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Hex Rated (Lyrikal Snuff Productionz) “TrapReznor” Interview

Hex Rated (Lyrikal Snuff Productionz) has been conquering the gore-hop scene for over a decade! His supergroup with CLAAS  called “VLNC” keeps shaking the underground scene to its very core thanks to their raw aggressive originality.  Hex Rated’s latest release “TrapReznor: The Industrial Experiment” uniquely properly showcases the superb production talent Hex Rated contains inside his morbid music soul! Please enjoy this informative interview with Hex Rated below! Nuff said!


Chad Thomas Carsten: If you had to choose a specific horror film franchise to survive in for a week for a billion dollars, which title would it be and why?

Hex Rated: Oh without hesitation the “Halloween” franchise, so hear me out… No one ever tried to get Michael high… you know they doped him up in the hospitals but did anyone just try and light a chop up with dude and ask him how he’s doing? No! That’s just fucking rude, so I’m shooting for “Halloween”. Plus you get to survive random shit that makes no sense like “Halloween 3” and Rob Zombie’s second one.

CTC: Can you define horror in your own words and what the genre needs right now to keep surviving?

Hex Rated: Horror and Horrorcore go hand in hand, it’s entertainment at its finest, a glimpse into the dark side of the human psyche which surprisingly most people really enjoyed, obviously more so on the film side for whatever reason. As far as what it needs to survive are new Slashers that stick and have a real impact on the culture around Horror.

CTC: At what age did you two know that creating music was your true path in life?

Hex Rated: Honestly, I had this realization a little later than most people, I always loved music and was totally obsessed with anything I was listening too and in my early twenties. I started to really think about rapping and making music, I had been listening to a lot of Necro, Ill Bill and other dark lyrical East Coast cats and had been listening to Psychopathic for years so when the pen finally hit the paper a mix of all that stuff just came out.

CTC: Are you able to recall your very first live performance and what you learned back then to keep improving your gore-hop skills currently?

Hex Rated: My first performance? Damn, I definitely remember it pretty clearly, I was in my first group NSN or North Side Ninjaz back in in 2009, we had only been recording music for maybe four months and my homie Black Pegasus was throwing these every week type events at a venue called the Union Station, this one was dedicated around the Juggalo and underground community. And for out first show we actually killed it, after a month of us all stressing and practicing like everyday. *Laughs* We opened up for DBK or Dead Body Krew. The show also had the Hatchet Girlz and Ruthless Randy Rude, it was 04/19/09. I think the biggest thing I learned that night was I was in for a wild fucking ride!!!

CTC: Can you recall the back history between you and Lyrikal Snuff Productionz and how your alliance with Scum formed?

Hex Rated: Oh definitely!  So after the first show we played, my old homie from the streets Luni Spade hit me up, heard I was rapping now, and wanted to see if I wanted to jump on this big event called Gorefest. So this is like May 09 and our 2nd show ever. Spade introduced me to Scum, we had a great set and continued to do shows with Scum. We released two albums on our own and got some huge breaks outside of my business with Scum.  We played at the Farmington Hills date of ICP’s Happy Daze tour in New Mexico and we were selected to be the only local support for Twiztid’s World of Webs tour. We released an album at that show and I think that’s when maybe we kinda caught Scum’s eye as a possible act for the label. Around that time frame we also did a track with Hopsin that was produced by Fiasco Andretti, who was the labels main producer at the time. We had some other dope collabs locked in too and I wasn’t really sure what we were going to do with them and then me and Scum started talking about signing to the label and NSN was announced at Gorefest in 2011. We dropped one album “the Real Killa ep”.  And during our second record we had creative differences causing the group to split and I went solo as Hex Rated. That was immediately following us performing a sold out show with Tech N9ne and everything seemed like it was gonna take off. Scum and I talked and he made the call to keep me on the squad and the rest is history.

CTC: Which track from LSP’s back catalogue did you find yourself bumping the most?

Hex Rated: Borey’s “Chicken n’ Hen” mixtape is probably the rarest most Gangster shit that exists in the back catalog. Cop it if you can!

CTC: When first developing the concept behind Hex Rated what main goals did you have in mind to conquer?

Hex Rated: My main goal was to completely break the negative connotations people had about me, for whatever reason I’ve always had the rep of being a dick or that I’m fucking ass hole, while that’s true. *Laughs* I’m a fucking cool dick and an awesome asshole. I just spent years with my fans, in the crowd, in the party, with my people, we built bonds, memories and friendships that will last forever, sometimes people need to see who you are off the stage you know, I think that was really important to me, that and I wanted to just come out as a solo artist and Rap my ass off!!!

For those who have never heard the music of Hex Rated before. Which record of yours would you recommend to start out with and why?

Hex Rated: I’d really say start at “Rigor Mortis”. It’s my most played and purchased record. It’s got some of my best live tracks too like “SWAY”! It features Twisted Insane, Lo Key, Insane Poetry, Hate Magnet and Yoshi the Great. Then just keep going, check out “Decomposition”, which was produced completely by SickTanicK and features King Gordy, Playboy the Beast, Scum, Insane Poetry, Dieabolik and Dark Half. Followed by “Rotten”.  Which is my latest solo rap record. Is by far my personal favorite though, I produced a good chunk of it.  it features Goretex of Non Phixion, Anybody Killa, King Gordy, Billy Obey and Lee Carver of A.X.E., Scum, Insane Poetry, Claas, Clockworc and more. Also, make sure you check out my newest release “TrapReznor”, which is an Industrial experimental album with Remixes and beats in the realm of NIN and the Prodigy. I completely produced, mixed and mastered the record myself.

CTC: When can fans expect another VLNC release between you and CLAAS?

Hex Rated: That’s a damn good question. We have some singles in the works currently, one featuring SosMula of City Morgue and another featuring Bill $aber, both produced by me.

How did the making of “TrapReznor: The Industrial Experiment” challenge your talents differently than past releases?

Hex Rated:TrapReznor” was really challenging in the aspect that I made the entire thing, so every sound I either recorded or produced minus guest guitars on a few tracks by Dave Sturgeon. So mixing the genres was really fun the whole creative part of this record was a lot of fun and as far as the final sound it’s something that I’m completely proud of and satisfied with the end product which is rare, but I think towards the end a big challenge I had was overcome my own anxiety’s about releasing a project like this and putting myself really far out there as a musician and trying to stand in a box with industrial Gods like Trent was really nerve racking, but I got a lot of great feedback from people who weren’t even fans of my previous releases, definitely check that record out!

CTC: Why did you decide on releasing a remix for “Jim Jones With a Double Cup” as the first single behind “TrapReznor”?

Hex Rated: So the album has three remixes on it, “Jim Jones With a Double Cup”, “SWAY” and “The Needle”, out of those tracks Jim Jones was the hypest! And really hit the vibes I wanted! I had an idea to also remix the music video and teamed up with the old homie Tapewerm to make it come to life, shits gross! *Laughs*

CTC: What made you decide to produce trap music with industrial sounds in the first place?

Hex Rated: Well, I was doing custom beats and had a client ask me if I could make a real dark ass trap joint, but blend it with an industrial sound. Of course I took on the project, knocked out the bear and fell in love with the process. I have a TON of plugins and shit and already had an electric guitar, so it all just clicked really well. The shit I did for my record is probably more on the industrial side than the trap joints I did for him. But then it just spiraled into what it became.

CTC: How satisfied are you with the final outcome of “TrapReznor”?

Hex Rated: I fucking love “TrapReznor”! It’s something I just needed to do you know, as a musician not as a rapper.

CTC: Do you have plans to do a follow up for “TrapReznor”?

Hex Rated: There may be some singles or possibly an ep again at some point, I spoke with Dj Swamp( Becks DJ, Ministry’s touring DJ, Scribble scratch champ) not to long ago about possibly working on something in that realm.  So we’ll see.

CTC: Do you think you’ll start scoring for films/tv series?

Hex Rated: I have thought about this extensively and I’d fucking love too, I’ve looked into some avenues to get placements in that arena and it’s definitely not off the table.

CTC: When can LSP fans expect another full length Hex Rated release?

Hex Rated: I’m currently recording for my next solo album now entitled “ODDITY”. Hoping for a last quarter release this year as long as features and mixing all gets back in time. But it’s on the way for sure, I really want to make this one special and work with everyone I’ve really ever wanted too, I’ve been bottling up the rhyme aggression for this.

CTC: What do you hope to accomplish within your own solo career in the next decade or two?

Hex Rated: Well, I’m 36 and been in the game now 13 years or so, I’ve been signed with LSP for the last decade straight and played and performed with pretty much everyone I grew up listening too.. I’d like to knock out some projects with a few of those artists, hit a nation wide tour, play main stage at the Gathering and make a livable living in this shit.

Interviewer: Chad Thomas Carsten



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