December 11, 2023
17 Guests and Online

Omega Sin – “Good Family Fun”

Omega Sin “Good Family Fun”
Featuring Bizzy Bone, Twisted Insane, Koopsta Knicca, Jarren Benton, Razakel, Insane Loc, Big Loony and more

Purchase a physical copy here: Omega Sin Good Family Fun CD | Omega Sin (

  1. I Need That 40 (skit)
  2. Drug Dealing Killa (ft. Jarren Benton)
  3. Flip a Brick
  4. I’m A Psycho
  5. Infinity (ft. Big Loony)
  6. Russian Roulette (ft. Razakel, Insane Loc)
  7. War
  8. Gone Fishing
  9. Leatherface
  10. It Ain’t Easy
  11. Ready To Shoot (Ft. Alex Saintlouis)
  12. Forever and a Day (ft. Dylan Graham)
  13. Jim Jones Was My Idol (ft. Koopsta Knicca, Bizzy Bone)
  14. Die Tonight (ft. Twisted Insane, Lokey)
  15. Falling Down (ft. Marian)
  16. Dracula (ft. PT)
  17. Hitchcock of Horrorcore
  18. Sos
  19. I Pooped My Pants

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