November 28, 2022
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Faygo Documentary airs this Friday, March 5th for FREE!

This Friday, March 5th, there’s an hour-long documentary that’s being put on by Macomb County College about every Juggalo’s go-to liquid to drink and/or wear: Faygo!

There’s not a lot of info on what will be included in the documentary, but the great thing is that it’s 100% Free, and all that they require is for you to register to view it online.  You’ll receive a link to a Zoom presentation which will go live at 4 PM EST on Friday, March 5th!

Check out a little bit more about the presentation below.


Faygo pop since 1907
The story of Faygo, Detroit’s beloved soda pop, begins over a hundred years ago with two Russian immigrant brothers who were looking to get out of the baking business. Out of more than 40 bottlers in Detroit’s “pop alley,” Faygo became the last one standing. Michigan Notable Book author, Joe Grimm carefully measures out the ingredients of a successful beverage company found in dicey times in a boom-and-bust town. Take a large cup of family, a pinch of innovation, carbonate it with nostalgia and a rambunctious rainbow of flavors and you have Faygo pop. Yes, we call it pop, despite the industry’s plea for a more grown-up name. Faygo is the story of a pop, a people, and a place.

And just a little more on your complimentary tickets:

This is a complimentary event: $0
This event is free; however, preregistration is required. Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button at the upper right corner to register today. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email that will include the link to the Zoom presentation. If you have any questions or need assistance with your registration, please contact us via email [email protected] with the subject line: Deliciously Michigan and a staff member will contact you during regular business hours.

That’s it!  Register now to get your free tickets at this link:




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