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Madecipha 2022 Interview

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Welcome back to a long overdue edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight and damn it feels good to back. I’m Johnny O. and this time around we have another amazing interview with Madecipha. We get a chance to go into depth on his latest release along with the numerous different projects this man is constantly hard at work on. The man of many talents also take time to bare his soul, not just on the new album, but here for us today.

I won’t spoil anymore, welcome back everyone and thank you all for having me back too. Now let’s get to it.


Johnny O: First and foremost, welcome back to the Faygoluvers Underground Spotlight. It’s been a minute and we definitely have some catching up to do.

That in mind, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I know you’re a man of many talents.
Madecipha: My name is Ryan Bond. I go by the alias Madecipha. I run Spider Bite Records out of New Haven,CT. I have many rap records out. I breed exotic turtles. I am known as the ghost rapper. I ghost hunt several times a week and wrote several books on ghosts I even work in a cemetery. I have an an extensive oddities collection and I buy and sell them.
JO: Over the years, you’ve gathered a collection of talents and hobbies. So, before we get to the new music can you tell us a bit about what else you’ve been up to?
Madecipha: Lately I have been laying low. Now that the weather is getting nice I have been ghost hunting again. I went out several times this week including last week and I’m going tonight, I make videos for my YouTube channel.
JO: Ghost hunting is a big, we will say hobby for lack of a better word, how would you say it has influenced your music?

Madecipha: It made me believe in God more . I know some consider me a horrorcore artist but I listen to lots of Joel Osteen and stuff like that where I wind up having lots of crazy bible bars in my music just in a way that’s relatable and not preachy. No one has my style.

JO: Can you try and put us in the moment and explain what it’s like to go on a ghost hunt?

Madecipha: At this point I can go by myself. I am very desensitized so even though I’m super experienced with over 1000 ghost hunts it is kinda hard to explain. It’s kind of like another job to me. I go so much that I have to keep journals and stuff like that. One of them I just released. It becomes a blur after a while but ya its more like a job than a hobby. I haven’t gotten bored of it and I always have fun even if nothing happens.
JO: Besides an impact on your music, you’re also an author and many other things, can you tell us a bit about some of the other things you have going on?
Madecipha: Right now I am just shaken up from things that have happened over the past few months. I am really trying to lay low. I cancelled all my oddities events and shows. I am trying to be a ghost for a little while and work on myself and spiritual stuff. This last record was my 24th release and even though I am still gonna keep going I am taking a breather and really just don’t want to be around anyone besides my good friends or do any activities that might trigger my anxieties.
JO: The preservation work that you do isn’t just amazing, but unique as well. Can you us a little more about that and the process itself?
Madecipha: Right now due to the face I don’t want to be seen I am revamping my etsy store. The other day I had a bunch of dead vipers shipped to me overnight, one of them was malformed and had no eyes. I inject them with formaldehyde and then put them in nice jars. My girlfriend is on her way over right now to take pictures for me cus I’m not good at taking photos. I have a bad anxiety disorder and my hands are always shakey due to meds I’m on so my photos look like shit. I got everything all set up to get my online store going again and see where it goes.
JO: Now on to the music. Your latest release, “Rogue Planet Invasion,” is a little more personal of an album than the title would seem to indicate. Before we get to the album itself, what brought about the name for the record?

Madecipha: It was originally supposed to be the follow up record to UFO with me and Freeze. We had fallout after fallout, all his bullshit so I decided to keep it since I came up with the title and had Thomas Drew make one hell of a cover. I kept it for this release because I felt like I am a rogue planet and I was invaded by the girl it is about.

JO: While not an extreme departure for you, this album definitely is more personal, so what brought you to the decision to create such an emotional album?
Madecipha: I hadn’t really written anything since July 2021 for the Righteousness Gone project i did with Eidolon and Migs. I wrote a few random verses in a 9 month period. I didnt know what to do next or what to write about. I was dating this much younger goth girl who really fucked with me and made me feel like dog shit. Ouy of like 300 songs there is only like 7 songs about girls. I don’t do that shit although this situation has happened several times over the past. once in 2017 where I made a song called “like heroin”. I always get over it and move on but for a few months im pretty heartbroken and bent out of shape. I wrote one song about it which turned to another and then another, so I made an entire ep faced by this 21 year old goth girl named ashley. In reality this happened many times and a heartbreak album was in me, it got me rapping again. I feel like it was ordained by god. Like a judas kiss. sometimes the closed doors are just as important as the good breaks and even though im seeing someone else and I’m still a little sad about it I feel like this is part of God’s plan and i trust in him that beauty will come from ashes and this record will reach a new audience due to the fact it is very catchy and relatable. Everyone is giving me great feedback and I truly feel I have something special on my hands. I know in a few months im gonna wanna call the girl and thank her for doing me dirty. I have a song called ” the obsession” about a girl who did me dirty and it was a blessing in desguise. I feel like in time this will be the same and it just sucks feeling lousy at the moment.
JO: So, I know this album was hard to write and had to have taken a toll on you. What was the actual creative process like for this album and how did it differ from previous albums?

Madecipha: It came out easy. Very spot on. I think I only took one jab at her talking about how wack she was at giving blowjobs, but if you listen to the record its a really emotional as far as how I felt and feel about the situation. she kind of left me hanging and didnt really give me closure. She didn’t keep her word on things but when Ilisten back I am like”damn, this is how I really feel”. It’s not hateful. There is no eminem and kim screaming or yelling or wishing death or ill will. It’s just raw emotion that she put me through and I captured it beautifully. I have a bar that goes ” that pussy was the bomb but it wasn’t worth the headache”…. mother fuckers can feel that. we have all fell for a crazy girl that was amazing to hook up with but just a headache to deal with. It’s all shit like that, really raw, you hear it and you 100% will feel everything i went through with this girl.

JO: I’ve mentioned  how deep and personal this record is, but how would you describe it to fans?
Madecipha: It’s the only project I have done like this. It is every releatable. It’s catchy, my man evo is a super talanted producer and the beats go down perfectly. We were working on a UFO record and I was gonna use these beats for that project. Freeze backed down and at the time I was really upset but they were my beats and the girl and me broke up like a month later so now I’m happy me and Freeze broke up cus I feel like these beats were meant for me to do this project, I feel like the whole thing was ordained by God even though I am uncomfortable and hurting. I know blessings are headed my way and I think anyone who is upset over a relationship would really appreciate this record.
JO: Was there any particular track or tracks that really stand out for you?
Madecipha: They are all the same with different beats and different names. It was hard to write about but putting the words on paper was easy as pie. I had so much shit I wanted to say and she just didn’t give a fuck. when I told her how I felt she just ignored me. It went in one ear and out the other, she just used me for multiple things. My feelings didn’t matter to her, so putting it on paper was kinda easy. I guess I like cemetery man but to be honest and I think it all flows really nice and the order and everything is prefect. I just trusted in God and let it all out.
JO: Would you say there was any one track that you just felt took an absolute toll on you and was really hard to record?
Madecipha: They were all about the same, maybe “ashes to ashes.” That one might have struck a nerve.
JO: On a more upbeat note, what can you tell us about anything you currently have in the works? What’s next for Madecipha?

Madecipha: I got a bunch of beats from Evo. My last album was called “Appatight Phor Dissfunkshun” and we redid the guns n roses debut cover. We are keeping that theme and gonna make “abuse your delusion” and re do the “use your illusion”  cover. I am also gonna do a full length LP for Righteousness Gone with my man Eidolon.

JO: Where can fans pick up the new album, other merch and keep track of your ventures? got all that fresh merch. I got something for everyone. You can subscribe to my youtube channel and check out my ghost hunting videos. you can stream all my 24 records on my website for free. I got new videos coming soon.
JO: Before we go, is there anything you’d like to say to our Faygoluvers Family?
Madecipha: I appreciate all the love over the years. I am a very humble, grateful guy. I try to stay positive even when bad breaks happen and I just wanna say to anyone who has taken some time to really listen to my music and give me a chance that it means a lot to me. I put a lot of work in and I go really hard so to anyone who supports my endeavors I thank you and I will keep grinding and doing my thing
JO: As always, let’s end on a positive note. How about a few shout outs to send us off?
Madecipha: Much love to my producer Evo,Eidolon, Riot, Potent, Happy birthday today (5/30) to my gf Krista who met me while I was making this album and was super supportive. She didn’t bust my balls one time that I was still a little sore over the girl before her and actually gave praise to the record and how i used music to heal as a form of therapy. she is dope.

As much as I hate to say it, that brings to the end of another long over due edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. I want thank my man Madecipha for always pushing through all the bullshit and taking time to pour his soul out for us. Make sure to grab a copy of his latest album and keep an eye for what’s next.

Johnny O.


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