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KidCrusher “The Nasty” EP Interview *Faygoluvers.net Exclusive*

Since 2005, the Australian Cannibal Clown known worldwide as KidCrusher, has made an abundant amount of serial killing horrorcore-hip-hop classics! And now, after a decade, his extreme Cyberergrind phenomenon band Rectal Birth, is back to torch the heavy metal world.  Like an apocalyptic global fire scorching the Earth and successfully ending humanity within the sounds of their brand new ravening  EP “The Nasty”! And ‘The Nasty’ EP was released by Industrial Strength Records. Please enjoy this Faygoluvers.net exclusive with the mighty KidCrusher below! Support “The Nasty” through Industrial Strength Records here: https://industrialstrengthrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-nasty


Chad Thomas Carsten: During your early youth. What kick started your venture into the dark side of entertainment?

KidCrusher: I am a massive movie buff, it’s my first love! I worked at Blockbuster for a few years as well. Violence and horror was the main pick at the video store with my friends. But the cherry on top of movies for me, were the soundtracks. But the way soundtracks used to be with tying  in artists/music videos for the movie, I found that made me appreciate music more. The storytelling aspect in theme with whatever movie it was promoting. Like, I can’t listen to songs like “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal and not picture “Batman Forever” in my mind. It has that magic to a song when you know it’s tied to a movie. I was always drawn to hardcore rap at first; Ice Cube, Ice T, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, etc But I always felt slightly disappointed. Always craved something more brutal.
But I didn’t know what it was until I found the “Tales from the Hood” movie soundtrack, laying on a desk at a party. that shit changed my life. Spice 1, Gravediggaz, NME, etc. The entire thing just blew my little mind! Exactly what I was looking for!
Though I didn’t see the movie first, I just loved the music! And I knew right then, I wanted to be a horror rapper.  I was drawn to it like gravity, like fate. I knew it was in my future somehow. It’s so strange.

I think I like the spooky tone as I was so obsessed with what was “censored” to me, I wasn’t allowed to watch or listen to much of what I wanted. But that’s due to great parenting, I can’t argue with that. But it just made me want it more(I found my ways around it). Like, fans always ask me, why I say “fuck” so many times, especially early in my career. I would like to blame this on “Trey Parker”. I was obsessed with South Park.  The first time i seen it, was the last time I seen it for a while, my mother banned me after I picked up so many different vulgar slang’s from Eric Cartman, I  loved him so much! And I loved the reactions from people who hadn’t heard of it, telling me to stop it. Made me want to shout fuck a thousand times louder!  I’m sorry mother, I know its wrong now, but I had a blast.

Mmmkay. NOW, the darker darker side of me, stems from life in general. I hate people, the majority of people. Like… 98%.. maybe more.. 99.999?%? I probably don’t hate you, none of my fans. That’s out of context. But I find myself unsettled in public. I’m sure you understand. I don’t wish the worst for anyone, I just want them to stay away from me. Drama, etc. I grew up on drama and I ain’t going to waste anymore of my life on that. Seeing Insane Clown Posse shout “Fuck The World” and everybody in it, back in 1999 World Championship Wrestling days, really made me turn my back on the world and smile again. Because I let that shit affect me more than I should have. So screaming at the world through my microphone felt like a great way for me to vent my anger. As I was never a physically violent or confronting person, I felt like I can make my point by the song I released. And having some people contact me saying they feel the same way, makes me feel okay with being mad. But it’s all water under the bridge. I’m quite a happy person outside the studio. Music is just my punching bag. And darker shit just sounds better!

CTC: What’s your average day like living in Adelaide, South Australia? What advice would you give tourists visiting  Australia for the first time?

KC: I’m a home boy!! As the above, I don’t go out much. Unless it’s the cinema, see family, or to grab food. I go out on occasions for gigs and touring obviously, but I prefer staying home. Touring wise for you guys, I always say Brisbane. They got the best beaches and theme parks, zoo’s, etc. I always find time to explore there when I’m touring. Don’t get me wrong, I love every city in Australia for the fans. But tourist wise, I don’t see much attraction elsewhere that I’m drawn to. Melbourne is pretty big and busy. I shoot most of my music videos there. Sydney is pretty cool. Perth, is far, far away. And they keep telling everyone to visit them. Because they too are far, far, away from everything. *Laughs* I love them too. But I’ve only been there twice sadly. So yeah, I’d say Brisbane. Don’t come to Adelaide, it’s small, simple and I don’t want you to take my parking space at the shopping center. There’s only ten spaces. *Laughs* Nah, I love Adelaide, more than anywhere. I’ll never leave. Born and raised and I’m always home sick when I’m touring due to the simplicity of it.

CTC: Which independent recording artists from Australia would you say influenced your own creativity?

KC: That’s tough! I don’t listen to much Australian music, or even know where many bands are from. The only ones that come to mind are The Berzerker! An Industrial Metal from Melbourne (now Brisbane). But not active anymore. The main guy Luke Kenny is a massive inspiration. Not just his music, but he released a DVD called “The principles and Practices of the Berzerker”. His drive and passion, even with odds against him, in major challenges between band mates and label complications, he still smashed everything solo. I feel I relate to his work ethic a heap. The only other Australian band that comes to mind that I was early influenced by would be Jerk & Testeagles, who are also not active at the moment.

CTC: When first pursuing an underground music career as KidCrusher. What main goals did you have your mind focused on back then?

KC: I was rapping before I had the alias KidCrusher character. But my main mission when I started KC, with the paint and all, was to be a part of the Psychopathic Records roster! I felt i related to the music, the culture and am extremely committed to it. I believed I could be up there with them, with enough drive. Around the time I developed the character, artists like Killa C, Axe Murder Boyz, Lawst, were all gunning for the same thing, which inspired me. Even without getting signed, (though I believe I was close to it) KidCrusher will always be representing the label, as it made me who I am today! It saved my life and Joe Bruce made me a Tunnel Runner. Which to me, is like a heavyweight title around my waist, I’ll wear that title to my grave. I think getting to the Gathering was always a top priority. While there’s been challenges, I was still able to conquer an Australian wide tour with ICP. Which, to me, felt like I made it to the Gathering of the Juggalos. It was everything I dreamed of and more! So, I’m forever grateful and satisfied for what I have done. Anything else would just be a bonus to me now.

CTC: Can you recall your very first live performance as KidCrusher and how that specific day challenged you to be your very best?

KidCrusher: My first proper show as KidCrusher would have been the 2008 Gathering of the Juggalos. So I’m happy so to say one positive thing that it didn’t happen,  I didn’t make a fool of myself there, because once I started getting on stage down here, I was a wreck! I needed to run some miles and gain some stage rep, because I felt I was awful on stage at the start. I never attended on doing live shows when I started KidCrusher. I just wanted to make albums and music videos. Touring I thought would be down the line, so I didn’t worry about it.  But I didn’t expect to blow up so quick! I’ve been on stage before KidCrusher. And I’m fine on stage, no stage fear or anything. But energetic wise, I wanted to perform sitting down after ten minutes. Screaming, rapping, and jumping around, smashes you down after the first couple songs. I didn’t cardio much, so it hit me hard. But I take gigs/touring very seriously.

The first couple KidCrusher shows were just house shows with friends and at bars. But once I hit the road and started opening for some of my favorite bands, I would be training for months prior. I don’t seem to sleep or eat the day before. Or the day of. I get mad butterflies. It’s all I focus on. So when I commit to doing a tour/show, I have to weigh in, if I want to be Rocky for a month or two prior. *Laughs* It’s quite the mission when your music is so aggressive, energetic – and, solo. But I’m all in and down for what ever. Safe to say, I feel I have a great stage show now and I’m no longer struggling to stand up. *Laughs* The best show I’ve ever done though, was the first show on the ICP Australian tourJumpsteady introduced me. And I didn’t expect it to be so massive, It sounded like the intro to a Jokers Card. Major goosebumps! I went from 0 to 9,000 after he screamed my name. Never felt so energetic in my life. So, thanks, Rob! For real, that was insane!

CTC: When you first received word that the hit true crime TV show Law and Order would feature you as a horrorcore artist inside the episode “Steel-Eyed Death”. What was your first reaction to that and how was the TV show experience overall?

KC: I was told by the guy organizing the episode, a different synopsis. It was all professional and simple. I was down with what was offered, I got paid, I still get paid, so I didn’t have much to complain about. I had a feeling it was based on Sam (a fan of mine who did some dumb shit). It was. They told me different. I didn’t expect to be lied to by the show runners themselves. I was insulted that they used me to diss Juggalos/ICP. But at the same time, we’re always getting bashed, the most hated band/fan-base in the world. So I shrugged. But I’m still happy. I have that on my resume. And I can’t explain how funny it is to have people call you and say you’re on TV.

CTC: You’ve been mixing hip-hop and metal since 2005. You even have your own extreme metal bands kCaveMen and Rectal Birth What’s your own opinion on why metal and hip-hop keeps colliding together so greatly after 35 years?
KC: I’m sure some people think it’s out of style, but it’s always been my main jam. It’s easily one of the best mashups in music because it blends so well for hardcore hip hop! From Limp Bizkit to Linkin Park. I’ve always felt possessed by how powerful rap becomes with a little metal in the hook. Nobody is really locked to one genre in their playlists, It’s always oddly mixed. I love throwing genres into the blender. But by far, rap-metal is the greatest of all time.

CTC: Your cybergrind band Rectal Birth is back after a decade of not releasing music. What inspired the decision to make a comeback within the heavy metal world?

KC: I decided to do something to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first album, “The Nothing”. Same with kCaveMen last year. They are both my playground projects I like to detour with. Less stress as there’s no real expectations, so I don’t take it serious, I just run wild. I believe they both have massive potential to do big things. I’ve just never had the time. As KidCrusher has always been in high demand from my fans. I’d like to rotate evenly between the three. But sometimes I feel a bit of a break between each makes me all the more excited to return to the other. Like KidCrusher.I’ve been distant from new music there since 2018. As I’ve been working with kCaveMen and Rectal Birth. Now its been years, I’m excited to get back to work, it doesn’t feel like an obligation. If I’m not having fun and it feels like work, I tend to procrastinate.

Other than the anniversaries, I felt the first two albums for Rectal Birth and kcavemen were a little flat – I’m obviously better at production now, so I wanted to know, I gave it a better shot. I’m extremely proud of the new kCaveMen album “Evolution” and “The Nasty” for Rectal Birth. I’m still trying to process. As it was such a surreal experience. But it definitely sounds a million times better than “The Nothing”. I also have to shout out to my live drummer “Plop Plop” aka “Bitch”. He’s a big fan of the first Rectal Birth album and has been one of the “couple” people bugging me to do another one,  If he didn’t remind me about the band, I probably wouldn’t have done this any time soon. It’s great to see the band getting some love now and I owe a lot of that to “Bitch” motivating me to do more. So, thanks, Bitch.

CTC: How would you describe Cybergrind to someone who has never heard the music of Rectal Birth?

KC: I would say, techno infused metal. Or Gabber/Industrial versus Grindcore/Death Metal. But the specifics go down to very virtual drums. And very extreme metal! Sounds like a robot fighting a monster with a machine gun. My early inspirations date back earlier than my love for horror rap. I loved a compilation CD called “Thunderdome” (various artists). And they’re still doing stuff today. However they didn’t do metal back then. I just loved the fast pace and distorted kicks. Then I fell in love with Fear Factory. The first metal band I got obsessed with. But the Berzerker  were the main influence behind me creating Rectal Birth. The blasting snare and kick with down tuned tremolo guitars, is just out of this world brutal.


CTC: Congrats in regards to Rectal Birth singing to Industrial Strength Records (formed in 1991)! What do you hope to musically accomplish with the renowned label?

KC: Thank you! We haven’t really talked about the future. Besides a possible remix album for “The Nasty”. It’s all been brief and simple, but that’s easy business, I was originally only going to release “The Nasty” as a single. Until they picked it up and I pushed for an EP. I don’t see the “band” aspect going to stage, but maybe drifting into the DJ side of things. As the label is full of techno DJs and producers. I’ve been a DJ forever so it’s easy for me to transition that project to a more virtual performance. It’s all me on “The Nasty” EP. The band is just for the video (same with the new kCaveMen). I didn’t really want to add vocal verses to the EP either. But in this day and age, it’s impossible to sample without being taken down. But I feel if I do another EP/album, I would go into the instrumental/club direction. Still keeping it brutal with less vocals (or some just repeated). Overall, I’m just a big fan of their label and artists. Berzerker started out there, so it feels all the more refreshing to follow in the footsteps of my main influence in that genre. At the end of the day, it really comes down to demand. The first album flopped, probably due to my own neglect for promoting it. But I still have mad love for the project. If “The Nasty” develops a fan base, or the label want’s more, I’m down. Just happy I’ve got one out there!

CTC: Can your break down the true meaning behind the EP’s title “The Nasty?

KC: As stated. The first album was called “The Nothing” in 2012. I was watching the Never Ending Story (not for the first time, but as a movie buff , I re-watch all my favorites occasionally). Anyway, I really sunk into the plot of the “Nothing” storm taking over the world as a negative depression, as at the time, I was severely depressed and angry. I sunk like the horse into the swamps of sadness. I loved the idea and the movie, so of course I had to run with it. I love to theme my albums to specific things. With the follow up to “The Nothing” being a decade later, (basically because I wanted to celebrate the anniversary of “The Nothing”) I had to do a sequel. While there are three Neverending Story movies, the second being “The Empty” that takes over. I chose to lean more on the third film .“The Nasties” that take over. More or less because I have a deeper nostalgic connection with the third movie. It has Jack Black as the villain, its underrated as hell and childish. And frowned upon by most, or even unseen. But I owned it on VHS back in my childhood and loved the shit out of it .

While I was re-watching the third film earlier in the year; There’s one scene where “DOG” a member of the Nasties shouts “Let’s Get Nasty”! And a song kicks in. I just loved that moment! I sampled him saying it, and made the single, without my vocals. Just his audio sample throughout the song. I tried to get permission to use it. But of course, I couldn’t and done my own. Almost got DOG to cameo in the music video. But it is what it is. Rectal Birth started with a tribute to the Neverending Story. So I thought I’d continue with it. Should I have used “The Empty”?  Possibly. But I didn’t think I’d go that far. Plus, I think its best I move forward from that topic. or I’d have to change my band name to the ah *pauses* Luck Dragons or something. Psst. I don’t think anyone has noticed yet, but I am wearing the Neverending Story Auryn necklace in the nasty music video intro, made by Bam Margera. 

CTC: Vocally, how did recording “The Nasty” push you to your vocal limits versus past recording material?  

KC: I’ve been listening to a lot of new deathcore bands and always inspired to upgrade and training my vocals . I don’t just want to sound like the classic KidCrusher scream everywhere. I like to think of my self as an actor in these bands, physically in KcaveMen, roleplaying a caveman. “The Nasty” was inspired heavily by the Berzerker and Lorna Shore. I really wanted to sound inhuman in both of these bands, dropping deeper and also higher than I have before. I never really tried before . I actually smashed all three songs with vocals on “The Nasty” in one day. I figured I’d lose my voice, but it got better as I got further. I’m very impressed with how “II Dead II Live” turned out. And I’m not surprised many people are reporting back to me already, that they like it more than the single. The instrumental alone gives me goosebumps. It’s really hard for me to apply vocals to song.

Like really. I always feel like I’m ruining my work.  As I spend months developing these instrumentals. And I loop them in the car and at home, trying to get an idea for the lyrics, when I just prefer the instrumentals alone. *Laughs* But it has to be done. I’m trying to impress myself with vocals. As I’ve always been my own biggest fan. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be proud enough to present it to anyone. I have to give Melissa Cross from the “Zen of Screaming”, most of my love, for helping me reach new vocal abilities, in the studio and stage. Also, Lorna Shore and the Berzerker for being flat out crazy awesome!

CTC: Why should fans of the heavier side of music give Rectal Birth’s latest release “The Nasty” EP a full on listening experience?

KC: Its fun! Not your average metal or techno album, its just crazy and slaps! If you dig the genre or not, you’d appreciate the quality and song writing. I find music boring when its just, “intro-verse-hook-verse-hook-outro”. This shit sometimes doesn’t have a hook. If I was to map my song writing out (for kCaveMen or Rectal Birth) its like,  “intro-verse-bridge-verse-verse-bridge-breakdown-verse-outro”. I don’t even know why. But I find it more exciting to keep the song changing.

CTC: Which extreme metal bands would Rectal Birth love to tour with in the near future?

KC: While I said it’d probably turn to DJ shows . But for the right show, I would get the band together to tour with the Berzerker, if they got back together. Or anyone from Industrial Strength Records, Fear Factory, Slipknot, Combichrist, or Korn!

CTC: When can fans expect the next full length KidCrusher LP?

KC: A sequel to “Metal Murder 3D”! “Metal Murder 4K”! It’s been well underway for a few years.  But the priority has only been high since the start of this year. It’s everything the Metal Murder series has always been. Metal, rap, horror, cover songs, and collabs. I said I’d never do a fourth volume. But in high demand, this one is for the fans, it just felt right to do! But definitely the final installment. At the moment it has twenty tracks, various producers, but the first half is some of the best metal production I’ve worked with. It’s outside the box, not so much a locked in horrorcore album, but it does have some sprinkles of it. Focused primarily on the world and everything wrong with it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll scream, you’ll die. Nah, I don’t know. *Laughs* It has major influences that come from I Prevail, Marilyn Manson, Doom Mick Gordon, Falling In Reverse, Attila, Emmure, Sworn In, etc Then of course some rap tracks that sound like they’ve been plucked off of “Cannibal Clown” and “Hell’s Pit”.  I’m having fun with it, not going to be a major amount of collabs, like the earlier volumes. But a couple, maybe at the end of the album. I’m primarily focused on my own performance.

CTC: Where do you see yourself musically in the next decade?


KC: I think I’m at a stage where I prefer making beats, then doing vocals/lyrics. I don’t have much to say anymore, that I haven’t already said. I’d be a producer/beatmaker, if I’m still into doing music. I can’t see myself screaming and jumping around at forty-five years old. I’m already tired. *Laughs* But I’m not retired yet. I don’t know how much is left to tell in the chronicles of KidCrusher, but I don’t see the end of it yet. My main love has always been movies. And I love to be behind a computer, I’ve been studying CGI and Animation. I know it’s a long shot getting a job in that department. But I’d like to do it for fun. As I have a few ideas for dark comedy shows.

One I’ve already scripted dedicated to my friend who recently passed. I also have made several trailers and animation titles with after effects over the years. There is a possibility I’ll still be doing KidCrusher in a decade. I’ve been at it for almost twenty years and I didn’t expect that. Like i said earlier, it all comes down to demand. If people keep screaming my name, I’ll probably scream back again. I’ve got nothing but love for my fans, they’ve driven me to do so much. I feel like I’ve climbed Mount Everest with 17 albums! And so many tours with major artists, I’m blown away. The only thing I haven’t accomplished is touring the United States. It could happen. However, I tried and I don’t know how to pull the legal strings.  So it would have to be somebody taking the upper-hand. I need management because I can only do so much as an independent artist. I feel I can still deliver so much for KidCrusher fans if I had the right team to push it. Otherwise, I’m your online buddy, your Youtuber, your Spotify playlist, your friendly local neighbourhood Cannibal Clown. A kCaveMan. “The Nothing” at Rectal Birth. The Tunnel Runner from Down Under, KidCrusher! 

CTC: Any final shout outs you’d like to give before ending this in-depth Faygoluvers.net exclusive?

KC: It’s hard for me to promote these days, Facebook is so limited. I would say if you want to keep in touch, subscribe to my Youtube Channel. And follow and stream me on Spotify as much as you can (easy money). And Instagram. I also DJ on Twitch occasionally, when I’m not working . Check out “The Nasty” by Rectal Birth and kCaveMen “Evolution”, even if its not your cup a tea, I poured a lot of my energy into those two albums the last few years and I know you’d bop your head at least. “Metal Murder 4K” is coming early 2023, either January or March. If you pre order at KidCrusher dot com, you can get a pre-order exclusive 4k Bluray box signed by me, limited to 50 copies. Also on Vinyl and CD. Thank you for taking the time to read if you have gotten this far. Means a lot for those to spend the time to hear my two cents. Mad love to Faygoluvers! I’ve been a fan forever, they’ve been promoting my backyard wrestling events back in 2004-2005. Then I’ve been spamming them with KidCrusher mail ever since. *Laughs* Thanks to Chad for the interview and all the promo, you guys rock! To my fans, stay tuned! Always got new music cooking for you!

Interviewer: Chad Thoma Carsten



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