January 24, 2022
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High! what that other guy said
May 18, 2019
2:23 pm
Titzup MC Gee
Titzup MC Gee
Forum Posts: 9
Member Since:
May 18, 2019
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it would only be fair to any readers of my brain-poop to give an explanation of where im coming from, why I do this the way I do, and what i'm about.

I am dead, or immortal, like what that other dude said about himself 6 months ago

john 12:25

john 12:50

look it up if you don't believe me

life everlasting homies, that's what the GE-O-DE (haha he rocks, don't he?) be promising to everybody, but don't think I learned the easy way and read the manual: I am 29 years old, of white make and model in the PNW and I am telling you that I have never needed an F'n middle man to know the One who be runnin' this puppet show.

of The Book (Bible, Biblios, funny we didn't call it the librios instead....) ive read luke and john and random bits like smashing infants in psalms, and that's it.

anyway... because ive been on a mountain recrenulating my brain a bit it will try and keep going on in rhyme when I don't want it

bear with me and I might tell you why.

some of the stories that convinced me that I died.

from where I sit, I cant do much

my guts are shot to shit, so are my options

literally, truthfully, by an Asian surgeon named Gee

who couldn't pilot a gundam, let alone perform a laproscopic resection of my intestines


may 2017 I busted a gut, but I wasn't laughing much. it hurt too much to laugh, I did it anyway and started shitting blood.a lot of it.  (now im writing my own epitaph)

"a DVT in the pilot and mesenteric veins resulting in necropathy to the ileum"

a blood clot got stuck, maybe a bunch, and killed off a small part of my small intestine, but enough so that my GI could no longer function.

"a chance of one in a million; i.e. It could have happened to anyone. youre lucky this isn't the seventies, you would've died, son. nowadays about 1/3 survive this operation."

(taking just minor liberty, its almost verbatim)

so then I had to be all summer of '17 with a fuckin ileostomy <---there. that's it right there from You-Know-Who, fucking kickindaNUTZ vol.I

kickindaNUTZ Vol.II

my bowel resection was voted in by a slim margin (probably a decision based on-->me refusing to live in a reality where theres a fucking poop bag hanging off of me. I never wanted to be here very much anyway, Fucker.)

ok'd by the OHP committee, they had to hold a tribunal because it was considered an "elective surgery" and my insurance (espesso'd to me while I was leaking blood from my asshole) was state sponsored.

so now, go back and refresh on Dr. Gee. doctor Arvin... fuckin.....Gee..... don't even get me started on that.....


the cocksucker from Other There really fucked me up, and now its like im living gutshot with a bunch of adhesions and nerve damage.

I cant do what used to. I was a professional at one point. a professional pipe layer. I got to play in the dirt all day long with a shovel and joke about sextons and trojans and being one after slaying all of them lol

I realized that since I only get this one last chance (if it were all only ever one last chance) to do things, I want to do them my way. and I want to do them with style

a free style

get it?

cortana, why....so...… siri-ous?...…..

it all started out just as a joke, because I sure as shit thought it was funny, and then it wasn't and it wouldn't quit. I shit you not, homie.

but yeah, since its... the FINAL COUNTDOWN... dududoo doo.....hahaha. and I only get one chance so im gonna do it with more than whats in my pants.

not all of this is going to be good, or even great, but everything i'll be posting is something busted, or pretty close. not all of it will be easily comprehensible. I will be making stretches, watch out for my Figurative languages and at best forgive me for my failures because this aint a fuckin test

for those that are paying attention, do I even have to mention the merits of bardically encoding information?

my theory for why information in song is easier to recall is that we engage more neurons in its creation

damn it, im out. howdy folks, im Titzup MC Gee McGee muggy its a visual pun lol its all very funny

oh yeah, for the folks who care: I refuse to do heroin because I think uncle sam should be sponsoring me and my opiate addiction.



AND I SMOKE A LOT OF WEED<--- to those who are looking at me bitch about about how im really fucked up and in pain most of the time.

holla all da way from the west coast ya'll. be reppin'  Oregon DC in the piece

roseburg, outside green, on the side of Robert's mountain

where the water bubbles up like a motherfuckin' drinkin' fountain.


come find me if there's anything you cant believe. I stopped disbelieving a while ago

May 18, 2019
2:28 pm
Moe Ray Al
Forum Posts: 3474
Member Since:
March 30, 2018
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what's your favorite kind of cheese??


May 18, 2019
2:33 pm
Titzup MC Gee
Titzup MC Gee
Forum Posts: 9
Member Since:
May 18, 2019
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oh yeah, so then theres the reason why I came here....

who wants to help me make a rap game?

I noticed the freestyle section, and was wondering how that works... do we video conference at a specified time, and what about witnesses and shit?

what about scoring?

would you believe I really perused the fucking interwebs and NObody, not even as a joke, has made such a game.

May 18, 2019
2:35 pm
Titzup MC Gee
Titzup MC Gee
Forum Posts: 9
Member Since:
May 18, 2019
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I like monomolecular super-duper sharp cheddar

slicing it thin changes the flavor of it.


my ode to cheese

it just do as it please

it may not even mention

chi's at all.

I know wtf my favorite Xi be homie

its raw vitality

May 19, 2019
2:28 am
Titzup MC Gee
Titzup MC Gee
Forum Posts: 9
Member Since:
May 18, 2019
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so what im triple posting. I get off my effin mountain because I need input from a variety of people for help creating a fair, and still playable "Rap Game" and I get asked how I like my fermented mammary lactations.

how was I supposed to take that? not anything other than puzzled like I did something wrong

"My name is Recoome, it rhymes with doom, and you'll be hurting all too soon. "

because this didn't come to mind until much later, and you can laugh all you like ( I am. shit is really funny lol), but it's my story so im going to live it the way I want to.

the plot has been written//your fate has been sealed

the way you be spittin// have people thinking your not real


^this kind of crap right here poops write out of my effing head done up almost with a bow and who the fuck knows just where it really comes from.

I don't watch television, I don't read newspapers, novels, magazine articles (ive consented to the Smithsonian) or anything on the interweb if I can help it. im lucky to know about that NXIVM stuff a little bit.

for a long time I had precious little music here in Hell, just the wraith albums, part of an old ringmaster, psycopathics from outerspace vol2, cuz vol1 got left somehow with my stepsibling kyleIIIDONT KNOW HOW, but its been gone for years, and then out of a mess of friggin notes and crap come a handwritten, mine, note to phil my stepdad explain the custodianship kyle has found himself responsible for.

^I had a few other albums, milenko, FF1 FF2 FF3, the doors, ffdp the way of the fist, iron maiden,s fear to eternity, their final frontier<--- very good shit., a def leppard high and dry tape, a collection of great dfance songs on tape,

ANYWAYS. all the wicked shit I have down here in hell is fromme my best friend, Spanky MC Pimpstick, another ninja of the Fapmaster clan, and they were all albums I had burned for him when I was probably 14 or 15 fro m cd's I had earned myself.

Roseburg, the town we hail from, isnnt/wasn't/idk cuz I never get out too hip to the Juggalo shit or other "avant-garde" pieces.

except for the psychopathics, that was a cd (or two, mightve charged me a piece. cant recall.) i had bought for like five bucks off a kid I rode to school with.

the insane clown posse opened me up to music. they were the first band I ever felt connected to. them and their fuckin riddlebox way before they started rapping all this "family" shit I was the kind of kid their music is supposed to reach and hopefully help.

it is still my favorite album out of everything ive ever listened to. the whole thing. every song, in just the order the artists intended to be heard and not what google play thinks I should hear first. fuck you google and fuck your ai.

ive been on this mountain living like a fucking monk.

like, for fux sake I AM an asthete.

materials don't interest me.

I don't want stuff. I don't like things.


God, the logos, the holiest of wholly holies, the host with the most, the original G-unit has been the object of my contemplation.

he's taken away my options to be what I used to be: im a Was, for fuxxake here with no hope of getting better,

BUT all my life its been a set-up... see, ive been amassing a lexicon which to draw upon since I was 3. learned phonetically, watching my mom read me sesame street (woot woot!) readings always been easy and its even English. IMHO I think English lends itself very well to a game such as Rap,

and it is a game. ive played it enough to know that,

but in order to be a game it needs rules, and for rules to be official they need more than one player.

I need you

player 2


im not trying to present anything other than me, myself and I as authentically as I can and I apologize if your smelling cheese.

that's actually my nuts; wretchedly gangrenous, if you please.


my health doesn't let me leave. ive been homebound living on the mercy of our lord in his year of 2019. and 2018,.. and 17.... not that I gotout much even before stuff got bad, but I really did do things with people sometimes......

if you don't think im authentic or something use plain English and call me a faker. I have a phone and I really don't care to, but will accept phone calls or the equivalent these days to such an arcane technology


its gonna be a brave new world, Aldous.....

May 19, 2019
9:49 am
Forum Posts: 7154
Member Since:
May 4, 2014
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Titzup MC Gee said
(pages of the lyrical aftershock of a head in a rusty metal box)

Bet u'd excel at MGTOW rap with conspiratorial undertones. 



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