November 27, 2022
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Fury (Leathal Wreckords) “Leathal Weekend 4” Interview

The Bristol, Connecticut Leathal Wreckords/Weirdo Movement fire spitter, known across the underground as Fury, is currently preparing to release his next full-length LP “Rage Quit”!  As well as making final adjustments for the upcoming highly anticipated July music festival “Leathal Weekend 4” and even filming scenes/cameos for various movies. After over fifteen years of conquering production on the mic, Fury looks to be stepping down as an emcee in the next few years. But his upcoming record “Rage Quit” will indeed take the Wicked Underground scene back to his raw grimy roots once it fully drops! Until then, please enjoy this exclusive with Fury himself below!

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Chad Thomas Carsten: What does the underground hip-hop scene mean to you on a personal level today?

Fury: It’s my home. It’s not a pretty place or a perfect place but it is the place where I call home. I’ve had the opportunity to experience multiple generations of underground acts in my time here. I watched so many start from zero and become self-sufficient monsters in the scene.  So many people like Lo Key, Whitney Peyton, Hopsin, LSP, and the Jokerr, all came from the same time period that I have been grinding in and have become their own success stories. Every state I go to there’s always some friendly familiar face holding it down and showing us around I never feel like a stranger anywhere. I love this scene I wouldn’t have it any other way.

CTC: Can you recall what type of emotions poured through your mind when you first gripped a microphone and knew music was your true calling?

Fury: The first show I ever booked I opened up for Wolfpac in 2002. I lied to the venue saying I was 23. I was like 16 or 17. And that I had done shows in other places. That was my first time performing ever. I knew during the soundcheck that this is what I wanted to do with my life. My father is a legendary guitarist who’s made a living his whole life off of performing music and he’s always been my main influence when it comes to this journey I’m on.

CTC: You’ve been creating your own style of hip-hop for over 15 years! What’s keeps you motivated to keep on striving for success?

Fury: Honestly, I don’t think I’m striving for success anymore with my music. I’ve slowed down on making new songs I’d say around 2012 is when I decided that I wanted to play more of a sidekick/background role as a performer and focused more on the business side of things. I still do make music, but only on rare occasions when I’m absolutely feeling myself or the vibe. I do have a new album about 90% finished. It’s going to be my definitive piece of work for sure.

*Throwback Fury track “Gon Be Aiight” W/ Q-Strange and Menacide*

CTC: You and horrorcore legend Q-Strange have great friendship history within the underground. Are you able to share your own favorite Q-Strange memory from back in the day?

Fury: Q-Strange has always been a legend to me as I grew up in New England when he was really on fire and putting out his classic albums. My first and favorite memory of Q-Strange is him absolutely killing it on stage at Helloween 2003 in Providence, Rhode Island at the living room. And he jumps off stage with a hand full of cassette tapes and clotheslined me like JBL. I’ve had so many memories rolling with Q-Strange and the crew back in the day. I truly love those guys.

CTC: Hypothetically speaking. If you and Q-Strange were to do another track together. What would you want the subject matter to focus on and why?

Fury: We do have a brand new song coming on my album and it focuses on our story of climbing in the underground. It’s a trip down memory lane with a hardcore kick-ass sound that pays homage to our roots.

CTC: Do you feel you’re own music is keeping the spirit of the wicked underground hip-hop scene alive?

Fury: The spirit of the wicked underground is truly all about the people who celebrate it. I don’t look at myself as some pillar here in the scene. It’s really about the people who consume this style of music who buy tickets for the shows, who sport the merch of artists who normal people have no idea of. The people who make memes and spread the word or even roast the artists on statuses, that’s what this scene is all about to me. If you can’t hang with some punches to the face and pride, you won’t last long here.

CTC: Why should underground fans catch a live Fury performance?

Fury: Because I think soon I will be stepping down from being Fury. If you see Fury on a flyer as a performer and not Leathal Wreckords or some incarnation where I’m in a group, it’s probably one of my last solo performances. I always wanted to be a group member in the industry, not a solo artist. I think I’ve got maybe a few solo runs left in me. It all depends on how I feel. I don’t like to push it. I know this question is a tough one.

CTC: You’re of Asian descent. The recent violence against Asian culture across the world because of the bullshit Covid-19 nonsense has to be heart-shattering to you on a personal level. How would you personally go about successfully combatting racism and solving world peace?

Fury: I’ve been dealing with racism my whole life, not just the pandemic. It’s not heart-shattering racism most of the time. It’s usually someone thinking that they’re being funny and they just don’t have their finger on the pulse of what humor is. Other times it’s some confused human being thinking that they are impressing people. I had someone attacking me with public racist comments towards my father and it didn’t go too well for them. My 80 yr old father walks around with pepper spray on him because of all the attacks on Asians reported in the news. All of us humans need to stick together. We need each other. We need to stop hurting each- other. It’s the only way to make things better.

CTC: Currently you’re preparing the next Leathal Weekend that’s going down on  Friday, July 16, 2021 through Sunday, July 18, 2021, at the Jewel Music Venue in Manchester, NH!  Esham, Shaggy 2 Dope,  King Gordy, Ouija Macc, and even Flesh N Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony will be [email protected] What are you the most excited about in regards to the next upcoming Leathal Weekend event?

Fury: I’m excited because Jewel Nightclub has announced that we are going back to full capacity! It’s been a long time since New England had had a Juggalo concert and here we are just a few weeks away from changing that! I will be announcing more special guests this week! My favorite part of this event is seeing all the connections that are made after when the shows done and all the fans and artists are now acquainted and supporting each other on social media from then on. We are helping to create a positive community in the underground.

*Fury on set filming a scene from the upcoming film “Tales from the Dead Zone”*


CTC: You’ve had cameo appearances within the films Ghostbusters (2016) and The Purge. Your next role will be inside the upcoming film “Tales from the Dead Zone” with 1980’s film icon Corey Feldman and wrestling Superstar, Bret Hart. How did this role challenge you artistically differently than past films?

Fury: This was my first speaking role. In my other film appearances, I was only a background actor. When I got the script it said “a large muscular man walks into a room” I was like “uhhhhh, who’s that supposed to be about” because I was in the worst shape of my life. It encouraged me to use the time I had before filming to get my life back and start getting in shape. So on top of the acting and the script I was trying to take better care of myself. Once I was on the set for a full day I felt more comfortable about my performance. I think that acting is something I will try to do more in the near future. I’ve already got another film where I’m a major character on the way to another horror movie. Did you know that 33.3% of the movies I’ve done are with Bill Murray?

*Fury with 50 Cent after performing*

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CTC: Your next LP will be “Rage Quit”! So far, how satisfied are you with the creative process behind “Rage Quit“?

Fury: My producer VSPR is the most talented musician I’ve ever worked with. He’s the producer of all the songs on this project and he’s on the majority of the songs as well doing hooks and other vocals. Working with him to make sense of my life has been so therapeutic for me. “Rage Quit” is a window into my true soul everything in there came from my heart there’s not one song on here that I made without purpose there’s no filler there’s no filter. I’m defining who Fury is on this project. I’m opening up to subjects I’ve never spoken about and I’m leaving it all in the ring. Whether its blood, sweat, or tears, it’s all there. We recorded in LA, we recorded in my house, we recorded in hotel rooms. We went all out for this album and I am 100% confident that it is my best work. It is my life’s work.

CTC: Is there a hidden deeper metaphor for the title of “Rage Quit” beyond just gaming?

Fury: Rage quitting is when you’ve had enough of being defeated in a video game and you just shut the system off or uninstall the game.. or throw your controller out the window. Rage quit as in The rage that I use/have to do Fury I want to step away from that piece of my life and grow to be the Jason Flores that I will be for the rest of my life. Rage quit as in quitting the game that is destroying me . There’s a lot of demons I am in a royal rumble with and I try to put them to rest with the expressions on this project.

CTC:Do you feel “Rage Quit” will be your most personal record to date? How so?

Fury: Yes it’s going to try to explain why I am this way. It’s gonna touch on how I became who I am what I’m facing and where I’m going with no holds barred.

*Fury with Shaggy 2 Dope, King Gordy, and Trilogy!*

CTC: Shaggy 2 dope, D-12, Riff Raff, Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony), and even Journey’s very own Frontman Arnel Pineda, will all be featured on “Rage Quit”. How have all these talented artists influenced your own career? And can you give our readers a brief lyrical breakdown of each track these amazing artists will be featured on?

Fury: Without giving away too many surprises I will say these things about these songs. Shaggy 2 dope and I did a classic that will definitely be heard by OG Juggalos as paying homage to that epic old-school Insane Clown Posse sound. This was legit the moment where I had realized I set out everything I ever wanted to do as a young person and had accomplished it. Such a major moment for me. And I have to thank my brother Tre Lb for hooking that up for me and consigning me to make that happen. D-12 I bring it back to that devil’s night sound that drove us to riot as kids. This is the title track for the album and my verse is really really heavy on this one. I’m not sure how people will take this. I’m not even sure how I take it. We will see soon. Now Riff is my dude and turned it up all the way for Leathal Weekend 3 and Leathal New Year’s for us. I had to get him on this album as he’s become one of my biggest influences with the way he just carries himself and how his music is just so damn on point with what he represents. We got a video coming for this song 100%! Bizzy Bone has been my guy since 2005. We go way back to when I was a young kid traveling the country, trying to make a name for myself in different states. He’s my favorite rapper of all time and has always been a major influence to me. This song touches on the story of me trying to make it from nothing. It’s got that melodic Bizzy Bone that people love that bone bone bone sound!

Arnel Pineda is my father’s favorite musician. He’s the pride of the Philippines. He’s one of the greatest rags to riches stories on earth. I never thought that I could make this happen but I went for it and I made it happen… my dad is so proud of this song and so am I. This song is the greatest father and son moment I’ve had in my life with my dad. I am more proud of this song than anything else I’ve ever done. My father plays a killer guitar solo on a song with his hero and I get to be on a song with my hero. I love this song more than life itself and I can’t wait for people to hear it. Thank you Arnel for blessing me and my family with this I am forever in debt to you sir. I WILL RIDE FOR JOURNEY! I WILL PULL UP ON YOU OVER THIS JOURNEY SHIT!!!!! DON’T TEST ME!

CTC: When can fans expect a full-on music video from “Rage Quit’? Any sneak peek details you’d like to share?

Fury: The first single is gonna come out soon I’m just re-organizing myself to come back out as a real rapper and dedicate myself to pushing these songs to their max. We have a video ready to go just getting everything ready.

CTC: What do you hope to accomplish with your own label Leathal Wreckords in the next five years or so?

Fury: Leathal will continue to throw amazing concerts with top-tier underground acts and will continue to help other artists find their platform and will continue to develop artists just stepping into the game. I plan on expanding and finding new artists across the country to call LEATHAL. Thank you, Chad for this interview brother! And shout out to Scottie D! My brother from another mother since basement tracks muthafacko!!!!

Interviewer: Chad Thomas Carsten



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