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Twiztid AMA Reddit (UP NOW)
December 2, 2014
10:28 am
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September 5, 2014
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Im not sure if Twiztid made a mistake but the AMA is up now. Get your questions in!!!

This is Jamie Madrox and Monoxide from The Demented Duo known as TWIIIIIZZZZTIIIIID! from Music

December 2, 2014
11:51 pm
Forum Posts: 1647
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April 13, 2012
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A.M.A. but I.W.S.S. !

K R U S H - K I L L - D E S T R O Y !

December 4, 2014
6:55 pm
Forum Posts: 6559
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August 12, 2012
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[–]billmofomurray 11 points 2 days ago* 

Thanks guys for doing this, I've been a fan since the start. I have a few questions. Answer whatever you'd like

1st is for Monoxide

  • Since "Heartbroken & Homicidal" I've seen a huge up turn in your lyricism (not that it wasn't any good before) and has been increasing 10 fold per album since. Can you explain what it was that caused this development/change?
  • "The Darkness" marks the first full length album to be released on Vinyl by Twiztid. Has the resurgence in vinyl sales persuaded you guys to make this move (I ordered 2) and will you continue to do so for future or past albums?
  • The "Twiztid Cloud" has been mentioned many times with so many great ideas. Name at least 1 'cloud' item we can expect in 2015?
  • "The Moment You've All Been Waiting For" is a huge title not just in length but in a form of expectance one might personally make being a fan. Do you guys feel this could be a make or break album?

Looking forward to the new album and all the success you guys deserve in 2015.


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points an hour ago 

IT'S BEGUN! WE ARE HERE FOR THE NEXT 60 MINS (IT ENDS AT 7PM EST) Mono: I just here the music differently now. Madrox: Yessir. We have never done a vinyl before but we always wanted to. We jumped on this opportunity to get it done. Twiztid: THE SHOES!!! 100% is a cloud item we will produce for 2015. Mono: There's no such thing in our opinion as a make or break album.



[–]BackOnTheBacon 2 points 2 days ago 

He said in the Rock and Shock panel that now he "hears the music differently" but it would be interesting to know exactly WHAT happened. https://www.faygoluvers.net/v5/2014/11/twiztid-releases-footage-from-rock-and-shock-panel-featuring-blaze-kane-hodder-sid-haig/


[–]Epsilon5374 11 points 2 days ago 

Before you left psychopathic records I think everyone could see something different happening with ICP, specifically Violent J. For me it was plain to see he traded the message for the money. It also seemed they became very controlling and had to involve themselves with everyone's music, I.e. be featured on at least 2 tracks, write a song, etc. For fucks sake look at Gang Rags. Almost every song says written by violent j. Basically what I'm asking is what the hell happened to psychopathic records?


[–]ibangedthischick 8 points 2 days ago 

Hey Madrox and Monoxide! Would love for you to stop by r/twiztid sometime! Here's my question, who's a singer/band that you listen to that you think might surprise some people?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 11 points an hour ago 

Twiztid: Frank Sinatra & The Beatles


[–]electroknight 12 points 2 days ago 

Of all the kinds of music in the world, how did you land on this one? What made you want to make this kind of music?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 13 points an hour ago 

Mono: Love of horror, love of rap, love of the chocolate vanilla swirl soft dip from dairy queen.


[–]zigvt85 5 points 2 days ago 

Since PSY dubbed their studio as the Lotus Pod...What have you named your new studio and will you post any photos?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 15 points an hour ago 

Twiztid: THE DOJO, we can't post photos because it's invisible to the regular human eye.


[–]orzydorzy 1 point 1 hour ago 



[–]hardcorebossguy 6 points 2 days ago 

What does, in your opinion, the juggalo movement represent?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 13 points 1 hour ago 

Individuality, being yourself as well as being PROUD to be YOURSELF.


[–]BigDaddyMcoggins 6 points 2 days ago 

Are you guys still pondering the idea of a Super Hero album? Also, TWIZTID IS THE MUTHA FUCKIN SHIT! love your work can't wait for the Darkness.


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 8 points 1 hour ago 

As far as we remember, we don't ever remember confirming SH.


[–]LuckyNumbrXIII 6 points 2 days ago 

After starting your own label:
  1. Is there anything that's not as simple as you thought it was? What would it be?
  2. Is there anything that's less complicated than you thought it would be?
  3. Has it made you like or respect the independent music scene more or less?
  4. What was your biggest failure and what have you learned from it?
  5. What is your greatest success, and how to you plan to top it?

Also PS: I'm a huge fan of you guys since I saw you live at Wicked Clowns From Outer Space, and will be a fan for life! Can't wait for MNE 2015!


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 8 points 1 hour ago 

  1. It's EVERYTHING we thought it would be.
  2. Not really, it's all pretty meticulous - we knew what we were getting into when we started this. MNE didn't just appear right when we left Psychopathic Records. We know what it takes and we're making it happen.
  3. It hasn't changed our outlook at all. We still like and respect it just as much as we did before we started.


[–]LuckyNumbrXIII 1 point 11 minutes ago 

Awesome! Thanks for your time! Can't wait for our roads to cross again.


[–]HeLMeT_B0Y 7 points 1 day ago 

Are you at liberty to discuss the possible return of Basketball Head?


[–]Scar7 5 points 1 day ago 

Do you guys plan on making any more rock-oriented songs (or possibly an entire album), such as tracks off Mutant (i.e, Familiar, Get Off of Me, Respirator, etc)?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 15 points 1 hour ago 

Yes, you'll hear them on The Darkness.


[–]DrBurtMacklin 5 points 7 hours ago 

Did Tom Dub update his ridiculous head tattoo for the new label??


[–]needles__kane 6 points 6 hours ago 

what did both of you think of the new star wars trailer?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points 1 hour ago 

it got me hype!- mono


[–]nocreativenamesleft 6 points 5 hours ago 

Are there are plans to bring back Handicap Hotdog and/or the Purple show?


[–]HatchetKing 6 points 5 hours ago 

In 2010 at The Gathering, you put on Heartbroken & Homicidal then left the stage. Why did u just leave your headlining set?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 10 points an hour ago 

we were on stage for 40 something minutes and thought it would be a cool idea to play the album in advance as a GOTJ exclusive...who does that...???


[–]Mr_Morbid 0 points 49 minutes ago 

Or you could tell the truth


[–]Winter04 6 points 7 hours ago 

The cover art for The Darkness is very interesting and different than other covers you've had. I was wondering if you guys could explain it? There seems to be some kind of story going on there and I was curious if you could explain what went into it?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 5 points an hour ago 

You'll get a better understanding of the story when you open it. We don't want to spoil it for you.


[–]charmcity39 5 points 3 hours ago 

Any more collaborations in the works with Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko? And any chance of an album or maybe a tour in the future with them?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points an hour ago 

Always a possibility.


[–]PM_Me_Your_Muffintop 5 points 2 hours ago 

What's been your favorite collabo and what artists do you want to work with going forward?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 11 points an hour ago 

Each collabo is special in it's own way. We'd love to work with Rob Zombie & Yelawolf


[–]TheWinman 2 points an hour ago 

A Twiztid Yelawolf collaboration would be off the chain.


[–]Twiztid_Fam82 4 points 6 hours ago 

At the Gathering in 2011 you guys did a dope version of I wanna be (Batman), that beat was so sick! Can you please release a studio version of that remix?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 8 points an hour ago 

If you think that's cool, you should hear the new bat flavor.


[–]grat36 4 points 4 hours ago 

What are the plans for 2015 after the darkness is released?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points an hour ago 



[–]12inRecord 4 points 3 hours ago 

Any chance of seeing past albums put out on vinyl? Maybe limited editions like The Darkness? I'm pretty sure you'll see you guys will have a vinyl loving group in your fan base that want this.


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 9 points an hour ago 



[–]Gh0zt306 7 points 2 days ago* 

I love you fucking guys! I can't wait for the release of The Darkness!

Up in the Twiztid Clould® have you guys tossed around the idea of a tell all book after your non-disclosure agreement is up?

The New York Times Best Seller of 2020.

Here's to 17 more years! Good luck you guys your future looks positive


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 9 points an hour ago 

WE definitely are going to do a book. The contents of the book are up in the cloud. Thank you


[–]blackie197666 8 points 2 days ago 

If a train traveling from New York at 75 mph going west and a train traveling from Los Angeles going 95 mph traveling east leave at 9am in their respective time zones when will Betty White be guesting on a track.


[–]freekshow66 4 points 2 days ago 

We all know Jamie is the old school pervert but out of the two of you, which is more Perverted ?

Also what do you all think of the new Gotham Series take on Batman?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points 1 hour ago 

We haven't watched it yet. Waiting for it to come out on DVD to binge watch it.


[–]BackOnTheBacon 3 points 2 days ago 

I've read that you plan on releasing "original themed horror movies" to lead up to the release of The Darkness, and you plan on releasing films on the "Better then Books" production company. What is the likelihood that Kane Hodder or Sid Haig will be a part of those? I am excited for A Place in the Woods!


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 6 points 1 hour ago 

They aren't horror movies. They are short horror teasers leading up to The Darkness. Neither Sid or Kane are in them, but they are always cool and love working with them!


[–]BackOnTheBacon 4 points 2 days ago 

I was reading that Violent J still plans on releasing s Big Money in Space movie, would you two agree to be in it?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 6 points 1 hour ago 

If everything works out, we're down.


[–]jaymee_juggalette 2 points 2 days ago 

Was it always a plan to go on your own, or an epiphany?. Did it just come to one or the both of you?. (Details on the convo..)

How did your (blood related) families take the news, was it discussed or already decided when you informed them?.

How'd psychopathic respond?. Was it discussed over time, or a major bombshell. (I keep imagining something like "you remember when ABK tried that?...")

How has Majik Ninja and it's changes effected everything?. Personal life stress, making big decisions, (although your styles always slightly change, which I love btw) have you felt as though it has changed your styles more than you wanted? Or changed your opinions of what's acceptable in lyrics and what isn't?.

Is it harder to do group albums now? ( Dark Lotus, Rydas; will you continue to do albums like these?.)

What are your favourite gifts you received over the years from gatherings, vips, in the mail, etc?..

In Twiztid we trust! Whoop Whoop! -nothing but <3 from KC


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points 1 hour ago 

It was more of a realization than anything for the both of us and our family supports us 100% in everything that we do.

Psychopathic was absolutely professional and nothing but helpful.

MNE has made us busier than we've ever been.

It's always a matter of scheduling, we just did a Lotus album in 2014. Anything is possible.



[–]russwasherejr 2 points 2 days ago 

Will we ever get a studio documentary of you recording a full length album? Would be interesting to see. I'm talking start to finish. You guys making beats, writing songs, goofing around, watching your producers make beats, etc.

Also: Do you have any desire to produce another FULL ALBUM with fritz? I personally dug everything you guys did together, and definitely miss the sound he created, you guys were just unstoppable. Even an ep would be dope.

How do you feel about the new deck that Icp has begun since starting up bang pow boom? Do you feel they have gone in a good direction or feel that they should be going down a different path musically?



[–]aka_who 3 points 2 days ago 

I remember when Mostasteless came out and became one of my most listened to albums. I think I even still have some of your old House of Krazeez tapes around. I was a big fan back in the day and traveled a bit to catch your live shows a dozen or so times. I haven't really kept up in the past 10 years or so though. How do you think your new stuff will resonate with a fan of your early material?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 6 points 1 hour ago 

It will resonate well as we always keep getting better with any and everything we do.


[–]billmofomurray 3 points 1 hour ago 

Agreed. Fan since Mostasteless and Abominationz is the best album to date.


[–]rahthesungod 1 point 1 minute ago 

seriously every time they put something out it's my favorite. wtf.


[–]FatalFlames 4 points 2 days ago 

I love you two, your music has gotten me through some of the worst times in my life. As well as allowed me to experience some of the best.

My question is for both of you, what is your favorite song you have ever done?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 6 points 45 minutes ago 

Mono- Unstoppable Madrox- I have too many to pick 1!!!


[–]HatchetKing 4 points 9 hours ago 

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 9 points 1 hour ago 

Rob Zombie because he's doing things his way and always has.


[–]HatchetKing 2 points 9 hours ago 

When will you announce a European tour? I know you want to.


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points 1 hour ago 

It's in the cloud!


[–]HatchetKing 3 points 9 hours ago 

What is the most fun part of creating Majik Ninja Entertainment?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points an hour ago 

Exactly that. Creating MNE


[–]HatchetKing 3 points 9 hours ago 

After the release of The Darkness January 27th, What "style" can we expect? Dark like W.I.C.K.E.D or something like Get Twiztid?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 6 points an hour ago 

The name says it all. Expect the wicked shit


[–]GambitsCherie 4 points 7 hours ago 

What is your favourite fan interaction, and your funniest hound dog experience?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 12 points an hour ago 

I love interacting with their vaginas- mono


[–]GambitsCherie 1 point 29 minutes ago 

LOL love it, thanks for the answer!


[–]CounterfeitGod 4 points 5 hours ago 

Is there a time frame for the return of Ashtrays and Action Figures, or just a podcast in general? I still see a decent number of requests for people to share what they have as others try to collect them all and listen to them again.


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points 44 minutes ago 

It's being worked on as we speak. Expect us on 89X end of January. More info coming!!!


[–]HatchetKing 3 points 5 hours ago 

Ashtrays and Action Figures will return, they've said it multiple times & even made a flyer for it


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 9 points an hour ago 

well put sir.


[–]HipHopTitsNTats 4 points 4 hours ago 

Wuddup doe?

When can we expect to see some new artists announced to MajikNinjaEntertainment besides Twiztid, Blaze, and the R.O.C.?

Any info you want to release about The Moment You've All Been Waiting For? I've been waiting....for a moment...yea.

It seems Monoxide has a real grip for talent scouting. He put me onto artists like Caskey and Snow Tha Product way before they really began popping in the music scene. Is there anyone you've found recently we should keep an ear on?

You guys mentioned a "666" album that would be a 1/3 solo between you two as well as together. What if that idea became 1/3 Blaze and it became a Triple Threat album? Hmm? Hmmmm? Yea? You like that? I like that.

Haha peace fellas. Thanks for many years of past present and future entertainment!


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 8 points an hour ago 

ARTISTS ARE COMING!!! We are just making sure our shit is together. 2015 is going to be a big year!!!


[–]aWickedlyDemented 4 points 2 hours ago 

What advice, suggestions, and/or tips would you give someone who is following their whether it be music, creative writing or anything else that is their passion?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 8 points an hour ago 

It's easier now than it's ever been, believe in yourself and GO!


[–]ComaBlackNOTL 3 points an hour ago 

Would you all host you own "Gathering" like event?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points 59 minutes ago 

we've discussed doing our own festival and hope we get a chance to do it sooner than later.


[–]_Phazon 3 points 1 hour ago 

Listening for damn near 16 years now. Just wondering if you'll be making any more music videos for older songs ? Keep it Twiztid.


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 9 points 1 hour ago 

Yeah, with the re release of Abominationz and W.I.C.K.E.D anything is possible


[–]Thecheshyre 3 points 1 hour ago 


How was your dinner last night? Was it special or memorable in any way?

Any plans for your dinner tonight? Will it be delicious?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 5 points 55 minutes ago 

hoping for a repeat. Last night was bomb.


[–]bozobozoradio reddit 8 points 2 days ago 

What is your favorite dinosaur?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 12 points 1 hour ago 

the dinobots


[–]bozobozoradio reddit 2 points 31 minutes ago 

Fuck yes! ! !


[–]SexualStegosaurus 5 points 2 days ago 

I met you guys at New Years Evil 4 at the Alrosa Villa and I met Mono again right next to my tent at the 2012 GOTJ. You guys are some of the nicest people I've ever met. Thank you so much for doing this AMA! I have two questions for you.

Mono and myself at NYE 4:

View post on imgur.com

1.What are some of your favorite bands or artists?

2.What do you listen to when you're on tour?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 6 points 1 hour ago 



[–]SexualStegosaurus 1 point 1 hour ago 

Thank you for answering my question!


[–]yesitsdaniel 4 points 2 days ago 

You guys made me re fall in love with blaze with gang rags reborn... best juggalo release in my opinion in awhile. Can we be expecting MNE to be releasing a new blaze album in 2015?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 9 points 1 hour ago 

Yes, BLaze will have a new record in 2015.


[–]Kazeek 5 points 2 days ago 

First I wanna congratulate you guys on getting Majik Ninja Ent up and started. I couldn't imagine all the time and energy it took to have all that come together. I've been a fan of you guys for a very long time and I'm real excited for your guys future. Keep on truckin!
  • Are you guys going to keep an annual tour happening every year up here in the Great White North also known as Canada?
  • And what was your favorite place/ city here in Canada?

I look forward to seeing you next time you come on through


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 5 points 1 hour ago 

Hell yeah!!! Canada gonna get tired of us...get your poutine ready!

Every time we go we fall in love with another place.


[–]TWIZTIDSPLIFFF 1 point 1 hour ago 

Straight up canada is where its at if you can handle the cold lol


[–]orzydorzy 1 point 59 minutes ago 

you guys played at a shitty venue first night in edmonton this year. i was sitting outside your bus with my friend, smoking a cig when you guys came out. The mic went out a few times during your set. Somehow you guys still killed it. Much love


[–]GambitsCherie 1 point 24 minutes ago 

The venue was changed last minute, wasn't the greatest but at least the show went down =) I feel partially to blame for the mic cutting out as the power cord was right under my feet and I was getting tossed around a lot and tryin not to face plant into the guys on the "stage" ha... got my first concussion at that show too LOL still had tons of fun ;)


[–]Skweetle 4 points 2 days ago 

Big fan. Gamertag on 360 is even AKMonoxide. Just a random question: Alaska has pretty healthy WCL in the family, would you be interested in doing a show in Anchorage? And, you some sexy motherfuckers. Dont forget.


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points an hour ago 

Alaska is also in our cloud. It's not as far to get there as we thought it was.


[–]NEMIZIS 1 point an hour ago 

There is not enough Juggalos here in Alaska, to justify coming all the way up here to Alaska...


[–]dawncarlopoli 2 points 2 days ago 

when are we going to see the new ashtray and action figures show or something similar to it,missing the comical camaraderie between all of you. its as entertaining as the music


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 5 points an hour ago 



[–]PunkerSXE 2 points 8 hours ago 

Obviously, Detroit has been a hot bed of music for years, especially the hip hop scene. You got to do a song with Proof on ID, but is there anyone else on the local radar that you'd want to do a track with? Maybe someone that people outside of Detroit haven't heard of but should know. We always joked that Twiztid/Paradime should do a remake of the ICP/Kid Rock track Is That You?


[–]beerandcoffee 2 points 8 hours ago 

Ever considered a european tour?


[–]Katie1230 2 points 6 hours ago 

I love seeing you guys perform at the gathering. Have you given any thought to performing at any other festivals around the country? Edit: not skipping the gotj of coarse, but picking up any more :)


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 8 points an hour ago 

hell yeah, trying to do all the festivals that will have our asses as well as start our own.


[–]juggako818 2 points 2 hours ago 

1)Whats with the skull lungs 2)why haven't you defended icp you know half the people that listen to twiztid always say fuck icp and psycopathic 3)what is the eta on 666 4)would you consider doing a tour with icp 5)what is your stances on the horrorcore scene now 6)is there going to be more twiztid totz p.s. thank you for keeping the wicked shit alive!!!


[–]kelsey666 2 points an hour ago 

will there be a tour in 2015?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points 50 minutes ago 

Yes, we're already planning 2015.


[–]kelsey666 1 point 46 minutes ago 

AWESOME! thanks for answering :)


[–]IronLung420 2 points an hour ago 

Hey guys. I don't have a question I just wanted to say thank you for coming to Portland Maine. Living in a small state in the middle of nowhere I never thought I'd see you guys, Blaze or Kung Fu Vampire. It was a kick ass show and the mosh pit was worth losing my hat and I hope you guys come back soon so we can rock out again.


[–]Aardmadrox 2 points an hour ago 

My question is Back during Dark Lotus' beginings you guys both voiced concern over Marz being added to the core 5. Then when Marz left and ABK took over you guys recorded Black Rain and then ABK left Psychopathic. Again you guys voiced displeasure in someone joining and leaving Dark Lotus, by the time Dark Lotus recorded again ABK was back on the lable yet was no long in Lotus. Can you elaborate on the decsions and if ABK was ever considered to rejoin the crew?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 6 points an hour ago 

we always felt that Lotus was Twiztid, Blaze and ICP. Just like the newest album ...


[–]SFGrippy 2 points an hour ago 

You guys collaborated with Mishka on a couple of Keep Watch hats. My first one is fine but the USPS lost the second version. Will you be collaborating with them on any more hat releases?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 6 points an hour ago 



[–]SFGrippy 1 point 58 minutes ago 

Right on! I hope you guys do.


[–]KillerKlown420 2 points 1 hour ago* 

Majik majik ninja what!! Never thought I'd see yall do an ama. Been down with yall for a while try and make it to every show I can in Milwaukee. You guys have gotten me through a lot of hard times. Thanks for doing this AMA! Whats it like working with Seven? What was the hardest obstacles you guys had to overcome during your come up to where you are now? Anything you would have done differently? Thanks again yall can't wait for The Darkness whoop whoop!


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 6 points 59 minutes ago 

Working with Seven is as good as it gets. He's as cool as he is talented.


[–]Aardmadrox 2 points 1 hour ago 

Next time you come to Canada can you please come to Montreal? I can't travel west. Eastern Canadians need to see you guys live.


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 6 points 56 minutes ago 

We're trying. Montreal is on our to do list.


[–]thatonenative 2 points 1 hour ago 



[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points 54 minutes ago 



[–]SupahBallz 2 points 1 hour ago 

Yooo Twiztid!! I just want to say I fuckin love you guys. Your music always makes me feel better and has helped me get through the tougher times in my life, since way back in 5th grade. Seen you guys a few times in VA and you guys are always on point and have so much energy. Your music keeps getting better and better and I cant get enough. Now with the fanboyism out of the way.

What sports do you guys watch and who are your teams? Madrox, I know you like comic books and shit but are you into anime/manga as well?


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 5 points 51 minutes ago 

Mono- I watch football, basketball, baseball and curling. Madrox- my favorite sport is classic wrestling and my favorite team is the Ultimate Warrior


[–]twiztidone 3 points 2 days ago 

Every band has 1 stale/bad album not you guys tho. Each album or mixtape has sometgi g different n special about it. Which brings me to ask why does it seem that Heartbroken and homicidal is kinda the black sheep of your discography. Having just seen you perform in philly in October I know your set list was vast even including verses from dark lotus. H&H is probably my third or fourth favorite album BC of how different it was but I don't think I've heard anything from it live other than the tour that supported it. Also were there on going issues at the time of this album that influenced the sound n style and maybe that's why its not revisited.


[–]ConjureOfSacrifice 4 points 8 hours ago 

What are your picks for best/worst horror of the past few years? I loved Cabin in the Woods, The Conjuring and both Insidious movies, but Annabelle was a horrendous letdown and Ouija was garbage.


[–]TwiztidOfficial[S] 7 points 1 hour ago 

You just took the words right out of our mouth.


[–]empw/r/electronicmusic 1 point 2 days ago 

So what is Juggalo life really like?


[–]areyoufraid -2 points 2 days ago 

this should answer your question.


[–]fredolover 1 point 2 days ago 

Out of curiosity I've been a fan for about 3 years now and I just want to know if you guys are ever going come to Glasgow, Scotland? Also just wanted to say that you guys are amazing and if you ever do coke to Scotland I will be the happiest guy haha, thank for the amazing music. I know this isn't the best question but it's my biggest wonder and hope that it does one day happen.


[–]theslimtweek 1 point 2 days ago 

whats the best feeling in the world for you guys?


[–]Pretzyl79 1 point 2 days ago 

Good evening Fellas. What was the inspiration for the album cover for the Darkness? There is a Latin phrase at the top of the circle and some type of sigils at the bottom, are those rooted in history as the Latin phrase is? Thanks


[–]Gh0zt306 2 points 2 days ago 

I think I had an epiphany one day when I was listening to Lift Me Up.

I get that the pressure will always be there, but do you feel like you're finally getting that chance now to spread your wings with Majik Ninja Ent.?

After 2015 is done could we expect another round of solo albums from the both of you?? Or are they possibly in the works now? And I did hear the possibility of 666 from your panel. I just hope see that or something similar.

Love you guys



[–]dirtjuggalo 1 point 2 days ago 

Where are the solo albums, why don't you have a movie yet?, you've been to canada two years in a row is this going to be a regular thing? I sure hope so, new house of krazees? , full length roc cd?,


[–]LSPismyshit 1 point 2 days ago 

Hey I'm a huge fan. What would you say was your favorite moment touring. Favorite people to tour with? How's hanging out with Scum?


[–]EvilDead159 1 point 2 days ago 

You guys should include Outtakes at the end of albums like Psychostick does. that shits hilarious. speaking of which they appear to be fans of yours, a collab would be awesome lol.

Also what Games, Comics, tv shows cartoons are you guys into right now? I suggest watching Rick & Morty if you havent its awesome



[–]notenoughspaceforthe 1 point 1 day ago 

What do you really think about Havok?


[–]RockSmoker99 1 point 1 day ago 

Which artists are going to be on Majik Ninja Entertainment besides yourselves, The R.O.C., and Blaze?


[–]RoamingSasquatch 1 point 1 day ago* 

Whatever happened to the collaboration song you did with Seether that was supposed to be released on Abominationz? You talked about it during your Kaos and Kronik VIP Seminar on 4/16/12 and that was the first and last time we ever heard about this collaboration. Any chance the song will ever be released? Possibly on a future Cryptic Collection?


[–]HatchetKing 1 point 9 hours ago 

Have you ever thought about working with CES CRU on one or multiple songs?


[–]HatchetKing 2 points 9 hours ago 

Who were you, or would you be nervous to meet?


[–]HatchetKing 2 points 9 hours ago 

Is there something you would like to do more of in the future?


[–]HatchetKing 2 points 9 hours ago 

Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD's?


[–]skarekrowPL 0 points 7 hours ago 

What's up guys? I want to ask you when are you finally gonna come to Europe? and by Europe I mean Poland, llal. There are hundreds of Juggalos here in Poland, we are the biggest Juggalo community in Europe with our own annual gatherings etc. Tech N9ne was here 2 years ago and he was shocked when he saw how many people came to his show and knew every single song. We are down since House of Krazees and we represent Twiztid Serial Killaz all day all night. Some of us have the biggest and rarest Twiztid collection out there. And it's really sad that we never saw you live. So please, I know Mono is afraid of flying but fuck that, I can swim to US in canoe and take you guys here. PS. I will contact George V. very soon because we want to do an interview with you guys. And I don't mean interview with stupid questions which you answered 100 times, the questions will be very interesting in my opinion and I hope you will be down for that. So... The Twiztid European Tour will happen?


[–]matwiej 2 points 6 hours ago 

Hello there. First question, because since I have started listening to you (and that's a long as fuck time ago) I've been wondering about if I ever see you live, as currently it is hard to obtain a visa here just to go to the US. Well, the question is... Will you ever perform in Europe? Poland, UK, Germany - it doesn't matter, i'll go anywhere.

Second question: Can you give me a shout out? I have performed with my band in front of a 4-5k audience in Bytom, Poland. Nothing unusual, but I wore one of Twiztid t-shirts I own, just for this occasion (

View post on imgur.com


Hope you will answer! Anyway, keep up the good work, I have already ordered The Darkness, can't wait.


[–]juggalotus1994 1 point an hour ago 

Much respect bro, got any recordings?


[–]PaulSkinback 1 point 5 hours ago 

Twiztid! I'm a huge fan! The only problem is, I live in the UK which means I'm not likely to see you perform live. My question is, do you have any thoughts about coming the England? Thanks for all of your music, you guys are inspirational!


[–]Kazeek 1 point 5 hours ago 

I'm digging the fuck outta the new single. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA-peg0YIi8

Need another Monoxide solo album



[–]punkinrollz 1 point 5 hours ago 

What/ Who inspired you to want to be in the music business?


[–]SodaSuds 1 point 4 hours ago 

Since the naming of your new record label, is Tom Dub the first person with it tatted on him?


[–]Poet74 1 point 2 hours ago 

Are either of you married?


[–]Jesse_petry 1 point 2 hours ago 

Will blaze still be putting out the album last house on dead street.


[–]lotuspod1222 1 point 2 hours ago 

what up fam hey ive read on faygolovers that esham has wanted to do some thing with you would that be a possibility i think it would be sick as hell if you did something together


[–]GiantsShadow 1 point 2 hours ago 

What is the story behind the short skit at the end of Story of Our lives.? was it you two just fucking around in the studio or could it happen to have been based on real(ish) events.
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