September 29, 2023
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Underground Spotlight On KMB The Sexy Ninja Of C+ Studios

What’s good, Juggalos? Caligreen here with another fresh edition of Underground Spotlight! Joining me today we have that sexy-ass ninja from C+ studios. I’m talking about the one and only KMB The Sexy Ninja! This Juggalo has been holding it down on YouTube for a while now. Super fresh interviews, reviews, vlogs, and much more. Let’s get into it!

Caligreen: Let’s start with a little background information. Where are you from and how did you get the name KMB The Sexy Ninja?

KMB: I am from Shiprock, NM (Navajo Nation). I am 100% Navajo and I played with many names back in the day. Hip-Hop I got into like crazy and it was mainly because of my uncle DJ Reflekshin. He told me from the get go, I needed a name that would stand out. So the list started from Krazy K, Big K, Sooper K, Lil K and Kool-K. Yes, all very stale-ass names. But one day, sitting with my mom in the car headed to Farmington, NM (which was where we got all our goodies to take back to the Rezervation) she said out of nowhere, “Why not KAZIE?”. She has always had my back on the rap thing. So right from there I was KAZIE! It stuck for a long time and I made tons of music under that name. Tons of EP’s are out there on the Rez with that name. So much KAZIE music is out there and so much music I wish I still had. I [still] have a handful of original music, but not everything. When I moved to Flagstaff, AZ… new town and off the Rezervation meant a fresh start [and] a new gimmick. I am really into comic books. I used a name from the Green Lantern Universe (DC Comics). I renamed myself to be PARALLAX and that was a crazy transition for me. Just because I am so used to saying KAZIE in my raps. But I schooled it and started recording music as Parallax. Around this time one of my many passions fell in my lap: Professional Wrestling! I started wrestling for a promotion called Kick Ax Wrestling as Parallax, The Lion of OA (another Green Lantern reference). I was the longest reigning KAW Champion. But this all stopped at once with my Daughter on the way and I needed to make some moves to provide for my family. I stopped rapping and wrestling. Fast forward to 2017, me and Phil (aka Big Daddy) started [a new] journey, C+ Studios! We started podcasting like crazy and I started rapping again. We used our real names for a while but due to privacy in our private lives, we decided to rock new persona character names. He became Big Daddy and I struggled with mine. While I was at work my boss called me a sexy ninja. Yes, I was confused as well but he explained that he followed me on Facebook. He loved that every post I made I always ended it with “Stay Sexy Ninjas!”. So I decided from there to use my initials from my real name Kyle Martinez-Bahe to strictly KMB. It stuck and it officially became my identity. I gotta say it’s pretty dope when I get someone to ask me for an autograph. Their first reaction is “Hey, you’re The Sexy Ninja!?” and it is now officially who I am. It is a name I will use for everything including when I get back in the ring January!

Caligreen: How did you first get introduced to the underground music scene?

KMB: My uncle, DJ Reflekshin, was a straight up Hip-Hop head. I remember one day on a school trip (Elementary) for Fat Camp. They can call it all they want with whatever title but it was straight up Fat Camp. I was and still am a heavy set ninja. That is beside the point… so there was this one kid rocking his walkman. I was assigned to sit by him and he just turned to me and was like “Do you like clowns?” I nodded yes. So he handed his head set over to show me what he was listening to and no shit it was Carnival of Carnage. Mind you The Dark Carnival’s Magic still was far away to consume my soul. But I dug it and handed it back. The one thing I remember that was so fucking cool was the tape being blue and pink. Fast forward in my years still trying to find myself in music. I saw a commercial for The Wraith Shangri-La on TV. I don’t know what it was about that commercial but something deep inside me told me to get that album. We had to go to town on that Tuesday (Nov 5, 2002) anyway why? I don’t know but I truly believe it was the Dark Carnival Magic working to school me. We stopped by Hastings in Farmington, NM and from that point on my wig was forever blown away. I found myself finally, and from that point on the Underground became my life.

Caligreen: I did recently discover the music you have out there. When did you start making music?

KMB: I started making music hardcore back in middle school. I recorded like crazy from abandoned trailers… on the Rezervation. My first track (which is on our YouTube channel) “Unknown Territories” was produced by my uncle, DJ Reflekshin. He used to rap and I thought it was so cool and he was my idol. He influenced me a lot in my life. Still does and he is still killing it in the Hip-Hop scene. He is based in Phoenix, AZ. But any way or how someone had the means to record music I jumped on. For a brief time I was with a label in my hometown called Rez Life Rekordz. They are still doing their thing in Shiprock, NM. I love to rap. When I discovered the wicked shit there was no turning back.

Caligreen: Who do you feel are some of the most underrated artist currently in the scene?

KMB: There are many artists I feel that are underrated. That is why when I started doing the reviews. My homie, Colin, was tossing stuff my way and I was like “Oh shit! Why isn’t this ninja huge?” Some examples: JaySin The Sin God, Xtra Overdoze, Operation Underground, SevidemiC, Mike Senze, Dr. ShockDaPuss, Penta and so much more. I want to shine the light on as many ninjas as possible. The Underground should never be slept on. I want the whole world to know. On this crazy journey, I have been blessed to meet artists and share their music, plus make some new homies along the way. I love everyone who has such major talent.

Caligreen: Tell us a little bit about C+ Studios and what you guys are doing over there.

KMB: Well let’s start with the name C+ Studios. The reason we came up with this name is because that was the only grade we got in school. Plus, we are a studio full of awesomeness. From podcasting to music to crazy Vlogs. We are a multi-brand of entertainment. We wanna let the world know we are here to stay and we have nothing but love for the Juggalos! for the Underground! They have helped build what we are today. We are still growing with their support. We know these ninjas have hobbies and their humor is like ours. We started making shit we like to talk about. The podcast is called The Social Vent and it was a place for us to vent on everything in our lives, from nerd shit to real life. We are for everyone and it’s so cool growing C+ Studios. Our Legacy is everything. Coming soon, though, is a sweet-ass project called THE SOCIAL VENT and it is a TV series… an over exaggeration of how we got into the podcast world.

Caligreen: What do you enjoy most when it comes to what you do for this scene?

KMB: The love the response we get for reviews, or when I get sent some swag. It blows my wig every time! Also, meeting or doing interviews with ninjas I looked up to all my life. Having a certain connection now in the underground is mad crazy. The other thing [I love] is the positive response to my music… I made music on and off, but it was never too serious until this year. With everything being shut down because of Covid, I started recording a lot more. I dropped a new single/music video titled, “The Price” (off of the upcoming album PHAT N8V) and seeing the response was super dope. I was like, “Oh, man. These ninjas really wanna hear my music?” Big Daddy is new to this world and he is loving it too. It is super cool bringing him into the world I love and [experiencing] the magic that comes from it. Thank you to everyone who is rocking with us.

Caligreen: What does being a Juggalo mean to you?

KMB:Everything! It is the very fabric of my being and The Dark Carnival is Life. I love being a Juggalo and this community is family. The welcoming of the family has always been that certain magic which forever blows my mind. I would not trade being a Juggalo for anything. It makes life better and [I love] when I get to share it with outsiders and change their minds on what they thought Juggalos are. It is super fresh!

Caligreen: You got any shout out’s?

KMB: Big Daddy! He is my partner in crime and my brother. We are C+ Studios. My uncle DJ Reflekshin and his beautiful family. My amazing wife and kid. My family here in Flagstaff, AZ all the way to Shiprock, NM. To every ninja who is rocking it with us. The best is yet to come. Also shout out to Faygoluvers and CarnivalSpirits for all the love. There are so much more and know I love you all!



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