April 13, 2024
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Shock and Dash – “Rap On”

Shock and Dash are back better than ever. In this latest addition to there library of music. We present to you Rap On. A very special album with phenomenal features all over it. Strap on a seat belt and enjoy the ride. Rap On

  1. Intro/Skit
  2. Pull up
  3. Head knocker feat Cemetery High
  4. Traditions feat Spends Quality
  5. The Bizness
  6. Super Sonic
  7. Get over it
  8. I Suppose
  9. Ticking away feat Time
  10. Restricting Progress feat Equipto
  11. What it is What it isn’t feat Adam fission
  12. Wild wild ride feat Santone

Download/stream the album here: Rap On | Shock and Dash (bandcamp.com)

Written and performed by Shock and Dash. All features written by the artists. Engineering by Lift Ticket Artwork by Idzilleagle and features Spends Quality, Cemetery High, Equipto, Time, Adam Fission and Santone. Enjoy the Ride Love yourself and one another.
You can also stream via the player below:




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