty. 

  awfully paranoid, arent you?   

December 10, 2012
6:21 pm
The Warlock
New Mexico
Forum Posts: 11541
Member Since:
March 31, 2012
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scruffy said:

do an analysis like this for fat sweaty betty. 



December 10, 2012
7:20 pm
215, PA
Forum Posts: 2794
Member Since:
April 1, 2012
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I have such a headache now. No offense Lostman but yeah, this analysis is better off in a Youtube video. But yeah I think Miracles is a look at what goes on beyond what you see and notice and shit. Sucks that media looked at it differently, although that's their job. It blew the fuck up.

December 10, 2012
9:30 pm
Forum Posts: 12
Member Since:
December 7, 2012
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

Thank you all for the criticism. I agree, yes this is a rather long, boring, and repetitive analysis of an Insane Clown Posse song. ICP songs probably don't need to be analyzed, but I figured it couldn't hurt to write something absolutely thorough. I was hoping for some critique on the points I made to perfect this little speech, so the next time faggots feel the need to diss the song I can just refer them to this analysis.


Though I may be wasting my time, it was a nice flex of my writing skills. Hopefully some juggalos appreciated it.


I will analyze "Fat Sweaty Betty" objectively and give some opinions on the song too. If I see some positive reactions maybe I'll do more. Anyways, I apologize for this "spammy" post. I mean, I thought the analysis would at least be humorous considering how long and serious it was.

December 10, 2012
10:11 pm
King Lucem Ferre
Forum Posts: 9099
Member Since:
September 18, 2012
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I like your profile picture.

December 10, 2012
11:17 pm
Forum Posts: 12
Member Since:
December 7, 2012
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Lucem Ferre said:

I like your profile picture.

Thank You, I like yours as well! I'm very interested in the occult and exploring my own consciousness, as well as this reality.


Also, my "Fat Sweaty Betty" analysis is complete.

December 11, 2012
12:19 pm
wow a chick
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July 15, 2012
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MrLostman17 said:

I'm very interested in the occult and exploring my own consciousness, as well as this reality.

Check out the Dark Carnival tarot cards, Lostman! Sounds right up your alley......etsy.com/shop/darkcarnivaltarot. Enjoy!

December 11, 2012
3:57 pm
Forum Posts: 2381
Member Since:
September 17, 2012
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^^^^ I need to grab those for meself.


I was wondering when you guys would catch on to this. Funny shit man! Great timing too. How's ahha gonna top this? The Fat Sweaty Betty one was the shit too! More please....

Claps hands

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