February 6, 2023
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Imagine an emcee becoming too lyrically powerful on the microphone that his clever vivid vicious imaginative rhyme schemes presented through out the artists savage lyrical word play became so strong that it physically leaked out of a studio sound system upon replaying their vocals during a random studio session one night during the witching hour. The leaked sound waves of the vocal sessions becoming so damn strong their capable of collapsing everyone present at the studio very own bodies into chunks like the scene in 1988’s Akira where Tetsuo unleashes his power while walking down the corridors of a hospital and everyone present are all splattered across the walls. Yes an emcee with that much creative wordplay strength to make your mind feel as described up above does exist within the depths of the underworld of hip-hop. We’re talking about the 15+ year years hip-hop experienced east-coast Mission: Infect underground legend MADD MAXXX!
This old school cat slaughters countless beats on the daily leaving studio sessions outlined in chalk while currently preparing to release his highly anticipated LP “Kaleidoscope”. From what we understand amongst the wicked underground chatter Mission Infect fans (and beyond) minds were straight blown from the raw sounds of the debut “Kalideoscope single” D.o.A.(Dying on Acid). We here at Faygoluvers.net can surely guarantee that the sick-hop heat found only inside “Kaleidoscopes” is bound to slice through faux emcees like the blade of the ‘Ryugeki Sword’ slicing through Bandora’s Golem soldiers. With that being said. this upcoming interview will focus on the controversy surrounding today’s “Cancel Culture” invasion while answering the many underground fans  questions behind MADD MAXXX ‘s side of the story on why he was recently randomly dropped by the company putting on  Alla Xul Elu’s “Dead Alive” virtual performance. But regardless of the lame situation, the Mission: Infect veteran  still soldered on like the underground champion he is by announcing to fans that MADD MAXX’s “Dead Alive” performance will see the light of day through patreon super soon! So until then please enjoy this Faygoluvers.net exclusive with MADD MAXXX below!

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MADD MAXXX (Mission: Infect) “CANCEL CULTURE” INTERVIEW | Faygoluvers

Chad Thomas Carsten: Define “Horror” in your own words and what the genre as a whole means to you on a personal level?

MADD MAXXX: Horror has always been the medium through which people make sense of all the horrible realities of the world. I always felt like people scare themselves as a way of becoming more brave in a safe setting. Not everyone is subjected to the horrors of the world outright, but they are aware that they are out there. On the converse, some people ARE subjected to the horrors of the world outright, sometimes from a very young age. In some cases those people choose to align with things that remind them of their trauma or their pain so that they can either prove the world or themselves (or both) “I’m stronger than this, I won’t let it break me”. Some people just seek out shock to be fair, looking for just the most awful things they can find, for those people there are things like August Underground or Ogrish/Liveleak (online forums where you can readily find actual footage of people being killed. Ogrish is now defunct but Liveleak I believe is I up and running). For the tamer, you have “Event Horizon” or “Hereditary”.

To that end however, horror can be largely subjective. What some call excessive others call bland. Some people need to see really horrific things to get that rush that horror is meant to provide. Like I said it’s a way to build bravery in a safe environment as well as just giving you that endorphin rush that all people get when they experience real fear. Horror has always been close to my heart and I’m not even sure why, I always just gravitated towards it. Being a Juggalo always kind of kept me adjacent to the horror world but even without that I’ve always been interested in dark subject matter. I know a lot of people who have gone through a lot of awful shit in their life who watch horror movies as a means of an escape and the same goes for horrorcore rap. It helps people who HAVE gone through the true darkness the world has to offer, gives them power over their pain and allows them to grow beyond it. That’s how I feel and that’s how people around me have explained it so I stand by it.

CTC: Which three horror movie directors do you feel evoked the most terror?

MM: Well, that’s a really tough call. I would have to say Wes Craven of course, and John Carpenter obviously, but it’s really hard after that. There’s Takashi Miike who made “Ichi The Killer”, among others, Park Chan Wook, who made “Oldboy” ,”as well as the other two movies in the “Vengeance Trilogy: Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance” and “Sympathy For Mrs. Vengeance”. “Sympathy For Mrs. Vengeance” is probably considered a “thriller” but has one of the most harrowing and violent scenes in cinematic history where a perhaps 7 year old child is depicted as standing on a chair crying with a bag on their head and a noose around their neck wherein a grown man then pulls a rope so as to yank the chair away and hang the child. I saw that as a young adult and thought “Whoa that’s fucked up”. As a parent I watched that scene and had what could’ve been described as a panic attack. But is that technically “horror”? I mean I think so, but others might not. It’s all very subjective. Some people think Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Sante Sangre is a really fucked up movie, but is it horror just because people are killed in stylized fashion? Hard to say, in my case the answer is no. I don’t even think I could pick a solid third and the first two are more about what I believe to be their contributions to the medium as a whole as opposed to their specific body of work. “My Soul To Take” is one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen but I don’t think it’s scary, it’s just an amazingly done horror story.


CTC: Your true thoughts on why it’s wrong to blame music, movies or video games for crime motivation?

MM: Well first of all there’s no science to back that up, but more importantly, what kind of music or movies do you think Bashar Al-Assad listens to or watches? Moreover what do you think Hitler’s favorite movie was? And for that matter what was Genghis Khan’s favorite Mortal Kombat character? I’m banking on Shao Khan or Kotal Khan. Do you see where I’m going with this? Gengis Khan sacked Nishapoor and built a fucking pyramid of the heads of men women and children THOUSANDS of years ago. Violent behavior has existed as long as humans have existed and statistically the modern is less violent now than it has been at MANY different periods of human history (in many places anyway, some places are more violent than they’ve ever been). Saying violent media causes actual violence is just not accurate. Can violent media help to cause violent acts when consumed by unstable unchecked people? Absolutely it can. However to say there is an “if: then” relationship between violent media and physical violence is just an egregious misrepresentation that has no basis in statistical fact. “Call of Duty” and “Mortal Kombat” are worth Billions of dollars having sold millions of copies each. If it was really as bad as some people say it would unmitigated chaos in the streets every day.

CTC: Which horror tracks from any genre absolutely scared the hell outta you?

MM: I mean, not particularly, it takes a lot for me. I will say this, once while I was working as a removal tech I had picked up a body from wherever some night and I was listening to The Almighty by A.X.E. and Decomposing came on, that genuinely unsettled me. No I haven’t ever really been scared by a song, although the entirety of the Coathanger Strangler trilogy from Brotha Lynch Hung was supremely fucked up, like that shit had me genuinely wondering if Brotha Lynch Hung is a serial killer, it just felt very real to me.

CTC: How do feel about “Cancel Culture” in regards to TV shows, musicians, acting careers, anything media related, etc being shut down on the spot because of allegations that emerge online before any investigation occurs?

MM: I think it’s ridiculous. My grandfather survived the Holocaust and I don’t think Gina Carano should’ve lost her job. Do I think what she said was supremely stupid and is it hilarious that she got fired for it? Oh without a doubt, but I don’t think she needed to be fired for it. What she said wasn’t anti-Semitic, it was tone deaf and dumb for a person employed by Disney to say. That’s a company famously run by Jews and has famously had issues with supposed anti-Semitism from Walt Disney (which apparently may or may not be unsubstantiated). It just isn’t smart to do, and Gina Carano knew that as she had been tempting fate for like a year on social media at that point (i.e. mocking trans pronouns, anti-mask rhetoric, etc), she just decided she didn’t think she should have to bite her tongue on social media. In my opinion, I don’t know that you can ever effectively “cancel” some people. You can’t stop me from watching Baby Driver just because Kevin Spacey is in it, you can’t tell me I’m a piece of shit if I still listen to “Antichrist Superstar “occasionally (although I really don’t anymore), and you can’t stop me from buying Louis C.K.’s “Hour “on his website just because he did some supremely stupid shit. That said, in some cases I think when things come to light maybe it makes sense that people just don’t want to employ people like that anymore. I don’t think the dude who made Jeepers Creepers should be allowed to keep being a director knowing he’s a confirmed pedophile, but enough people consume his art en masse to the point that he can keep making it and unfortunately the legal ruling wasn’t strong enough to put him in prison. Something people always forget is that there are always people who support the horrible, wretched shit you think nobody could ever support. There are plenty of people who are pro-fascism, pro-pedophilia, pro-nazi, pro-whatever you hate. The funny part is that those people know how fucked up their views are, they just don’t care. They know how to lie about it properly. That’s why you have things like foster parents who abuse the kids they take in. Ask a foster kid, it happens a lot. Cancel Culture is stupid, Accountability Culture is what I’m into. I don’t think people should be “cancelled” in most cases, I just think they should be held accountable.

CTC: If the entire horror genre (Films, Music Books, anything horror entertainment) was completely cancelled. How long do you think the riots would last?

MM: This is a funny question but that could never happen. The lengths you would have to go to are the kind of lengths people who hate horror movies wouldn’t go to for sure. Shit would get Road Warrior real fast and my money is on the guy who likes Jason movies not the guy who thinks they should be banned.

CTC: Speaking of cancel culture. You were scheduled to perform live during Alla Xul Elu’s “Dead Alive” live stream concert alongside Super Famous Fun Time Guys. At the very last minute the company involved in the live stream decided to cancel your own performance due to violence. But the same company was still cool with Alla Xul Elu and Super Famous Fun Time Guys, even though their content is controversial too. How does this situation make you feel/what truly went down? And is Cancel Culture to partially blame?

MM: Well, obviously I’m not happy about it, but in this business sometimes you have to decide what hill you really want to die on. I submitted my performance fairly well in advance and had even asked if anything needed to be changed because at that point I had the time to actually record it again if need be. I was told everything was cool and we were good to go. Fast forward to the day of the performance, Lee called me in the afternoon and was like “Hey man, so I hate to do it but let’s get right to the bad news…” *Laughs* We all know what happened functionally at that point. He told me it was a decision made above them by the parent company “LiveFrom Events”. I believe that to be the truth and will unless and until I am presented with evidence to the contrary. While I am at least a little surprised that the material was somehow not reviewed until the day of the show, I genuinely do not believe that anyone at the Majik Ninja Entertainment level had anything to do with the cancellation. I have to look at this through the filter of Occam’s Razor which is, loosely stated “the simplest explanation is often the correct one.” MNE was promoting this show for a month or two or maybe more (my spatial time awareness is terrible). My name was still on the promotional materials as of yesterday March 3rd as they advertised the replay of the show.

MM: Why would they do all of this to cancel my performance hours before it was set to air? How do they benefit from that? What makes sense however is a fairly middle of the road streaming service run by older music industry vets seeing a performance that was perhaps submitted late or reviewed late where a dude tortures a chick while he’s rapping and saying they don’t want to be a part of it so as to distance themselves from performances highlighting violence against women. I do have to wonder if it was a man being killed if they would’ve had the same reaction. Yes, A.X.E. and SFFTG have very graphic content and material, but the context is different. Yes a forever face is supposed to be the face of a murder victim being worn by the supposed murderer, but you’re not watching Bill pretend to kill someone and cut their face off while Xul is on stage. Maybe someday, that would be ill. The point is that when it’s visually laid out in front of you it’s a whole different ballgame. I can say “ill slit your throat and fuck the wound” and you’ll be like “that’s fucked up but whatever”. Watch an August Underground movie where they basically do that and worse on camera. You’ll likely have a more visceral reaction. You might let your kid listen to a song that says that but you’re a terrible parent if you’d let your child watch that happen in a movie. So am I unhappy that the performance was cut? Of course. Do I think some things could’ve been done differently to prevent this? Absolutely. But do I think that LLE or MNE somehow had something to do with my performance being pulled in a malicious or intentional way? Absolutely not! It simply does not stand to reason. I don’t know person #1 at MNE outside of Xul and anyone affiliated with them but Xul are my legit brothers. I know they would’ve told me to change something if they thought there would be a problem and I respect their decision to have the show go on after the call was made, it’s exactly what I would’ve done had it been my call. My performance got shut down because the parent company didn’t want to run the risk of associating with a rap performance that exhibited violence towards women, I was MNE and LLE had nothing to do with that call and I believe that to be the truth. It sucks, but I get it. Life goes on.


CTC: Do you think your situation well set a negative precedent for other artists among the wicked underground hip-hop scene to be potentially  cancelled via tours/digital shows/digital sales/Youtube/  because of their content?

MM: Honestly, no. Go hop on twitter and search the words “Consensual non-consent”. Better yet type it in on Pornhub or Xvideos. The level to which shit is graphic on the internet is STAGGERING. I honestly believe most people would not believe the extent to which EXTREMELY graphic material exists right around the corner from their favorite twitter account. You can sell torture porn, 100% for sure, legally. You can make movies depicting graphic rape and murder. I know so, go watch Irreversible. That movie is available on Amazon Prime, I’m pretty sure. Look up MensVreters, brutal horrorcore rap from South Africa, when the world was gigging those dudes played shows routinely in Europe where they had people wear like a prosthetic torso where they would basically cut them open and eat them on stage. Like they got shows a lot from what I saw and that was part of it every time. I fuck with those dudes for sure, really want to get them to America. The point is there has always been and will always be a market for extreme horror and violent content, at times it may be a little harder to acquire it but I thought that adds to the appeal. The funny thing is, my performance really isn’t that graphic by real horrorcore standards. It’s decidedly tame, but even low end horrorcore is way too much for many mainstream people’s sensibilities. That said though, that reaction makes me even more certain that the art is effective in its current form because the entire purpose is to shock and offend to varying degrees. Mainstream horror is one thing; underground hardcore horror is another completely.


CTC: What do you hope to accomplish this year within your career?

MM: Release “Kaleidoscope”, get my podcast Here’s The Thing up and running, get out on the road for an actual “tour” even if it’s a short run, and continue my education. How it looks right now, I’m on pace to do all of those things and more. I also have a new venture I’m embarking on with a longtime friend and colleague Derek Barrus who has many nicknames but goes by Reverend Television. It’s hard to describe, so all I’ll tell you is that if Hip Hop is dead, then we are the Zombies.

CTC: Do you care to end this interview with your own “Dead Baby Joke”?

MM: Oh for sure. What’s worse than 10 dead babies nailed to a tree? One dead baby nailed to 10 trees.

Interviewer: Chad Thomas Carsten



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