February 23, 2024
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Darkness I Am – “Psycho / Strange” LP

This project by Darkness I Am is called Psycho / Strange. It’s a 2 album project and this is the debut. He has features from artists like: Cryptic Wisdom, Madchild, Stevie Stone, Twisted Insane, Mars, and a few more.

Psycho/Strange (Psycho Edition)

  1. Intro (ft. Ernest Dawson)
  2. Loose Control
  3. Demons (ft. Hatchet Monkey)
  4. Misery
  5. Obsession
  6. State of Mind (Interlude)
  7. Damaged (ft. Twisted Insane)
  8. Warning Shot (with the Pump)
  9. Blastin (ft. KD The Stranger)
  10. Set It Up (ft. Scum & Insane Poetry)
  11. Hold It Down
  12. Darker Days (Outro)

Stream via Bandcamp:

Psycho/Strange (Strange Edition)

  1. Tell Me (Intro)
  2. Underground (ft. Liquid Assassin)
  3. Certified (where you from)
  4. Shut It Down (ft. Mars)
  5. Not THe Same
  6. Make My Move (ft. Cryptic Wisdom)
  7. Pretty Damn Good (ft. Dubbs)
  8. All In My Head
  9. War (ft. KD The Stranger, Madchild)
  10. Blindside
  11. Close The Drapes (ft. Stevie Stone)

Stream via Bandcamp below:




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