October 4, 2022
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kCaveMen – “Evolution”

New album from KCAVEMEN “Evolution” drops like a meteorite, produced by KidCrusher and featuring Todd Hansen from King Parrot / The Berzerker. The band has been on ice for over ten years, now they’re back to start a fire!

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  1. One
  2. Vicious
  3. Pet Rock
  4. Club a Bitch
  5. Spear In My Rear
  6. The Bone Collector
  7. Brain Storm
  8. Eels
  9. Walk The Dinosaur
  10. Death From Above
  11. Search For Sasquatch
  12. The Bum Song
  13. Meet The Flintstones
  14. Poo Shit Fart Qweef
  15. What’s That Smell?
  16. Bang Bang Bang!
  17. Ice Age Baby
  18. Zero

Listen via Spotify here:




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