November 29, 2023
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J Payne & Nino Light – “Carnival 2 Kingdom”

J Payne and Nino Light team up to bring you the album Carnival 2 Kingdom: From The Circus to the Churches

You can view all purchase and streaming options here: J Payne & Nino Light – Carnival 2 Kingdom: From the Circus to the Churches (

Track list:

  1. Carnival 2 Kingdom
  2. Doctrines of Devilz
  3. Kill Yo Flesh
  4. Don’t Make Assumptionz
  5. No Longer Filthy (ft. J-Stokes)
  6. Jesus Riden Shotgun (ft. Cody Rogers)
  7. My Homie (ft. Killa C & Vronske)
  8. Suited and Booted
  9. One
  10. Take Out The Trash
  11. Deadman
  12. Overtime
  13. S.O. F.L.Y.
  14. It Don’t Matter (ft. The XSP-Xtreme Street Preacher)
  15. Royalty (ft. Daniel Wayne & Blizz)

You can listen via Spotify here:




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    Soon!! The Moshpiiimps Present The Mighty Piiimpin Power Playas!! Free mixtape!! It’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Awwwwwwww yaaaaa!! Let’s do this!!

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